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♦ RINKING NOTES. Whilst other places, notably the Pier Pavilion and the Grand Theatre have, during last week, brokein all previous records for one, two and three nights, the Hippodrome skating rink has been doing equally well; in fact, last week was the best on record, and this without any special attraction in the way of a Carnival of any kind, which all goes to prove that Llan- dudSno is distinctly gaining by the special effort of the L. and N.W. Railway Company's advertisements and the Cinematograph series of pictures, and this popularity in the public's favour is not going to end here; the benefit derived is by no means to be confined to one season. We could quote instances by the score where visitors have come to Llandudno for the first time, and leave, thoroughly deter- mined it will by no means be the last. Llan- dudno has never had so many visitors from Ireland, and Londoners seem to be realising for the first time that the facilities, for reach- ing the Queen of Welsh watering places, have been worth comsid'ering. Rinkers who made Olympia, London, their headquarters, during the rinking season in town, have discovered the name of Crawford is associated with Llanduclno" .and have- arrived in shoals and swanked to their hearts' content. The local skaters are, fortunately, too busy to eneasre in their favourite pastime during the month of August, and this fact leaves moire room for the visiting exponents .of the art, and in their midst one sees some distinctly clever skaters of both sexes. TIa those who forecasted a twelve months' life of this pastime, the present boom must be inexplicable. To those in the know the explanation is simple as far as Crawford and Co.'s rinks axe concerned, and summed up in a few words. Management on strict business limes, and civility of the offi- cials. Once let the management become lax, and like all other places of enteirtainent. or business .for that matter, they might just as well put up the shutters. Mr Callis, the local manager, is always on the look-out for secuirilng further comforts for his patrons, and in this he is seconded with the heartiest goodwill by Mirs Hewitson, who has the charge of the catering department. Given a particularly hot spell and ices and iced drinks of all kinds are at once provided let a colcl blast come along, and coffee and tea are to be obtained fofr the asking, and the number of sandwiches, and special lines in confectionery, are bewildering, but such as to secure further demands of cafe patrons on the next visit of the patron to' the rink. j <,


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