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a 6,30QOOa ^.ooftooQ. Ja llead Office. |\ M FQNDON.E.G. AND SECRETARY, TA nAl FIRE. OURGLANT., M PERSONAL ACCIDENT & SICKNESS. M n EMPLOYER'S LIABILITY. ft ,j fl DElITY GUARANTEE5. jfja = Local Agent, Mr A. G. PUGH, Llewel yn Chambers. -n_ LLANDUDNO ADVERTISER." This Coupon-Insurance-Tickat. must not be aetiched. v •* w—v v ë£100 OCEAN ACCIDENT within fourteen days after its occurrence, (d) GUAJEIANTEE- CiORPORATION LTD., that medical oertifioates and other information nJ^U 9S• 36 to MOOR- be furnished by the person claiming upon re- GATE STREET, LONDON, E.C., to the legal quest for same by the Corporation, and personal representative of the bona-fide holder (e) that this Insurance applies only to persons u iiS Coupon-Insurance-Ticket if such holder over twelve and under seventy years of age, ia a-\ ?eT^liljd" by an accident within the limited to one Coupon-insurance-Tickeft for United Kingdom to any Railway Company's each holder, and holds good for the current passenger-train in which such holder is travel- week of issue only. ling as an ordinary ticket-bearing passenger, This Insurance entitles the- holder to the season-ticket-holder o-r trader's ticket holder. benefit o-f, and is subject to, the conditions the Providing that the above undertaking is sub- 'OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE COM- ject to the folio ving special conditions, which PANY, LIMITED ACT, 1890" Risks Nos. 2 and are of the essence of the contract, viz. (a) That 3, when they axe not compatible with the death shall result within thirty days after the speclial conditions above stated. accident, (b) that such holders usual signature The possession of this Goupon-Insurance- shall have been written in ink, in the space Ticket is admitted to be a payment of a provided_ underneath, before the accident, (c) j premium under Sec. 33 of the Act. A Print oi that notice of the .accident be given to the ( the Act cam be seen at the Principal Office oi Corporation at its Principal Office in London the Corporation. "eek ending Dec 11, ll109 Signatuia




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