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MIDNIGHT AFFAIR ON THE ORME. At Llandudno Police Court on Monday, be- fore Dr. Dalton and other magistrates, Evan Joines, Penyffrith. was dbarged with being drunk and disorderly at midnight -on the 21st August, near t,he Blackgat-e. P.C. Evans (78) said that in consequence of complaints of inotous conduct he was detailed for special (Iiitv neaj the Black Gate. About 11-45 p.m. Evan Jones ùnd some others came' up and stopped arguing with eadh other until miklnight. He then told them lto go henne" Evans was drunk and would not go, although his wif-e hied! to persuade him. After a while he took hold of him to take him to the station, but he resisted, and eventually went home. A witness inamcd Wlhiteman, who was one of the party, said Evans was not staggering drunk, but he was not sober. He used very bad' language towards the end of the argument be- fore the policeman interfered. For the diefence accused called his wife; who alleged thaf the officer pushed her- husband about amid, would not allow him to stand up. and another woman who was with them told the same story. Evans himself said that it was impossible for him to be drunk. He was out of work, and had' not the means to get drunk. He alleged that the. constable had a grudge against him. In reply to the Chairman-, Deputy Chief Con- stable Rees s dd that there w ere twelve pre- vious convictions against defendant. A fine of 2:s. 6d. anid -cosits was imposed. ASSAULTING THE POLICE. Ernest Turner, Abbotsford, was charged with assaultina- P.C. Evans at the 'same time and place. Mr Marks appeared for the de- fendant, who plaaded guilty to a technical .offence. Deputy Chief Constable Rees said that the assault- was c-ommi'tted when the officer wa,s engaged in dealing with a previous defendant. Turner interfered and took hold of the officer by the throat and threw him on the ground. The officer eve.ntua.lly got on top. handcuffed .the defendant- and took ihim to the Police Station, but he was liberated on giving his name and address. Mr Majrks said he had nothing to say to what Mr Rees had outlined which was only too true, witlh the ex-planatron that M.v Turner bnd for-meid the -opinion 'that the -defendant m another case was not pettiiisr the. fair treatment from the officer lie should have received. Mr Turner was actuated Ivore by a desire to help that othar man than anytiiing else. He had already suffered the lindignity of being hamd- cuffed and taken to the police station. His client threw himself on the mercy of the court-, apologised to the officer, the pulice force gen- erally a-ndt the magistrates. Personally he (Mr Marks) thought the lesson would be a salutory one, and that his client would benefit by it. The magistrates imposed a fine of 10s. and costs, and hoped that- the lesson would not be lost.


Cruelty Charges at Llandudno.