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Suffragists at Llandudno.


Suffragists at Llandudno. SCENES ON THE BEACH. A number of members of the National Women's Social andr Political Union have made Llandudno their headquarters, and in spite of the prohibition of the Council have held a series of meetings on the beach opposite the Marine Hotel. The principal members of the party appear to be Mrs Herbert Duncan, Man- chester Miss Lilian Williamson, B.A., Vic- toria University, and Dr. Jones, one of the medical inspectors of children for Birmingham. When these ladies took up their stand on Thursday night ,a very large crowd quickly collected, which appeared, to be divided into two s-ectio-is--one ,composed of those willing to listen to what the speakers had to say in explanation of their actions during the last three years, and the other a number of iTre- sponsible youths out far an evening's enjoy- ment, and with about as much knowledge of politics as an intelligent Hottentot. Mrs Herbert Duncan briefly explained that women demanded the vote on the same terms aa men and made way for Dr. Jones, who proved to be a capable and witty speaker. In defence of the militant tactics of her party she traced the history of how the people of Englaind obtained the franchise by means of rioting, breaking up meetings, even by the taking of life, and asked if in the face of th-aft record her male friends coiuld consoienÜously object to the present attitude of the women, who firmly believed that the enfranchisement of women was the next step forward on the road to progress. The ,society she belonged to intended to drive the Liberal party into giv- ing women the vote. This statement roused considerable opposi- tion, but Dr. Jones said she was too much a Liberal to allow the present Government to go out of office without giving women the vote, for if they did the Conservative party would grant it. From this point onwards the speaker was continually interrupted by the young men grouped -together on her right, but she in- variably scored off them, and they resorted to calling for cheers for Mr Lloyd George, Mr Chamberlain and other politicians varying the cries with the singing of "Oh Antonio," "Has ,anyone here seen Kelly," "God save the King," -etc. They got tired after a 'while, and Dr. Jones was ,abl,e to answer the questions put to' her from the other and quieter side. To ttie-e questions she gave fair replies. In reply to- one she said that if the Government would give a pledge to introduce a women's en- franchisement bill before the present Parlia- ment came to, an end her party would abandon at once their present attitude. Before women could obtain reforms in many oppressive laws they would have to be enfranchised. She did not want petticoat government, nor did she want trouser government, but she did want to see petticoats and trousers side by side, work- ing in thei cause of progress. The noisy crowd then resumed their sing- ing and shouting, and Dr. Jones brought her remarks to a close. At the invitation of one of her questioners she was given three cheers as making her way through the crowd. RAINFALL DURING JULY.—The rainfall at Llandudno during -he month of July was stated to' be 3.890 inches. AT LAST, HURRAH!—The Llandudno Works Committer have decided to consider at their October meeting the question of fixing the time when the painting work of the Council should be carried out. A COMPLAINT.—A letter was read from Messrs Evan :Haghes and Son, builders, with reference to the woodwork in connection with the new shelters, and expressing the opinion that this work might have been done in the to win. THE ADOPTION OF CLAREMONT ROAD. —At a. meeting of the Llamidudno Works Com- mittee a letter was received from Mr G. A. Humphreys requesting the adoption of Clare- mont' Road, from St. Mary's ROald to a point about 90 yards from the N.E. side of St. Mary's I Road. The Committee agreed to pass a re- ,solution declaring the part of the road re- ferred to to be a Public Highway as soon as the lamps' in the road have been fitted with incandescent burners and suitable lanterns, and certain asphal-bing work earned out to the satisfaction of the Surveyor. A letter was also read from; Mr G. A. Humphreys requesting the adoption of Back Vaughan Street (except the footpaths). It w.as decided to pass a re-solution declaring -this rdad a public highway, so far as that portion lying between the kerbs is concerned, as scion as the lamps in the said road are placed in proper position, and fitted with incandescent burners and suitable lan- terns. It was also resolved that in future all streets takm over by the Council must be pro- vided with gas lanterns, fitted with incan- descent 'burnars previous to such adoption. "I am very SOilTY to hear, Captain Salter, that your wife left you so unceremoniously." "My mistake, sir. I took her for a mate, and she proved to 'be a skipper." Bones (telling a istory)—"Well, the evening wore on-" Jones-"It did, eh? What did it wear?" Bones—"Well, if you must knew, I believe it was tihe close of a .summer day.