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Cruelty Charges at Llandudno.



DR. BARNARDO'S HOME-S.—A house to house colle-chon in aid of the- local children r.-scued during recent years and eared for in Dr. Barnard-o's homes will be made -on Satur- day, September 4th, when an envelope, will be left :it every nouise and collected during the following week. To assist the effort collections will be made (by kind p-ermision of the pro- prietors) on Friday, September 3rd at entertainments given by Messrs Adeler and Sutton's Pierrots at the Pier Head Mr W. J. Churchill's minstrels in the Happy Valley and Mr Revill Hall's entertainers at the Hip- podrome Mr S. Hughes, junr., will show a special film illustrating the homes the same evening, and also make a collection in aid of the fund. NORTH W ALESS.S. CO.'s SAIL,INGS.-Not a few Llandudnoites, and their friend,s, torok advantage last Saturday morning of the 11 o'clock trip down the Straits by the S.S. "St. Elian," Captain Highton in command. The "St. Elian" lilsan ideal steamer for the Straits, and spotlessly clean, and those who were sail- ing along this coast for 'the first time revelled in the grand panoramic view, and gazed with awe as they steamed through "The Slwillies." A portion of the passengers broke their jour- ney at Menai Bridge, but the. majority went the full trip to Carnarvon, undoubtedly made more popular .since the advent of Mr Llcyd George as its representative in Parliament. Menai Bridge having been explored by those pasengers who elected to break their journey at this popular resort, they returned by the S.S. "Sit. Elvies. At Beaumaris the finish of an exciting yacht race of one raters was Jkeefci- ly foUolwed "by all on board. In addition to Captain Young wih-o, despite a strenuous sea- son, which he would not admit, looked in the best of health, we had time to. renew our acquaintance with another long established member of this arm, chief purser Lee, who. seemed to revel in the fact that ere Llandudno was left a full complement, of passengers would have embarked for Liverpool. We dou.M if Llandudno hais yet realised the. enormous attraction, this Company's many sea. excursions to and from Llandudno really are. It is a well-known fact that the number of contractors who make Llandudno their headquarters has increased very considerably this season.