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THE ADVERTISER SAYS That we are pleased to note that Mr Willoughby Gardner, of DefgaiiiN-v, has [been elected one of the new members of the Honorable Society of Cym- mrodorion. » That it i's an honour thoroughly deserved. That what is to he known as a Grand Yuletide Market is to be hekl at the St. Paul's Church House, Craigydon, on Wednesday, December 8th. Thalt it is to be opened by Mrs W'alton Elvans at three o'clock, and Colonel Mostyn willi preside. That the sall,e, will be continued on Thursday evening; at six o'clock. That in addition to a seilection of season- able goods there will hei a Christmas tree for the children. That there will Ibe a, variety of other at- tractions1. That the sensation of Llandudno this week has been the marvellous revelations by Mrs Victor Andre nightly at the Town Hall. That some of the revelations made have been truly astounding. < That naturally most people who ask ques- tions do not care to make their queries of too private a- nature. That on the other hand some have not been too particular, and the answers have been not, altogether palatable, but nevertheless they have admittedly been true. » That each day since their arrival Mr and Mrs Andre have received letters from questioners srtating the informition given of lost articles and other subjects have proved correct. That one gentleman who wr^he his ques- tion beforehand and retained i(t in his possession, not only received a reply correct in every detail, but was tcld the trade in which he was employed and his full name. That many members of the audience tred the home written test, and wtre astounded at the result. That. truiy, in the words Shakespeare-, "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in cur philosophy." « That the lost bank-book inquired about on Wednesday evening has been found near the box indicated. That three local amateur fishermen, members of the Sea Angling Society, went fishing on Wednesday last. That a stiff Norwester arising- caused them to cease tickling the fish and make for land. That whilst as fishermen they may excel, as boatmen and controllers: of a boat, they have still a lot to learn. That to try and run a boat ashore during a swell is always attended with a, little risk. & That they essayed to do so without making any of the most primitive methods I u su ally ad opte d. That -the result, was they received what Llandudno has long been short of, more's the pity, a pubiliic bath! That Mr G. Ri. Thompson, the Post, Card King, has an interesting: little book,' entitled "Rowing boats and how to manage them-, a guide of amateurs." Ehuf sed. That the Concert Extension Committee met on Wednesday evening last and arranged their campaign. 19 That residents will greatly assist the -can- vassers by leaving instructions with their housekeepers or others in authority as to what extent they are willing to assist the movement. « That the hslt, of subscriptions and the names of subscribers will- be published in these, columns from time to time. That as the Committee; intend to make the concerts even this year, it behoves the residents to in- crease, rather than, decrease, the amount of their financial support. » That considerable headway, with the pierhead improvements, is being made by Captain Roberts and his staff. That, it attracts daily many members of the "unemployed" who are deeply in- terested in the work. » That we know of no pier in the country that is better managed than that of Llandudno. That directly the season is over, even if there is no extension or improvement, work going on, a thorough overhauling is instituted, every tie and every bolt and nut is examined and replaced if re- quired. That unflike most public places of amuse- ment there is no government examina- tion of piers. I That as far as Llandudno is concerned it is not necessary. That there some—but that is another story. That a large number of Llandudno Liberals went to Conway on Tuesday in the hope of hearing Mr Alexander Ure, Lord Advocate for Scotland. That there were almost as many LJan- dudno as Conway people on the plat- form. Thai- Mr Ure, owing to a block on the line, missed his connection. That the chairman of the meeting, how- ever, announced that those who had purchased tickets would be given others in exchange when Mr Ure did come to Conway. w That the annual entertainment in supi- poirt of the Llandudno Hot-pot Fundi will be held at the Theatre of Varieties on Tuesday evening next. That a varied and popular programme has been arranged. That one attractive item is an open duet, isinging competition for prizes of JE1 and ten shillings. That the entertainment itself is well worth the charges made, but parfarons will have the additional satisfaction oof knowing they are assisting a deserving cause. That the verdict, in the Typhoid case tried at Liverpool Assizes was generally con- sidered to be a, right one. Thaii to t he, ordihary lay mind the ques- tion arises as to what iis the value of expert evidence after reading that given in this and similar cases. That one is reminded of the forcible re- marks attributed to a learned judge m relation to expert witnesses, which perhaps are, better not printed. That the Missionary Exhibition at the Pier Pavilion has < proved most attrac- tive. That the, lecture on "Congoland" on Mon- day evening wa,s so impressive that, the, Committee were asked to have it re- peated. That it will therefore be given on Satur- day night. That the lecturer on this occasion, how- ever, will be Mrs Stevens instead of her husband. That, the attendances have been exceed- ingly good every clay. That for once at least sectarian differences have been put on one s,deand assist- ance given by every denomination. That mosit- of the speakers have referred to. 4 f,* the Congo attrocities. w That the King of the Belgians has been denounced in no measured terms. « That the Chinese and Brahmin weddings given by scholars at Christ Church and St. John's Church have been watched with interest. That in both weddings very careful atten- tion had been given to have, every de- tail perfect. < That the most popdlar -exhibits in the ex- hibition have been the- Carey relics and the steamer "Peace." That there is always something or other going on So that it has been possible to spend hours there, not only without. weariness, but. with great pleasure. That an instance of practical charity has come under our notice. That observing several boys carrying largo parcels towards Lloyd Street School a correspondent made inquiries as to the reason. That from one of the lads he learnt that it was in response to a, request made- by the headmaster for out-grown or cast-off ciiothing. That the headmaster was subsequently in- terrogated. That he said that many of the boys were very insufficiently clad and thinking it might be possible to improve mat- ters he had asked the boys to .bring anything they could spare. That the response had been prompt and generous. That the donors had taken great care to neatly rep ail* the garments. That, the last remark applies especially to one lady who sent a parcel of stock- ing's. 7(- 7f That two meetings between the Llan- dudno Amateurs and Llanrwst have failed to decide whch team shall enter the second round of t-he Welsh Amateur Cup Competition. That the score was identical at each meet- ing, i.e., one goal each. That Llandudno's goal was scored from a free-kick by J. H. Jones. That neither on Saturday nor on Thurs- day was the weather favourable. That the game will now have to be played to a. finish on neutral ground. .¡¡. I That the winners have choice, of ground in the next, round and will have to meet Conway. ■x- -K- That may the best team win. That during the latter part of last week and the beginning of this the annual shoot took place over the Gloddaeth Estate. That the opening days were fine and the N'T(,I,s plentiful and strong of wing. That the party included Lord Mostyn, Col. the Hon. Henry Lloyd Mosyn, the Hon. Eld ward Mostyn, Mr Morris Mos- tyn, CooneÜ Leek, Mr J. Ormrod, Mr J. Madden and Mr De, Trafford.