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Suffragists at Llandudno.



THE ADVERTISER SAYS That -one of the best concerts of the season from iatn orchestral point of view was given on Satundav last. < That we have never heard1 them to finer ad- vantage. That the effect in "1812-" was electrical, and the audience insisted upon more. That Madame Gleeson-White has never pleased her audience more than dm her rendering of "Ocean, Thou Mighty Monster." That she fairly revelled in it, and the orchestra caught the infection, the result being magni- ficent. That Mr John Roberts, tenor, made his debut before a pier audiettice and scored a success. That the annual Lifeboat Demonstration on Monday was witnessed by one of the largest crowds, if not the largest, ever congregated at Llandudno. That the morning was unsettled, and the majority of the thousands of visitors who usually make excursions by sea and land remained in the town. That the Pier and Promenade as far as Vaughan Street was one huge concourse of people numbering some twenty thousand, That we have received a number of Visitors' Lists on which the householders have omitted the names of the house. That consequently we have been unable to insert, < » That this explanation is due to those visitors who may be disappointed to find their names omitted. < < That Hartley, the professional of the Llan- dudno Cricket Club, takes his benefit on Saturday. < That the visiting club is Rugby That Hartley has done excellent service for the Club during his first season. That he has greatly strengthened the bowling department. That it is to be hoped patrons of the Club will handsomely express their appreciation of the pro.'s services. < That the team will be:—Howel Jones (capt.), J. Inglis, Rev. W. E. Jones. A. N. Wills, C. Farringtons A. Halstead, C. N Jones, F. Fouldes, A. Backhouse, Hobson and Hartley. That among the many distinguished visitors at Llandudno are Sir Arthur and Lady Croft, of Lugwarddne Court, who ale staying at York Villa, Craigydon. That Mr George Dance's Company, which has be:mappearing far the first three nights at the Grand Theatre in "Our Miss Gibbs" established a reeord. That up to this week Mr Martin Harvey held the record for three night performances. That "Our Miss Gibbs" has not only estab- lished a new record, but put up a return that will require a lot of overtaking. » ft That on Wednesday night practically every seat was occupied, showing that 'Mary' had established herself a huge favourite with all ranks of soaietv. < That meetings to protest against the budget continue to be held nightly on the Council Field. < That the proceedings are not very harmonious. That the speakers are subjected to considerable heckling. Thait the decision of the London and North- Western Railway Company to run day excur- sions from London to' the Welsh Coast has been received with general satisfaction. » That the excursions will undoubtedly tend to popularise the Welsh coast, That the only adverse criticism has been against the price of tickets. That no doubt the Company will endeavour to meet the request for a lower fare. That a cricket match is being arranged be- tween the officials of Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Councils. That there was unfortunately a breakdown of tihe supply .of electric current on Thursday evening which affected, for a time, all places of amusement, except the Pier, which has its own plant. < That at the Grand Theatre the audience toük "The light that failed" all iin gtoodi part, and cheered the manager's statement that he had sent for candles. That as a matter of fact, instead of closing at 10-30 it was 10-45. That at the Rink it caused a cessation of rink- ing for some twenty minutes, but consider- able damage was done by electric fittings. That a delay of thirty-five minutes was caused at the Prince's Theatre, but here they were fortunately able to light up the entrance with their gas supply. < That some of the hotels were in darkness for several hours. That the fault in the main, or faults, caused .some curious eccentricities. That whilst the Cambridge Restaurant was illuminated with candles, the next door neighbour, Mr Boot, tobacconist, had a full supply of electricity. That this state of affairs was equally pro- nounced in other parts of the town. That whilst the south west side of Mostyn Street was able after a short delay to switch on again, the north east side had' to resort to candles. That the run on candles was phenomenal. < That the staff, under Mr Harold Morton, put in an all night's work to discover the break. That private electrical firms were inundated with telephone calls to send a man. That it's an ill-wind which blows nobody any good. That the "fault" was located this Fivday morn- ing by Mr Blatrmann'-s Auction Rooms, a fused cable. < That a competent staff was at once set to work, and Tepairs will be completed in time for to- night's illumitnaltion. t » That the production of "The Builder of Bridges" at the Grand Theatre last night is praised on all hands. That it will be staged to-night IFn::111) Lid to-morrow (Saturday). That like "The Walls -of Jericho" it is a play all should see. That at the Sacred Concert on Sunday evening next quartettes will be rendered by the Walton Brothers Quartette Party. That the new naval play, 'The Flag Lieutenant* will be produced at the Grand" Theatre for four ni-g Wednesday next. That this play was a striking success at the Playhouse, London, and will be presented by Messrs Lyn Harding and Sidney Cooper's Company by special arrangement with Mr Cvril Maude. v That a Boatman's Benefit Regatta will be held on Wednesday next at 3-30, That the Fishing Competition, announced to .1 take place last Wednesday, under the auspices of the Llandudno Sea Anglers' Asso- oiation, was postponed, and will take place on Wednesday next. # That the pictures at the Pie-r Theatre of Varieties have been pronounced excellent bv the, audiences. # That -next week Blexiot crossing the Channel is to be seen.