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THE ADVERTISER SAYS That the Llandudno Amateurs Football Club will play their opening match in the North Wales League Tournament on the Council Field on Saturday next. That thair opponents will be Llanberis, who have been admitted to the League this year. That throe league i-natches will be played dur- ing September, two at home and one away. That the Great Orne Tramway is having the best season on its history. That the receipts show a very satisfactory in- crease as compared with the last three years. < That this should be pleasant reading for the shareholders. That we are pleased to note that the Governors of the Llandudno County School have deter- mined to reduce the school fees from £7 lis. to -65 per annum. That it is hoped that this will induce more parents to send thodr children to the school and enable the school to earn larger govern- ment grants. < < That the first day excursion from London to Llandudno took plac-e on Monday last. < That thera were about three hundred passengers who (travelled by corridor express. That they left Euston at 12-10. reaching L'an- dudno shortly before six in the morning and returned between five and six in the evening. < That the fare for the day was twelve shillings and sixpance. < That the tottal gross takings at the Globe Bazaar were well over £1000. That included in this sum was a cheque for £ 70 from Mrs Walsh. in addition toO the re- ceipts at her stall at the bazaar. That Mrs Walch had previously given Z200 to the St. Paul's Church Fund. » Thait she has always been a consistent and I liberal supporter of the Cburcih and a generous contributor to all good objects, hav- .ing for their aim the assistance ot the poor and needy. • the .information That we are indebted to a contemporary for the .information » That Councillor Ilsnry Wilson has been ap- pointed "Canon." C < That Canon Henry Wilson, we are informed, seconded a vote of thanks at a recant bazaar. That the Llandudno Sea Anglers axe holding a whole day competition, commencing at 10 a.m., on Wednesday next (weather per- mitilng). If unfavourable on Thursdav. That special prizes are being offered to induce ladlies to take part. » That upwardis of P,5 in all has been secured for the various prizes. That the boatman who brings in the winner of the first prize will, receive five shillings. That the competition is an OpSll one. That further details may be obtained from Mr Ho'wel Jones. 32, Mostyn Street, honorary y y secretary, ot Captain R.' Dunphy, of Dunphy. Ltd., Mostyn Street. < < That tihe "Merry Widow" has been playing to a merry tune. u .L -j=.i.i. J. That "OUT Miss Gibbs," who a few weeks ago secured the best on record for three nights' takings, has not been allowed to retain it for anv length of time. < That the "Merry Widow" has easily waltzed into the affections of the public and raised -the figures to a prodisfi-ous heisht. < That she is now busily eingaged attempting to gam fresh laurels by breaking tihe week's receipts of the best on record for one com- pany. » That the services of Mr Harry Liston and Miss Lord Lmnley have been secured by the Extension Concert Committee for special matinees at the Pier Pavilion from October 25th to the 31st. That we hear a complimentary benefit will be given, shortly, at the Town Hall to Mr Liston and Miss Lunilev That Mr L. A. P. Waivier, superintendent of the Chester and Holyhead section of the North-Westerm Railway Company, convened a meeting -of the various representatives of Councils and Advertising Associations of North "Wales, at Colwvn Bay on Friday last. Tnat Llandudno represented by Mr MeMaster. Messrs J. J. Marks Robert Robert, and W. 0. Williams. # That a. resolution was proposed, and carried, to consider a scheme of co-operairion betweet the various towns in North Wales in conjunc- tion with The L. and N.W. Railway Company, for further advertising the charms of Sunrlv Wales. That Mr Warner, who occupied the chair, pointed out to the meeting whait the L. and N.W. Railway Company had already done this season. That h2 pointed out that the Company would continue to advertise North Wales bv means of the bioscooe. < That he had heard lodging-house keepers had this season put. up their prices. That it was a bad policy It was killing the goose which laid the golden eesr. That the Company would take up the adver- tising of North Wales during- winter if North Wales would help them. < < < That he advocated Winter Garder-s < That he further pointed out Thai the towns which helped the Railway Company would naturally have a preferential claim on the Company. < < That they mrenaed to run mare trains in winter ironi London » That there. would be excursion Trains to the principal attractions durins the winter for visitors. That Mr McMaster announced the- had a Railway Facilities Commdittee ar Llandudno, and it had decide.d to subscribe £ 100 That, a flying ma-dhine has been built by Mr George Callis to Mr C. P. Crawford's cl er z-. Tnat its destination is a profound secret That with the wane of the season it is anti- eipared Mr C. P. Crawford will resume his wek-end fishing in Llandudno bay. That he has been breaking all existing records in the Lake District for fi v and worm fishing. That whilst at business he glories dii niionstre crowds, h3 prefers to be far from the mad- dening erowd when at recreation. < That the announcement Dr. Cook has made a dash to and discovered the North Pole for Mr Craw'ford to introduce Boiler Rinking, is dis- credited in most circles. That we understand it is a "dashed" dnventiotn. that Louis d2 Rougeinont was .consulted bv Dr. Cook before his dash performance That we remember hearing of an American who swam the Channel last season. < < That the news only leaked out after our cousin had returned to. U.S.A. That we do not desire to sav the report has been Cooked. That Mr R. H. Edwards has been the recipient of an illuminated address, a suit case and engraving and a travelling clock as a testi- monial of the respect in which he was held as station-master at Degajnwy. 4. That ne :s heartily to be congratulated upon his promotion to the post of Istationmaer at Penmaenmawr. » That he carries with him the est.e,em and respect of all who knew him. < That Mr A. W. Kentleton. who was at one tim." a member of the Pier Compamy's Orchestra, visited Llandudno pTofessiünally this week, <. That, he is now the leader in te "Merry Widow" Company's Orchestra at the Grand Theatre. That he r,enewed his acquaintance with some of the "boys" of the old brigade. » » That "Jack Brown" is dead. That we undentalnd his life and adventures have been the subject of general conversation during the past week. That the statement made by a police sergeant from Conway, that he has been a dog, is not .admitted by all his pals. That, he ne\er forg-ct a friend. hTat he sometimes kept late hours, and in fact wa,s no plaster saint, but his kindly nature. endeared him to all, old and yoang. That he di.ed in harness, having been seen accompanying a lady companion to Churchill's benefit la,t Wednesday week. < < That he has sat on the bench on more than One occasion, and been brought before- their Wrorslhips fctr late hours. *■ # That he was not afraid to go out in the dark, but the bench fined him one shilling and costi for doin^ so. That from that date "Ja,ck Brown" has lived a changed life. » That he felt the disgrace of it most keenly, and literally weint to the dogs, m That his guardian, Professor Beaumont, is making arrangements to have "Jack Brown" stuffed and placed dn a glass case. < That there's no truth in the rumour that Hall Caine has been requisitioned to write the histoiy of J.B.'s life. That the Llandudno F.C. have not joined the Players' Union. PRESENTATION.—On Sunday evening, after

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