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Family Notices


Bilking the Railway Company




RINKING NOTES. "SET FAIR." This is the season of the year when changes, and rumours of changes, tak. place, in con- nection with Mr Crawford's rinks. Resident managers, instructors, of both sexes, skate boys, electtrieians, in fact all em- ployees of the various rinks, run by the pioneers of this nev craze for the swanking art of iriinking, have been expecting, and in many cases hoping to receive their marching orders from Mr E. B. Barnes, the one-time resident manager at the Hippodrome, Llandudno. Mr Barnes is now stationed at the London office, and has complete control of the "signing-on" department, securing r.ew hainids end deciding the posts the old ones shall be relegated to. "REMEMBEIR DUBLIN"—AU REVOIR BUT NOT GOOD-BYE. Mr George Ga-llis left Llandudno on Tuesday last, en famile, for Liverpool. From there he will 'in a few weeks' time take up the resident managership of the new rink at Cardiff, but only for a time, a,s. it is (generally understood that he will shortly manage the new rink, now in course, of erection in London for Messrs Crawfard and Co., and whilst we axe senary to lose Mr Call is from local rinking oircles, no one will deny the faat that he has thor-oiughly merited the confidence of the American Roller Rink Co., Ltd., and his removal to new rinking spheres will result, no doubt, in freah records being created. Speoulatotns in Rink Stock will watch his management at Cardiff with more than ordinary interest, bearing in mind the phenomenal success in Ireland which ,crowned his efforts. < < MR. FTTPATRICK, resident manager. The appointment of Mr Fitzpatrick to fill the post of manager at the Hippodrome has been popular with all patrons of this rink. As a floor manager Mr Fitzpatrick has certainly excelled, arid he thoroughly deserves the con- fidence which his employers have displayed. We venture to predict he will carry out the new post entrusted to him with that distinc- tion and thoroughness w'hich has marked his past career in the service of this Company as floor manager. MR. T. EVANS, Floor Manager. His successor will, no dou-bt, find it diffi- cult to follow him and to carry out the floor management duties with such complete suc- cess, but we have every reason to believe that Mr T. Evans. Who by the way attains his majority on Mondlay next, can worthily fill his shoes; at the same time Tie has by no means an easy task. He will hardly have been broken in to the new duties ere he departs for Cardiff. He is due. there we believe the tenth of this miontJh. It is an opportunity that he should seize to p.rove to the' management his fifte,dness for the post, and in due course it is quite within the bounds of possibilities that he will rank amongst the staff as a resident manager.

Cruelty Charges at Llandudno.