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GAS V. ELECTRICITY. THE BATTLE OF THE LIGHTS. Gas: I say old man you're looking very yellow. Electricity: Yes, and I feel rather bad too: it would be better if I were dead. I've been working over 1500 hoars and I've only a useful J life ot 1000, and \et master's always grumbling and saying I give a very bad light. I Gas: lie's quite right, but then you never were much good, even when you were young. Now I'm the latest up-to-date gas mantle. 1 give a nice greenish white light, none of your yeilow bilious light, and then I only cost my master two thirds what you GO per liour. Electricity: Oh, dear, i m afraid if that's true all my race are doomed. I do feel bad; I'm dying! i Blue flash, then darkness. j Gas (jumping and dancing): Joy joy! I'm winning, they'll soon all be dying; aiiict those that don't die will be cast out". Master (coming in): Hallo! what's up; its rather dark in toe corner. Oh! I see its that electric lamp failed at last. Well I'll try one of those new lamps that my engineer, Wil- Lou-ghby Lance has been showing me. He showed me quite clearly that it only costs one- third for electricity that the old one used to, While the gas cost two-thirds; that means that for every 3d. I used to spend on electricity or 2d. on gas, with this new lamp I shall only spend id., and there is no doubrt it is much cieaner, safer and mo: convenient, than gas. Gas (shaking): Whew, that's a bad wind: its torn my mantle; I don't like tne sound of it at all. Master obtains a EOc.p metal filament lamp and puts it :n. Gas: Oh, that's a dazzler, why it's a better light than my ov n. Tp new lamp: I say, what do you call your- serH New Electric Lamp: Please I'm an Osram. Gas A what? Electric Lamp: Ai Osiam, at least that's what I heard Willoughby Lance call me when he put me into a meter and tested me, saying, "Now here's an Osram; look at the .current it t-akc-s; it gives 50 candle power and consumes the same current as that old fashioned 16c.p. which equals a saving of two-thirds. Gas: Oh!_Oh! (splitting down the side), this is too bad, it gives me pain; it Looks as though my brothers will have to strengthen their con- stitution and economise their energy. Master: There, look at that gas mantle. I declare that's the second one that's gone in the last .month, and it's not nearly soo pleasant a light as that iiaw lamp. I'll have all the gas out and let Willoughby Lance wire the whole places for Osrains Gas (shakiina- more than cer): Pop! pop!! pop II! pop! Mastei turns the gas out ANGLING COMPETITION.—The result of

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