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Americans Unable to Resist the Attractions of Llandudno Llandudno, Friday.—Everyone knows, of course, that the faithful Aerican tourist does not consider a, visit to, the' British Isles com- plete without a short pilgrimage to Stratford- on-Avoto, -but I never found a place which so' arrested the attenton of the- American visitor as this' moist beautiful of North Wales watering places, Llandudno. Americans on holiday bent would seem only to be beginning to discover this place. They have been here in consider- able numbers this season. There is not a hotel in the place but has a considerable number among its visitors. And the strange thing is that while most of them came on just a flying visit, thev have thrown a considerable' portion of the remainder of their English tour to the winds, audi stopped, for days here, even for weeks beyond the period they originally intend- ed to stop. Perhaps there is little to. be won- dered at in that, for the natural beauties of the. place airei enchanting, and it is a most con- venient. centre to stop at for "doing" Wales and the Einglish lakes by automobile. Dr. Maurice L. Goocikin-d, of Chicago, with Mrs Goodkind and their family, came here on July 12th, just for a few days, and they are still here. "I have been in the country again and again," said the doctor in course of a chat in the loiunge of the Grand Hotel, where lie is stopping, 'but I never found such a, delightful place as this,. It is so bracing, and yet so well protected from; the, north and east winds, that I think it a, most healthy place. We had no intentions of stopping here more than a few days at the outside, and yet here we de- cid'ed td stop the most of the' time. But next week we must be moving. On our way to London we probably shall stop a day or two at Leamington Spa, and pay a brief visit to Shakespeare's country. Then IOn to. London, where I shall take a, look round some of the hospitals," 'The doctor could add but little, more. His little children were waiting for him to go for a climb on the Great Orme, on the top of which the Pierrots make merry for young and old. UNDECIDED HOW LONG TO STOP. In the Grand Hotel, too, I met Mr J. E. Scboenberg., of New York. He came at the beginning of this week, juson a flying visit. He is still here. For how long ? "I don't know," said Mr Schoenberg. "I have been in Europei for the past nine, months, ,but I am so charmed with this place I don't know how long I am going to stop now. Americans .don't know what North Wales is, or more of them would come You cam tell my countrymen so." Then there are Mr H. C. Van Slyke, M. H. 0. Bilggs; and Mr J. G. MacdonaLd, of New York, who came together on the 2nd of this month, and who. have just gone. Mr and Mrs E. Foster and their daughter, Miss Ellen, of Buffalo, N.Y., landed from the Mauretania, at Liverpool, and took Llandudno on their way south, just for a peep at North Wales "en passant," but they found the place and the surrounding scenery so captivating, that a week did not satisfy them. Mr and Mrs Sigismund Seisler, of Chicago, did likewise. Mr and Mrs H. Long, Of Boston, extended a pro- spective two-days' visit into a week. So did Mr A. F. Clash, of Pittsburg. A quartette of four young American women touring Europe to- gether, the Misses Jane M. 'Thomas, Elsie C. Powell, Mary R. James, and Alice C. Hine, of Scranton, Pa., have been passing a most em- joyable tme here, and have just left for the south.—From "New York Herald" August 16th,


Suffragists at Llandudno.