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Llai\dudnJi Pier Co, Ltd, Mr. SAMUEL B JGHEC SEASON 1909. The Pier Company's Popular Concerts Morning at 11. Evening at 7-45. Sundays, at 8-15 p.m GRAND ORCHESTRA. Musical Director- Mr. Arthur W. Payne, F.R.A.M. Sub-Conductor— Mr. Walter Haigh. Artistes. 16th Special, Saturday, Sept. 4th- Mr. Walter Hyde, Tenor Sept. 4th to Sept. 6th— Miss Edith Evans, Soprano Sept. 7th to ItYh- Mr. Ernest Pike Tenor Weekly Tikets 3s. 6d. and 5s. Admission to Pier, 2d.; after 6 pm 6d. PIER THEATRE VARIETIES, LLANDUDNO. Manager S. HUGHES, Junr. DAILY at 3 and 8 p-m-I ROYAL AMERICAN uoioo pm Monday next, Sept. 6th, and during the week- The Lady of Monsoreau Lake Garda, Italy. How they made a mart of Billy Brown And 10,000 other Pictures. Admission 6d. and Is SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SPECIAL TREAT FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN. Prizes for Boys and Girls Prices for Children 2d. and 3d. American Roller, Rink, HIPPODROME, Llandudno O. P. CBAWFQIiD, Managing Director. *•« HIGH- J: f\ CLASS ROLLER V SKA TING lHED EXCLUSIVELY THREE SESSIONS DAILY. MORNING SESSION -10-30 to 12-30. Admission Free. Skates Is. AFTERNOON SESSION-20 to 5-0. Admission 6d. Skates Is. Ladies ad- mitted Free at Afternoon Session if they purchase a skate ticket. EVENING SESSION-7-30 to 10-30 Admission Is Skates Is. Cloak Room Free at all Sessions. We charge you just the same for the use of skating surface whether you use our skates r your own Tea & Refreshment Roonis AT THE RINK. AFTERNOON TEAS A SPECIALITY. Chocolates, Cakes and Mineral Waters. Mrs. HEWITSON, Proprietress. rLe!: I CARNATION CREAM I Pieserves, softens and beautifies the skin Free 8|| from grease and possessing valuable antiseptic H| properties. Should be on every lady's toilet j||j table. Prices 6d. and Is or free by post 7id. ife and Is. ?>d. A sample will be Sent free on re- ceipt of request. Prepared only bv jl| FRANK N. MERCER, I Pharmaceutical Chemist, Fl IOIf Mostyn St., Llandudno jj and Is. ?>d. A sample will be Sent free on re- ceipt of request. Prepared only bv jl| FRANK N. MERCER, I Pharmaceutical Chemist, Fl IOIf Mostyn St., Llandudno jj Llandudfjo Coaching & Carriage Co. Ltd. ALL COACH TOURS FROM LLANDUDNO Start Daily from the ST. GEORGE'S & QUEEN'S BOTELS. Start Fare Grand Loop Tour 9 45 10 Snowdon Loop Tour 10 6 Bettws-y-coed .10 o 7 Penmaenmawr } 4) { 4" Colwyn Bay 2 so 26 Bodnant Hall 2 30 4- Aber Waterfalls I 1 o 5 New Short Loop 2 go 4- City of St. Asaph .10 0 7- Menai Br id go .10 0 8/- For further particular* see Coaching Guide. SUPERIOR PRIYAT1 <X)ACB E8, RUBBER- TYRED CABBIAGR8, W >NETT Eft. OOG-CARTS. FONT T R A1 8. SADDLE HORSES ON HIRF, Booking Offices- COACTl OFFICE, QU¡>t:u) Hotel Gardens Telephone No. 9. COACH OFFICE xt Piep Gu ie* Liverpool and North Wales S~tea.zrLsli.ip Co, Regular Daily Sailings. 1, LA. MARGUERITE j Daily at 1 p.m. for Menai Straits and 5 p.m. for Liverpool (Sunday included). SNOWDON. Dailv at 11 a.m. (Saturday St. Trillo) for Beaumaris, Bangor, Menai Bridge, and Car- narvon (Sundays excepted), due back 5 30. At 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 11th, for Liverpool. ST. ELVIES. Monday, at 8 a.m., for Liverpool, due back 4 30 p.m. Special fare, 2s. 6d. return. Tuesday, at 10 for Douglas, due back 6 30. Wednesday, a.t 11 45 a..m., Round the Isle of Anglesey, due back 6 p.m. Special Sunday Sailings, Snowdlon at 3 p.m., for Menai Straits, Is. 6d. return. Special Sunday Sailings, St. Trillo, at 3 30 p.m., for Menai Straits, Is. return. Every Afternoon at 3 p.m. for Menai Straits. For Special Excursions to Colwyn Bay (Rhos Pier) and Rhyl, Sea Trips, see special bills All information will be, supplied at the Pier Gates by Mr Arthur Parton. Tele. 141. The Steamers of the old established Company, The St. George's S.S. Co, Ltd., Will ply (weather and other causes permitting) on, one of the most beautiful rivers in Wales, between Deganwy, Conway &*Trefriw Please note the name of this Company's steamers- "KING GEORGE, PRINCE GEORGE." and" ST GEORGE," and that they start from the St. George's Landing Stages at Deganwy and Conway. Sailings for "Next Week. Leave Leave Return from Deganwy Conway. Trefriw. 0 Monday 1 50 p.m. 2 0 p.m. 3 66 p.m. 7 Tuesday 2 25 2 30 4 45 + 8 Wednesday 4 20 4 30 6 16 p.m. + 9 Thursday 5 30 „ 5 40 7 45 + fDoubtful if steamers reach Trefriw. Fare according to distance. FARES Fore end, Is, Return 2s.; After end, Is. 6d Return 2s. 6d. Children half price For further particulars apply to Messrs. Edwards & Son, Coal Merchants The Quay, Conway, National Telephone No 6x (Conway): Messrs. Roberts & Co, Quay, Conway; R. E. Jones Bros., ''Weekly News,' Offiee Conway and Colwyn Bay The Hotel Belle Yae, Trefriw Mr. John Jones, Glasgow House, Pen- maenmawr Mrs. Tritton, Castle Hotel, Deganwy Mr. Tomkinson Indispensible, Colwyn Bay; and at all the principal hotels in the neighbourhood, or to Manager, Cap;ain W. Roberts, Quay, Conway. For the convenience of passengers, Luncheons and Teas will be ready on arrival at Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw. Special -Notiee. -Tickets fo these steamers are NOT SOLD at Llandudno and other places, and can only be had on board the steamers. Llandudno Sea Aqglers' Association. A GRAND All Day Fishing Competition FROM BOATS WILL take place on WEDNESDAY I f September 8th, (weather permitting), If rough the following day. Entrance Fee Is. Value 1st Prize, Thermos Flask 2 2 0 2nd do. Fishing Rod 110 3rd do. Landing Net 10 6 Special Ladies' Prize, Clock 10 6 Special Prize for Heaviest Fish taken, Pipe lu 6 Special prize of 5s to the boatman who brings in the winner of he first prize. C Starting time 10 a.m. I Landing 6 p.m. RULES. All fish weighed in for competition must be taken on rod and line OT hand line. One rod and line or hand line only to be used, and not moire than three hooks. Only round oar flat fish 8 inches or over in length to be weighed, excepting dabs which shall measure at least 7 inches. Not more than four competitors (exclusive of boatman) shall be allowed in a boat. A boatman shall not take any active part in the fishing, this includes baiting and gaffing. Entries to be made to the Secretary not later than 10 a.m. on the day of the competition. Competitors must make their own arrange- ments for boats and bait. This rule does not apply to sailing boats. HOWEL JONES, Hon. Sec/retary. 32, Mostyn Street. Madanje ASTORIA, M.B.I.M.S. (Registered) The Talented P, almisti, Cla-irvoya-,nte, Crystal Visioniat and Haith Specialist, CAN NOW BE CONSULTED AT ABERCONWY HOUSE, Corner of Trinity Street & Mostyn St., .LLANDTJDN Hours-From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m W. J. CHURCHILL'S Happy Valley Minstrels 20 Artistes from all he Principal Theatres and Music Halls, The Only Entertainment in Llandudno allowed One Performance a Day. Commencing at 3 o'clock. Urg-agy '■ !DO YOU KNOW i That it is quite possibl to have excellent sight 9j and yet need glasses—to relieve strain? The B testing of sight can alone decide this point. Hj Why not make sure ? B Frank N. Mer cer,F.S.ty.C. 1 (Fellow of the Spectacle Makers' Company) H JOi Mostyn Street, Llandadno. P Frank N. Mer cer,F.S.NI.C 1 (Fellow of the Spectacle Makers' Company) H JOi Mostyn Street, Llandadno. P I Grand Theatre, LLANDUDNO. Manager Mr. A G. PUGH. Assistant Manager M-r. R. J. LLOYD. To-ight- The Merry Widow j MONDAY, Sept. 6th, for THREE nights only, Mr George Dance's Company in the most successful play of modern times— MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND THURSDAY, September 9th, for THREE JL nights only, Mr Seymour Hick s Co in THE CAY CORDONS Doors open at 7.30 p ni., commence at 8 Early Doors to Pit and Gallery at 7.15 p.m. 6d. extra. Seats in Dress and Upper Circle Orchestra and Pit Stalls may be booked Box Office open from 10 to 4. No charge for booking. Seats may also be booked at M L Wagstaff, The Gloucester, 89. Mostyn Street, at the Principal Hotels, or at Mr. A. J. Fleet Music Warehouse, Colwyn Bay. PRICES OF ADMISSION.—Boxes from 21/ Orchestra Stalls 5s.; Dress Circle, 5s. and 3s.; Upper Circle 2/6; Pit Stalls, 3/ Fit, 1/6; Amphitheatre, Is.; Gallery 6d. Telephone 0288. Electric Trams pass the Doors. Prince's Theatre, LLANDUDNO. I To-ight- The Devil. MONDAY, Sept. 6th for SIX Nights l Miss Emma Hutchison and Mr Percy Hutchison's Company in- MS POSDIBIYS PAT Prices of Admission. Orchestra Stalls, 3s Dress Circle, 4 s Balcony 2s Pit Is. Doors open 7 30, com- mence at 8, Early doors 7 o'clock. c. e. zs. M. s. AN Exhibition and Salt OF Ghirtese Costurnps and (Juries, In Aid of the C.E.Z.M.S. Girls' Board- ing School, Foochow, China, Will Tie held (D. V.) in the IVjOSTYN ART GALLERY, LLANDUDNO (Kindly lent for the occasion by Lady Augusta Mostyn) ON TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, September 7th & 8th, From 2 to 7-30 p.m' Mandarins Robe. Drawn Thread Work* Ladies'Costumes. Silver Ware. Curtains. Models of Mandarins' Woodcarvings. and Brides' Foochow & Loo Choo Processions. Lacquer. Kingfisher Feather Glass Cloth Embroidery. Work. Bronzes, China Vases, &c. t- '1 ( | Pearl Cream | J TS quite the daintiest and most X effective balm for the face of beauty 1 and if it is well massaged into the skin < s night and morning, neither Sun, Vvind j c nor Sea can have any effect. S > T T is distinctly different to all other 1 3 .L face preparations, as it contains no s Glycerine to leave sticky traces behind. V j TT is simply a wonderful softening j X agent that feeds the skin pores and > J makes them healthy. J J I' is cooling, delicately and refresh- J JL ingly perfumed, and dries instantly. J j "VTOUR Toilet Table is not complete S X without it. i 1S., Is. 9d. & 2s 6d. | J. Winter & Co., j f M.P.S., Dispensing Chemists, C } MOSTYN ST. & MOSTYN AVENUE, J X LLANDUDNO. i Telephone—Mostyn Street, 40. 1 Craigydon, 40a. < CLARENCE HOTEL, LLANDUDNO, N.W. Central Position. Near to Golf Links; one minute to Pier and Esplanade. Sheltered Situation. Electric Light. Table d' Hote Separate Tables. Smoking, Writ- ing, Lounge, and Billiard Rooms. Hotel Omnibus meets all Trains Coach calls daily. Garage Free. Telephone No. 285. Telegrams, Clarence, Llandudno Tariff-Address PROPRIETOR LLANDUDNO ADVERTISER. { AND LIST OF VISITORS. CHARGES FOR ADVERTISING. COUNTY, Municipal, Poor Law, Joint btock, Legal and other Public Notices, Contracts, Tenders, etc., 6d. per line each insertion. BUSINESS Advertisements as per scale below SPECIAL Positions per contract. SALES by Auction, Entertainments, Sermons, Trade Notices, Eisteddfodau, etc., 3d. per line, or 2s. 6d. per inch displayed. 3 MALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. MOUSES, Shops, Apartments, etc., To Let oi Wanted; Articles Lost, Found, or for Private Sale; Servants or Situations, etc., Wanted. Insertion. One Two Three. Not exceeding 15 words Is Od Is 9d 2s 3d „ 20 „ Is 3d 2s 3d 3 Od „ 25 „ Is 6d 2s 9d 3s 6d 30 la 9d 3s Od 4s 3d 40 „ 2s 3d 4s Od 5s 6d R r RTHS and Deaths are charged Is. Marriages. 2s. No Advertisement booked under 2s. 6d. BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS. DOUBLE Column.—One insertion 3s. pei inch; 4 insertons 2s. 6d. per inch; 8 2s. 3d.; 13 L-. 26 Is. 6d.; 52 Is. 3d. SINGLE Column.—One insertion 2s. per inch 4 insertions Is. 8d.; 8 Is. 6d.; 13 Is. 4d.: 86 Is.; 52 lOd. A DISCOUNT of 10 per cent. allowed on pre payment for continuous Advertisements. ALL communications and payments by cheques or postal orders should be addressed to the Proprietors, Messrs. EDGE & MOY. Market Street, Llandudno. THE HOSTEL, DEGANWY. FOR VISITORSI AND RESIDENTS. A HOME FOR REST} STUDY AND RECREATION. All the year round gentlemen residents catered for at a specially moderate and inclusive charge. The Hostel has been specially fitted up with a view to comfort, and is most accessible to Llandudno by train and s b, cycle, or for golfing, boating, and all the Llandudno attractions.—Miss Conway (late Marine Hotel, Llandudno) pro- prietress. -n- ST. MORITZ, LLANDUDNO. An Ideal Nursing Home. G\ OOD STAFF of Resident and Visiting |j" Nurses.—Apply to Mits Roberts Telephone No. 248. Llandudno Women's Suffrage Society. N.U.W.S S. Object -To obtain the Parliamentary Franchise for W om -i, on the same terms as it is or may be granted to men. President—Mrs. Walton E ans. Vice President-Wm. Jones, Fsq., M.P: Hon Treasurer—A. G. Pugh, Esq, and Miss Marston Hon Secretary-lss. G-ooddy, Glenthorne. CONWAY WITH LLANDUDNO LOCAL GOVERNING BODY. REDUCTION OF FEES AT THE LLAN- DUDNO COUNTY SCHOOL (BOYS AND GI RLS). Notice is hereby given that the annual tuition fee is reduced to 25. Next term com- mences 14th September. The New Buildings .are now completed and are adapted and well- equipped in every respect for the- higher educa- tion of boys and girls. For full "particulars as to Admission Scholar- ships, Free places, apply to JAMES JONES MARKS, M.A., ■Solicitor, Llandudno, Clerk to the Governors. DEATH.

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