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CRICKET. LLANDUDNO v. MR. PARSONS' RUGBY ELEVEN. There was a good crowd on the Cricket Ground on Saturday when the Llandudno Club and Mr Parson's Rugby Eleven met for the benefit of Hartley, professional to the home eluib. Batting first the visitors vere rot disposed of until 139 had compiled, but for that they were almost entirely indebted to F. R. Davies, who> going in at the fall of the first wicket cairried out his !bat for 113, the only century scored on the ground this season. The homa club just managed to get the runs required, topping the visitors' isco,re by five runs ere the last wicket fell. Halistead- was top scorer with a patient 56, while T'. B. Far- rington got 26 and the Rev. W. E. Jones 22. Scores:—■ Mr. Parsons' Eleven. W. H. Persons c Hoibsotn b T. B. F,arrington 0 E. E. Hopewell b T. B. Facrington 3 F. R. Davies not out 113 W. Clunyer b T. B. Farrington 2 W. W. Parsons b T. B. Farrington 7 A. Picketing b T. B. Farrington 0 F. Frost c Rev. W. E. Jotnes b Elliot 9 W. Fallows b Hartley 0 R. Friend b Elliot 0 R. Reeve b Elliot 0 R. W. Friend b Hartley 0 Extras 5 Total 139 Llandudno. A. Halstead c R. W. Friend b Hopewell 52 J. Inglis b W. H. W. Parsons 0 C. N. Jones c Davies b W. H. W. Parsons 0 Re<v. W. E. Jones b Frost .I 22 C. Farrington b Frost 6 ITowel Jones b Frost 5 H. D. Elliott b Hopewell 0 F. Foulds c and b Hopewell 2 T. B. Farrington b Hopewell 26 Hartley not out 7 J. E. Ho'bson Ibw b W. H. W. Parsons 0 Extras 18 Total 1W MOTOR ACCIDENT IN LLANBERIS PASS. PASSENGERS THROWN OUT. Mrs Whittles, the wife of Mr Whittles, civil engineer. Carnarvon, sustained serious injuries by being thrown out of a motor-car in the Llanberas Pass on Wednesday evening. The car came in contact with the v all, and in the impact both Mr and Mrs Whittles were violent- ly thrown out, the lady falling on her. head and sustaining a fracture of the skull. A Carnarvon gentleman motofring by at the time helped Mr Whittles and Tus wife 'into his own car, and conveyed them to the Dolbadarn Hotel, Llamberis, where they were attended to by Dr. Mills Robrts. Beyond a shock and a little muscular pain Mr Whittles was not much the worse for the mishap, and was able to proceed home on Thursday morning. Mrs Whittles was ireportod to be comfortable on Thursday, and progressing as satisfactorily as could be expected. STEAMER COLLIDEIS WITH LIGHTSHIP. It is stated that during a heavy gale on Sun- day night a large steamer, the name of which is unknown, collided with the Carnarvon Bay lightship. The lightship is reported to be badly .damaged, and will have to be removed fTom the station and replaced by a spare light vessel. The steamer Triton proceeded to the aid of the lightship, the crew of which are understood to be safe. r CUNARDERS AND FISHGUARD. RUMOURED DIRECT TRAINS TO DOVER. It is now officially stated that the Cunard express keaTner Mauretania, which left New York on Wednesday for Liverpool, will begin the company's new arrangement by calling (after leaving Q neons town) at Fishguard, where she will land London and! Continental-bound passengers She is expected at Fishguard r ext Monday. The Caronia, the Campania the Lusitania, land the Cavmania, which are to leave New York on dates from August 28th to Septem- ber 11th, will also call at Fishguard, and after that all the Cunard company's eastwaxid, bound steamers from New York will make calls both at Queenstown and Fishguard. The Bos- ton liners will be excepted from the new ar- rangement; they will still rail at Queenstown. From Fishguard a special train will convey passengers to London in 4 hours. Rumour has it that the Great Western Rail- way Company and the Cunard Companiy are, in the interests of Continental tourists, negoti- ating for special trains to run from Fish- guard to Dover in connection with the Trans- atlantic lines. UNSTAMPED TAPE MEASURE. At Ruthin on Monday the Inspector of Weights and Measures for Denbighshire (Mr J. Clarke-Jones) laid before the magistrates a rather mnoammon case, the first of its kind heard in the county. Max Cohen, of Chester, w.as charged with using an unstamped tape measure at Ruthin. Evidence was given that the defendant was in charge of a stall at the market and used the tape in the course of his business. Mr Clarke Jones said that such tapes w.re always unreliable, and therefore could not be stamped. The defence was that the tape was used to measure the collars of blouses, but not to measure garments, for which pur- pose a yard measure was used. Owing to the want of corroborative evidence the case was dismissed. THE "CARNARVON" CRUISER. When in 1905 the county of Carnarvon made the presentation of a silver shieldi and other gifts to His Majesty's cruiser wmich ic named after the county a promise was made that at 'no distant date the vessel should visit Welsh waters. We understand that such a visit has been arranged to take place on the 17th and 18th of September, Holyhead being the port selected for the call. Advantage will be taken of the occasion to make a formal pre- sentation in the name of Carnarvonshire, and with that end in view the County Committee which originally had the matter in hand has been revived. WELSH M.P. THE, WORSE FOR WEAR. Mr J. D. Rees, M.P., has sent a letter to his constituents stating th.aft he is "somewhat the worse for wear," allld therefore has paired for the Government on the Irish Land Bill. "And I am going to the Highlands," con- tinues the Liberal member far the Montgomery Boroughs, "to some of that land which cer- tainly will not be charged with undeveloped land tax, is not even capable of cultivation, and the use of which for sporting purposes brings 'nto the coffers of the county in which it is situated nearly all its reveniue in rates, and also brings in the money that is spent and nearly all such employment as offers in the sparsely populitsd and wilder regions of Rosshire." o LLANFAIRFEOHAN REGATTA. In ideal weather the annual regatta at Llan- fairfechan. was held on Wednesday. The com- modore was Dr. J. R. Williams. Penmaenmawr, Mr Charles May Massey being the vice com- modore. Among the awards were:—Pair oar unrigged gigs: 1, David Jones (Grace Darling); 2. J. 0. Hughes and R. Parry: 3, J. Williams and T. Price. Pair oar unrigged gigs (for visitors): 1, F. G. Grant; 2. Dr. Alfrecht. 200 yards swimming race: 1, W. H. Pemberton; 2, F. S. B ite. MRS. BROWN-POTTER AT THE PRINCE'S v THEATRE.