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Cruelty Charges at Llandudno.


Cruelty Charges at Llandudno. BEATING A HORSE WITH A .STEEL-LINED WHIP. BEATING A LCNKEY. At Llandudno- Police Court on Monday, be- fore Dr. Dalton an-cll other magistrates, Thomas Astole, donkey driver, pleaded guilty to cruelly beating one of the annials in ihts -clharge 011 the 14th August. A fine of Is. and costs was im- posed A BRUTAL DRIVER. ) Inspector Sydnay Gibbs, R.S.P.C A., charged j Alfred Davies with cruelly beating a horse 011 the 16th August. Defendant pleaded guilty. Inspector Gibbs said he was on the Marine Drive, on the moarning in question when he saw the defendant in charge of a. bay horse. He saw thait it was uneasy, and on lifting the collar found a very small wound.. He advised the defendtai-it t-oi put some pads oq, and he promised to do so. In about ten minutes afterwards he again saw the defendant, but he was unmercifully beating the horse with a steel lined whip, causing the animal to plunge and rear. Tfhei horse came at full gallop passed witness. It was stopped by the cabmen, and when witnelss got up to it, it was practically nad, from excessive beatinig. Its back was covered with weals. Witness told the defen- dant that he might have a month's imprison- ment for it, and he replied that that would not do him any good. Twenty-four hours later witness visited the stable and found the horse not fit to go out. It was the most brutal case that he had ever .come across Asked if he had anything to say in extenua- tion. defendant said the horse, was a jibber and lie lost his temper with it. The.magistrates retired to consider their cle- criision, and ionreturaing inflicted a fine of £ 5 and costs. ATTEMPT TO BRIBE AN OFFICER. Joseph Hughes, Jubilee Street, was charged by the same officer with working a horse in an unfit state, and the owner, Wrn. Jones De- ganwy Street, was charged with causing it to be worked. Inspector Gibbs gave evidence of finding the h,ors,e with several wounds on it. The owner of the animal visited witness's house and dropped four flowins in his tunic .pocket, and made off on his cab. Wlitnesls followed, and told him that he did not want ibis money. P.C. Roberts also gave evidence. Defendant- Jones said he gave the money to the Inspector because he sent the horse home. He would, have sent it back to the stable him- self had he seen it, because it was alright when iit went out tiln the morning. Hughes was fined Is. and costs, and Jones 10s. and costs.