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LLANDUDNO ADVERTISER. AND LIST OF VISITORS. CHARGES FOR ADVERTISING. COUNTY, Municipal, Poor Law, Joint Stock, Legal and other Public Notices, Contracts, Tenders, etc., ad. per line each insertion. BUSINESS Advertisements as per scale below. SPECIAL Positions per contract. BALES by Auction, Entertainments, Sermons, Trade Notices, Eisteddfodau, etc., 3d. per line, or 2s. 6d. per inch displayed. SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. SOUSES, Shops, Apartments, etc., To Let or Wanted; Articles Lost, Found, or for Private Sale; Servants or Situations, etc., Wanted. Insertion. One Two Three. Not exceeding 15 words Is Od Is 9d 2s 3d 20 „ Is 3d 2s 3d 3 Od „ 25 „ Is 6d 2s 9d 3s 6d 30 Is 9d 3s Od 4-s 3d 40 „ 2s 3d 4s Od 5s 6d BIRTHS and Deaths are charged 1a. Marriages, Is. No Advertisement booked under 2s. 6d. BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS. i DOUBLE Column.—One insertion 3s. peT inch; 4 insertons 2s. 6d. per inch; 8 2s. 3d.; 13 te.; 26 Is. 6d,; 52 Is. 3d. SINGLE Column.—One insertion 2s. per inch; 4 insertions Is. 8d.; 8 Is. 6d.; 13 Is. 4d.; 18 Is.; 52 lOd. A DISCOUNT of 10 per cent, allowed on pre- payment for continuous Advertisements. ALL communications and payments by oheques or postal orders should be addressed to LANSDOWNE fl OUSE SCHOOL AND K INDEPGARTEN, ABBEY ROAD, LLANDUDNO. Principal, Miss Raw. Successor to Misses Matthews and Standring Prospectuses on Application FROM, CHURCH WALKS. LLANDUDNO. Private Boarding and Day School for Girls with class L.r Little Boys. Individual attention given to backward or delicate children. Principals: THE IISSES MOXON. ASunny Home for Invalids. ST. MORITZ NURSING HOME, LLANDUDNO Highly recommended by medical men. rivate Suites if required. Nurses may be engaged by day or week Terms moderate. Telephone No. 248. Apply Miss J, Roberts, SuperintendentNurse APPLICATIONS for MORTGAGES and TEMPORARY ADVANCES on Good Security, personal or otherwise, will receive pt-. mpt attention. E. P. MORRIS, Accountant, 86, Mostyn St.. Llandudno. W. BARROW, (Pupil of Mr. George Atkinson, of the Pier Pavilion Concerts) Gives Lessons on the Pianoforte By Arrangement. TERMS MODERATE. The Balmoral, Llandudno. Llandudqo Coaching & Carriage Co. Ltd. ALL COACH TOURS FROM LLANDUDNO Start Dailr from the ST.. GEORGES .fe QUEEN'S BOTELS. 8 tart Fare Grand Loop Tour 9 45 10 Snowdon Loop Tour 10 6 Bettws-y-coed 10 0 7/- Penmaenmawr {• | 4- Colwyn Bay 2 30 2 6 Bodnant Hall. 2 30 4/- Aber Waterfalls .11 o 5 New Short Loop 2 30 4- Crty of St. Isaph 1 n o 7 Menai Bridge 10 0 8/- For further par cuiars see Coacb'ng Guide. SUPERIOR PRPv > TK COACH HH, RUBBER- TYRED CA N'-ETT ES, DOG-CARTS, Ion A's. hDDLE HORSES IN HIRF. Booh) ngo Offices- COACH OFFICr (,'ii t iTs HuteJ Gardens TeK'chtine N'i- 9 COACH OFFICE, at Pwr O.-iu*. CLARENCE HOTEL, LLANDUDNO, N.W. Central Position. Near to Goli Link&; one minute to Pier and Esplanade. Sheltered Situation. Electric Light. Table d' Hote Separate Tables. Smoking-, Writ- ing t Lounge, and Billiard Rooms. Hotel OmnihDs meets all Trains Coach calls da'Y. Garage Free. Telephon" No 285. TelegramF. Clarence Llandudno Tariff-P,drl-. PROPRIETOR I™cil«IA-ON CHEAM Preserves softer'5 luanrifies r.he skin Free from grease hh- t -■ ny vain' antiseptic properties. '• la l.v's toilet table. J ric«:= and 1 "re* post 7|d. and Is. 3d. A ••v" free OB re- ceipt of request. ♦ <>n! ■" FRANK N. MERGER, IOI, Mosty» St Llandudno 101, Mostyn St Llandudno f, ji,i' '!III t-'? I LIQUID LIFE. ( CARRAGOLis liquid life. It f I builds lung tissue, restores lost vitality, r f and is the fi est possible insurance against pulmonary complaints. < «jWg«0 1 is a pleasant tasting, creamlike blend- J ing of pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypo- J phosphites and Irish Moss, the latter c j being one of the most nourishing sub- S stances known. 1 < Prepare for the coming winter < j by taking tarragol now. j 1s., 2s. & 3s 9d 1 By Post, Is. 3d, 2s. 4d. and 4s. 2d. s Prepared only by j | J. Winter & Co., | C Pharmacists, < } MOSTYN ST. & MOSTYN AVENUE, i LLANDUDNO. S 1 Telephone Mostyn Street, 40. 1 c Craigydon, 40a. < -"W- LLANDUDNO HYDROPATHIC NEVILL CRESCENT. ESTABLISHED 1860. Registered for Telegrams,- TqE HYOO. TURKISH and other Baths OPEN TO VISITORS FROM 7 A.M. TO 6 P.M. DAILY (EXCEPT SUNDAYS). WINTER TARRIFF, including Turkish ussian and Warm Baths, 8s. per day. HAVE YOU LORNS? REMOVE THEM IN THREE DAYS BY USING .d&L. IVX JE! 3ELX C; Coi?ii SSiXfei. Ph. J., Form 772. Price 6d. per box. I" Kate N. liorniblou. T M.P.S. Dispensing and Photographic Chemist, 4, Queen's Buildings, Llandudno. Telephone No. 140 "CLAX I ON S MUSIC DEPOT. Adjoining Moon's Hotel. Pianos! Pianos i A Ijarge Con sign oient of Collard& ColLird's World- renowned Pianos just ar- rived. Splendia Selection of I Violins by Colin Mezin, i Becker, Chipot Vi-u Ila-ame, from 91 to £ 50 The Conservatory Eateiiblle First Violin Strings, 4 for 1/- ARTISTS' MATERIALS KEPT IN STOCK. LOWER MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO SUMMER.. PRICES. EXTENDED. per 15/9 ton IS THE! PRICE DELIVERED AT LLANDUDNO STATION OF THE The Charlbury Coal Co. 's Speciaiite, "Household Block" First-rate All-round Coal. FULL LIST ON APPLICATION. Sample Trucks of 6 to 8 tons. Nett Gash with Order or against Invoice. NO CREDIT. NO DISCOUNT. Quotation to any station on application. White Crystal Petroleum. (120 deg. fire test), 7-Ld. per gallon in 4 returnable casks of about 40 gallons, carriage paid to station. Only Address:- 23, HAMILTON ROAD, READING. Telegrams: "Fuel, Reading." f{ _.J?\ B DO YOU KNOW a That it is quite possibl to have excellent sight H and jet need glasses—to relieve strain ? The B testing of sight can alone decide this point. ■ Why not make sure ? B Frank N. Mercer, F.S.ty.C. I (Fellow of the Spectacle Makers' Company) H S lOi Mostyn Street, Llandadno. g|1 Y.M.C.A., LLANDUDNO. JUMBLE SALE IX THE Cocoa House, Mostyn St. ON Saturday, December 11th, Commencing at 4 o'clock. Admission 3d., which will will be returned in goods. Craigside Hydro, LLANDUDNO CHARMING RESIDENCE. LUXURIOUS BATHS Turkish, Russian, and Electric). TENNIS. Golf Links near. Evening Entertainments RALPH E- MUNRO, Manager. EDWARD THORP & SONS, Contractors to H.M. War Department, Builders, Shop Fitters, & Funeral Furnishers, Hi-etoxL Worlcs LLANDUDMO. Telegrams-Thorp. Tele 0296. THE HOSTEL, DEGANWY. FOR VISITORS AND RESIDENTS. PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL HOME. Permanent Guests catered for at a very moderate and in-elusive cihairge. The Hostel has been specially fitted up with a view to comfort, and is most accessible to Llandudno by train and cycle, or for golfing, boating, and all the Llandudno attractions.— Miss Conway (late Marine Hotel, Llandudno) proprietress. Private Loons for xmos. £ 10 Loan, repay 2/6 weekly, 10/- Monthly. £ 20 „ 5/- „ 20/- „ £;30" ,,7/6 „ 30/- „ £ 50 „ „ 10/- „ 42/- -cioo „ 16/ „ 64/- Special Terms to Farmers, Merchants, Shop keepers and those requiring large amounts Distance no object. Write for terms. H. SMITH, & Co. Broadway Building, Reading. Preliminary Notice. ZiXiA.iriiuoifl'o, NORTH WALES Importaqt to Wine and Spirit Merchants, Hotelkeepers, Capitalists aqd Investors. MR. T. W. GRIFFITH IS instructed to offer for sale by Public Auction at the MARINE HOTEL, Llan- dudno, EARLY IN JANUARY, that valu- able and imposing old established, fully licensed Family and Commercial Hotel, known as the Prince of Wales; ALSO THE Westminster Hotel, Together with THREE MODERN AND EXCELLENTLY SITUATED LOCK-UP SHOPS or Business Premises, all situated in Lloyd Street, Llandudno. Further particulars and cards to view may be obtained of Messrs. Chamberlain and Johnson, Solicitors, or of the Auctioneer, Town Hall Chambers, Lladudno. Be THOMAS JONES Deceased. Formerly of Glendale Cottage Clifton Road Llandudno, Carriage Proprietor. All persons having any Claims or Demands against the Estate of the above named are requested to forthwith send particulars thereof to us the undersigned on behalf of the Executor. Dated this 8th day of December 1909. CHAMBEiRiLAXN & JOHNSON, Llandudno, Solicitors.

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