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LOCAL NEWS. SUNSHINE RECORD.—The total number of hours of bright sunshine re- corded for week ending' November 28th was 13 hours 24 minutes. The rainfall for the same week was 0.595 inches. THE OFFERTORIES AT LLAN- DUDNO C I a I»0 IIES.—The offertories j at the Churches of Llandudno Parish dur- ing November amounted to the follow- Z7, 'ingsums -I-Iolly Trinity, JE31 Os. 5d. St. George's, £10 16s. 8d. Total, £41 17s. 1d. W EAT 11E It AT i.LAN D U DXO DUR- ING NOVEMBER. The highest read- ing of the barometer during November was 30.436 on the 24th and the lowest 29.100' on the 9th. The maximum shade temperature was 49 degrees' on the 5th and the minimum 28.5 on the 16th. In the sun the temperature reached 98 on the 7th. Over 59 hours of sunshine were recorded, there being' ten sunless days. The rainfall during the month wa,s 1.495 inches, the greatest fall in any twenty- four hours being 0.400 of an inch, on the 30th. ST. GEORGE'S LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY. Mr Parton, C.M.E., delivered a lecture on Thursday evening to the members of the .Society on "The World's Birthday" or "Geology compared with the account of creation as given in Genesis." Commencing by stat- ing the proposition that "If the Bible, wa,s the work of God it followed that the 9 works recorded must agree) with the words, Mr Parton gave an account of the Creation which, viewed from the stand- point of the geoologilst and scientist, shewed that the order of creation was ab- solutely in accordl with that given by Mosest, adopting: the "days" of scripture as not being: Solar days but periods of time. Proceeding, he claimed that, the account in Genesis must havei been in- spired, as ire: was impossible to conceive that Moses had that knowledge! of geology, which would: enable him to place the order of Creation in that which is now universality admitted. to be correct. Mr Brookes. Mr Sutton Jones,, Mr G. Evans, the Rev. LI. R. Hughes (rector), Dr. Kenrick Daviea, Mr Barnett;, Mr La. Jones, Mr Williams, Miss Bamford, and Mr Underwood, followed with some ob- servations and questions which Mr Par- ton answered. The lecture was- greatly appreciated, Mr Barnett, proposing: a hearty vote of thanks to. Mr Parton for his able and interesting address,, which was sielconded by Mr Williams. On Thursday next the> 'Society will hold a social with readings from "Your favourite author." MR. CHARLEY HARVEY AT THEI PRINCE!Si THEATRE.—-On Monday the popular comedian, Mr Charley Harvey, commenced a week's engagement at the Prince's Theatre, and notwithstanding; numerous counter attractions the theatre has been well filled nightly. The enter- tainments have been bright from begin- ning to end, there being scarcely a dull moment. Mr Harvey is a hoist in himself, and is supported by a capital company, including Jack Kershaw, entertainer at the piano Bertram Noell, mimic Charlie Bray, juvenile entertainer and dancer; Minnie Harvey, soubrette; Dave Laird, light, comedian, and Lyle Jeffries, comedienne; the entertainment concludes nightly with the farcical sketch,, "The Broken Statue," which is one of the most amusing and laughter provoking sketches now being played. Charlie Bray's danc- ing is a real treat to watch. The en- I gagement terminaftes on Saturday night. GREAT ORME GOLF CLUB AN- NUAL DINNER.—A company of be- tween forty and fifty were present at the annual dinner of the Great Ormo Golf Club, held aft the Eimpire Hotel, Llan- dudno, on Friday evening last. Mr J. E,. Hallmark, the chairman, presided,, the vice-oh air being occupied (by the captain, Mr P W Brundreti. After an excellent re- past Mr' Brundreitt proposed the toast, of the Club, and dwelt on the great, pro- gress made during the llast two- or three years. Thiis was due to the loyal support of the officials and members, and with unity they could confidently hope that the progress would continue. Mr J. Ei. Hallmark, in reply, also- emphasised the support he had ailways received, from all sections, and paid a, weil-deserved tribute to the energy and hard work of the secre- tary (Mr Parker). During the course, of the evening the Chairman presented the North silver challenge bowl with a tankard to the winner, Mr Richard Wil- liams, Mostyn Street, amidst; applause. Songs ere contributed by Messrs. Harry Parker, Adoniah Evans, J. D. Owen, W. Ellis Jones, Harry Drockaltlt" T. W. Jones, and S1. Hewitt. GUARDIAN SOCIETY ANNUAL. DTNNElRi.—Some time ago Mr W'. H. Lever, M.P., of Port SunlMght fame, accepted the invitation of the Committee of the Llandudno- Guardian. 'Society to propose the principal toast, vz.. "The Town and Trade of Lilanduclno" at the annual dinner to be held at the Imperial Hotel, Llandudno, on Friday evening, December, 10th. Since1 then, matters political have been, brought prominently to the front, and last week Mr Lever wrote to the Society regretting that he would not be aible to keep his engagement as in view of the doming: election his committee had arrangeidcert,ain meetings in the constituency for which he is a candidate, which it was his duty to address, but if the committee So desired he would send a gentleman., in his place far abler than himself. The Committee accepted the offer, and the principal speaker will now he Mr Chinnaok, who occupies a high position in tihe com- mercial world, and whom, it will be re- membered, organised two, highly success- ful business exhibitions: at Olympia.' He is recognised as a great authority in busi- ness organisation, and is. the proprietor of the commercial journal, "The Or,gaiiiser, ADVERTISING HEALTH RESORTS. —.The aJbove was the subject of a very interesting discourse by Mr A. J. Oldman at, a meeting of the Craigydon Mutual Improvement Asso- ciation on Friday evening. Mr A. J. Peacock presided, and voiced the thanks of the audience to Mr Oldman for his in- .structive remarks. LLANRHOS CHURCH COLLEC- TIONS.—During the past month the col- lections at the various churches of the parish of LEanrhos amounted to the fol- lowing sums :—St. Paul's, C,16 7s. 9-gd.; 2 All Saints, E14 18s. 9d. Llanrhos, £ 4 5s. 2id, Sit. Andrew's Church, 21 15s. 4d.; Penrhynside Mission, JB1 Is. 6d. Total, £38 8s. 6d. 2 GRAND EiVEINIING CONCERT.—In aid of the Llandudno G.F'.S. Lodge a con- cert has been arranged 'by Miss Lilian Wright to be given at the Town Halll, Llandudno, on Mondia,y evening;, Decem- ber 6th. The artistes will include Miss Moillife Law, soprano; Mr Ernjyn Davies, haritone; Miss Lilian Wright, solo violin with Miss Myra Wright and Mr L. H. Summerfield as accompanists. The orchestra will be under the con- ductorship of Mass Lilian Wright, with Mr L. Cocker as leader. The concert will be held under influential patronage, and a large- audience is already assured. GOOI) TEMPLARS.—In connection with the aggressive movement of the Good Templars of the English Grand Lodge of Wales, to revive existing Lodges and start others, a public meeting was held on Thursday evening, under the auspices of the St. Tudno Liodge, Dlan- dudno, at the Engjlish Baptist School- room, when Mr O. W. Roberts, presided (until the arrival of Councillor J-as. McMaster, J.P.) supported by Bros. Rev. D. Griffiths. Edward Jones (Grand Secretary). T. Hill (Colwyn Bay), and B. Kent Wheeley (P'.D.E.S., D.G.C.T.). Prayer was offered by Rev. J. Raymond. Apologies, for absence were received from the Rev. Morgan Jones and Mr Tennyson Smith. Addresses were delivered by Mr O. Wi. Rlolberts, Councillor J. McMaster, J.P., Rev. D. Griffiths, and Mr Edward Jones. A solo was rendered by Miss Rowlands and a recitation by Miss Mona T'homiesoii. At the close Councillor J. McMaster and four others joined the Lodge. It was also decided to. hold another public meeting on December 9th. LLANDUDNO) MARK MASONS.— The installation meeting of St. David's Mark Lodge, No. 38, held at the Masonic Hall, Lfandudno>, took place on Wed- nesday, when Brother William Price was installed as W.M., and appointed the following as his. officers for the ensuing year:—Brother T. O. Morgan, S.\Y. Brother A. Rihydwen Jones, J.W.; Brother Walter A. Jones, A1..0. Brother S. Gh, S.01. Brother A. J. Old- man, J .O. Brother G. L. Woodley, treasurer Brother H. E:. Bonnalie, Reg. of M. Brother J. Burwell, organist; Brother Ivor L. Morgan., S.D. Brother A. Hewitt, J.D.; Brother W. Ellis Jones, Director of Ceremonies; Brother H. O. Armstrong, 1.0. Brother C. Feilix, S.S. Brother Hugh Parry, J.S. Brother Thomas Efllis, tyler. The in- stalling masters: were Brother F'. 1). Chantrey (the retiring W. M'. ), Brother G. L. Wbodley (Deputy Pro v. Grand Master), nd Brothers J. T. Morgan and W. Ellis Jones. The .brethren after- wards attended a, banquet at the Imperial Hotel.





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