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Family Notices


Bilking the Railway Company


Bilking the Railway Company DOMESTIC SERVANT FINED. At Llandudno Police Court on Monday, before Dr. Dalton and other magistrates, Mary Edwards, domestic -servant, at present in a situation in Rhyl, was charged with travelling on the London and North-Western Railway, on the 13th July, without a ticket and with intent to- defraud. Joseph Kidney, clerk at Addison Road Sta- tion, said that a woman canie to the booking office on the 13th of July and asked the fare to Abergele, and to Llandudno, saying she wanted to get to that town as quickly as possible. She was told the fare was 18s. 8d. Thein she asked what the fare was to Shrewsbury. She was told 13s., and! bought a ticket. Shrewsbury tickets were not kept at Addison Road Station, so the name was written on a blank ticket in ink. The ticket was numbered 1789, and he identified the one produced as that given to the woman. Fred Robinson, a booking clerk in the em- ploy of the Great Western Railway, who was in the same office as last witness confirmed the evidence of Kidney as to the conversation about trains and fares R. Webb, a Degianwy ticket collector, said that when he asked defendant for her namie and address she gave it as "Miss Edwardis, Craigydon, Llandudno." Witness did not think this sufficient, and she then said it would b-3 sure to find her. Detective McFall said he had an interview wr'th /the defendant, in the course of which she made a long rambling statement, 111 intaining that if she did not get a ticket to Llandudno she had paid for ;t, because she -only received Is. 4d. change oat of a sovereign. Defendant made a long statement, and pro- duced labels showing that her luiggage was addressed to Llama ■ dno. A fine of 20s. and costs was imposed;



Cruelty Charges at Llandudno.