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PIER CONCERTS. T THIRTEENTH GRAND SPECIAL. Although this, was the thirteenth of the series otgramd concerts, and accVding to L popular superstition should have been un- lucky, it was quite the reverse, in fact the only ill-luck attending it v as that experienced b:¡. L late-comers, who were unalble to obtain a front seat. We have frequently written of the mag- L nificent orrchestra Mr A. W. Payne has under his command, an orchestra of musicians each member being a worker, in the real sense of the term, but the renditions on Saturday even- ing were particularly brilliant, and we have (never heard T'schaikowsky's Overture Sollenelle "1812" more finely played; it was great, and the audlience showed their appreciation in such preci loud and oontinuoas applause as to warrant Mr Payne repeating the latter portion. The ex- oellence of the orchestra was by no means -ra, confined to this .one particular piece, for1 throughout the evening there was a general de- sire to encore each item. MR. JOHN ROBERTS (Tenor). Mr John Roberts made his debut before a Pier Pavilion audience at Saturday evening's concert. He is a native of South Wales, Llanelly to b" exao.t, and was a member of the Bir'lt-h Choir which won the chief choral prize at the last National Eisteddfod, held at Llandudno. It is only, hov-fver, within the last two years that Mr J. Roberts has appeared on the concert platform as a !soloist, and judg- ing from the success which has crowned his efforts during his v eek's stay dn our midst, he bids fair to become a popular soloist on the leading concert platforms. For his Tendering of Adams' "Island of Dreams," he at once secured an encore, and in the second half Elrmenthal's "My Queen" was equally pleas- ing to the audience, who again demanded more; in fact, encotres have been. insisted upon at his every appearance that we have been present, proving beyond doubt that he has greatly pleased his audience, and in these days of few, really good tenors, his inclusion amongst the list of pier vocalists will be very acceptable. MADAME GLEEISON WHITE Madame 'Gleeson White ha previously been he.ard at the pier concert -otn many occasions, but we venture to think she has never given us a finer tre.it than on Saturday last. She excelled herself sin Weber's "Ocean, Thou Mighty Monster" (Oberon), and we cam well understand that her engagements for grand operas in the autumn. Needless to say, Madame White was encored, and again in the second half for her rendering of Hamilton Harty's "A Lullaby" and "At Sea." DURING THE, WEEK. Sunday evening's concert was made memorable frotm the fact that Mr John Roberts sang Tito Mattei's "Bianca" and Handel's Recit and Air, "Thanks to my brethren," "How Vain is Man." The orchestral items in- cluded Gounod's March, "La Reine de Saba." Mendelssohn's "Allegro Moderato from O-ctett, first time at these concerts, Wagner's Vorspiel, "Lohengrin," Beethoven's overture, "E'gmont" (Op 84), and a. harp solo by Mr Harold Jarvis, "Etude in G Flat," b- J. Thiomas, which came in for special appreciations of delight. < MISS MARIE HALL, MATINEE PERFORMANCE. Marrie Hall, who will appear at the Pier Pavilion on Thursday, August 26th, supported by a high-class. Concert Party, has just return- Pavilion on Thursday, August 26th, supported by a high-class. Concert Party, has just return- ed from a, prolonged tour of Canada, etc., and eveivwhere met with phenomenal success. The "Montreal Herald'" says:—"Yesterday Mari% Hal,l played in Montreal for the fifth time.' And there gathered! to hear her in His Majesty's, Theatre an audience the like of which as not assembled for any musical event in that build- ing since its erection. Long before the time scheduled for the opening of the concert, the, entrance was literally beseiged by an eager crowd, including everybody of prominence in Montreal society, all the leaders of the musical movement in this city. Every seat was oocupGed, and wherever therce was stand- ing room, those who could not get seats stood. And over all, from the old musiedaa of fifty years' experience to the me'e lover de- void of the slightest technical knowledge, Marie Hall ca,-t the subtle spell of her wonderful genius. Over that vast audience, after the first sweep icf. that magic bow. across the strings of her beloved Stirad avarius there spread like a mysterious mantle a tense silence that could almost be felt-a, silence so intense one caught one's self drawing bated breath." < SIGNOB. T1 AMI NT. The "fashionable" tenor vocalist paid a v:sit with his party to the Pier Pavilion on Monday afternoon last, and' gave a special matinee. There was a fair audience present, but if few in numlber they made up for a, much larger assembly by the warmth of their apprecia- tion. In addition to Signor Tamini the vocalists included Miss Hilda. de Angelis, soprano, and Miss Zelie Dels art, contralt o, and Mr Frank Mummery played' several pianoforte J items. Included in signer Tamind's soli were Leoncavello's "Vesta la Guibba" and Wagner's Lohengrin's "Farewell." He was encored on each occasion, and met with a flattering recep- tion. < FOURTEENTH GRAND SPECIAL,. For the fourteenth of the special series of concerts to-night (Saturday) the artistes in- clude Madame Kirby Lann, contralto, and Miss Laura Eivans-Williams, soprano. Both vocalists are well-known and extremely popular with Llandhdno audiences as elsewhere, and we venture to predict a packed house will be re- corded.

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