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Family Notices




THE ADVERTISER SAYS That it will be noted that it has been de- cided to promote a memorial to the. memory of the. late Mr Richard Con- way. That no man in this locality was more respected, and the proposal will receive general support. That the Rector as chairman, Mr J. W. Gardiner the treasurer, or Mr W. Ellis Jones, secretary, will be pleased to re- ceive promises of donations. That the form the memorial will take will be decided at a later meeting. That on iSunday and Monday night a snow stiorm is reported to have swept over certain parts of the country. That in Holywell and, the district the snow lay eight to nine inches deep, ,and there was every prospect of a fur- ther downfall. That traffic of all kinds was much im- peded and the country roads especially were very difficult to travel. That, at Lilandudno there was no sign of snow except on the distant mountains. That a new waltz, entitled "Old Memories," has been written by Mrs E. M. Harding. Tha,t many Llandudnoites will remember the composer as Mrs Davies, of the Ladies' College, Llandudno. That in our advertising columns addresses are given where the waltz can be ob- tained. That the Festiniog Urban Council fre- quently make, themselves the laughing stock of the country is fairly well- known. That, however, they are unconscious humorists. That their latent form of humour is a protest against the action of the Inter- mediate School Governors of their locality for granting th81 use of the school for dancing, the hirers of course paying for the privilege. That of course the wicked people who indulge in this lamentahle form of exercise are ratepayers, or the children of ratepayers, and have to contribute to the cosit of the school. That if these self-righteous councillors first declared thaLr intention of con- tributing the whole of the rates towards the school, they might with more rea- l son pass resolutions as to whom should hire it. That one man said he feiti ifc an honour to differ from some people. That after reading" his speech most people will feel that he is perfectly welcome to the honour, and may he continue to share the "honour" with hut few like- minded friends, for the credit of the British 'race. < That meantime the School Governors proceed quietly with their business and do not allow these "broaded-minded gentlemen" to influence them. That Mr Philip Conway has been elected, Chairman of the Baths Committee of the Westminster City Council. That Mr Conway for the second time was returned at the head of the poll for his ward. That he has taken an active interest, in swimming, and is consequently the right man in the right place as the directing; spirit of the Baths Com- mittee. That the Constitutional billiardists of Colwyn Bay are not, satisfied with the two defeats of the Llandudno^ "Cons." That on Wednesday their second st-riing, of cueists met the Llandudno seconds at Llandudno. < That Llandudno again won four games out. of the six. » That the return match at Colwyn Bay will tke place on the first Wednesday in January, 1910. That two interesting weddings are down on the list of coming- events. That one has been arranged for Boxing Day. That the other is said to be in the Spring. That several missing; items have been re- turned mysteriously since Madame Victor Andre's visjit. » That it 'is a pity this gift of second sight was not gtven ,to our police. That it would also be a valuable gifb to those responsible for water-meter and other readings. That if applied to church and chapel collections it would undoubtedly put an end to buttons ibeing: used in the future. That its utility would be incalculable at general and local elections. That many an unhappy marriage would be averted. That amateur fishermen would cease to tell their fish stories. < That golfers would abstain from beating bogey, on their lonesome. Tha,t billiard ipj'ayers in private practice would not make so many fifties. That, chess players would be at a, great j advantage. That. some amateur vocalists would really know what the public thought of them. That, taking a,ll things into considera- tion, this world of ours would not be such a happy place. < That the annual meeting of the Arfon Liberal Association will be held at Con- way on Wednesday. < That Colonel Grayson, who died on Mon- day, comes of a, well-known firm of Liverpool shipbuilders. That he has been to Llandudno several times a year ever since his boyhood. That he made a goodly number of friends in this locality. That he has stayed at the Imperial Hotel sincei it was firstconstrucitedl. That there are signs in the County of the coming Parliamentary battle. That., however, the people of Llandudno are not, much exajited over the coming contest at present. That perhaps we are fo be allowed to have a peaceful Christmas before the war alarm is sounded. That the concert in aid; of the 'G.F'.S. Lodge was a musical tre,at,and a finan- cial success. That, it was arranged by Miss Lilian Wright. That her efforbs to establish an amateur orchestra in Llandudno have been crowned with success. That the members hat-ve made great strides sSnce they last appeared in pub- lic.. That sluoh an accomplished body of musicians would be a credit to any town. That mOist, of the audience were very much puzzled about Mr Emlyn Davies' last contribution, which was an Irish folk song. That Mr Davies expressed great appre- ciation of the orchestral accompaniment to "Honour and Arms." < That, it was well deserved. That great improvement had been effect- ed in the lighting of the Town Hall over the platform. » That, Miss Mollie Law made, her first ap- pearance. in Llandudno. That, her singing1 was. much admired, and she was encored at each appearance. That she is a, pupil of Madame Marchesi, and does justice to her famous in- structress. Tha,t towards the closei of a, hockey match on the Cricket Field on Saturday it was discovered that the winning team were playing twelve men. That the scoire, in their favour when the discovery was made, was t,en goals to one. That the first trial match will take plaice on Saturday next. That teams represented North East and North West, W.ales, will meet at Llan- dudno. That five Llandudno. players are included in the Western eleven. That they are C. N. Jones (captan), W. D. Henderson, W. Bailey, Ernest Parry and EL Bone. That, the team to represent North Wales against South Wades will probably be chosen after the match. That the latter game will bei played at Llandudno early in January. That some concert tickets in connection with a day school were on sale recent- ly dated December 6th, 1910! --t That the entertainers should assuredly be part perfect by that date. That the Yuleltide Market, at St. Paul's Church House on Wednesday and Thursday was a pronounced success. That the object was to further reduce the debt on the Church. That on the first day £ 56 6s. lOd. was taken, and on the second day, JE24 lls. 2d., making a total of JE80 18s. That Miss Rathbone, of Liverpool, is announced to address a meeting1 at the Cambridge Restaurant under the auspices of ;the Llandudno Women's Suffrage Society on Tuesday evening next. That Miss Rathbone is a daughter of the late Mr William Rathbone, for many years member for this Parliamentary Division. That she is the first lady member of the Liverpool Cbrtporati on. That preliminary notice is given in our columns that early in January Mr T. W. Griffith will conduct a, most im- portant property sale. That the properties to be offered are the Prince of Wales. Hotel!, the West- minster Hotel, Lloyd Street, and the three lock-up shops underneath. 11 That a new roller skating rink will be opened at Wrexham by the Mayor (Councillor Stanford) on Monday next. ( I' That among the invited guests are Mr Rowland Roberts and Miss Gladys Templer, Llandudlno. That at the last meeting of the Works Committee instructions were given to the Happy Valley Caretaker not to interfere with children playing on the level ground above, minstrel plot. That one of the latest stories going the rounds is well worth publishing. That two men, who: were speaking about a mutual male acquaintance, differed in their opinion of him. That his champion statd that on one o cca- sion he nearly stood him a drink. That on inquiries it was found it was thus wise. < That, .standing by a. bar counter, the gentleman said: "Weljl, what are we going to have." < That the gentleman addressed was about to name, his particular thirst quencher, when the aforesaid mutual acquaint- ance finished his remark with, "Rain or Snow." That a social evening in connection with St. Paul's Literary Society will he held on Tuesday next. That one of the principal items on the programme, is a mysterious- competi- tion, the first of its kind ever held in LJandudno. That an entrance, fee of one penny will be charged. That after "refreshment time" the play, 'Ware Wire," will be presented. That the social will be held at the Craigy- I don Boarding House.