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LOCAL NEWS. SUNSHINE DURING JULY.—164 hours and 24 minutes bright sunshine were recorded at Llandudno during tihe month of July. ST. PAUL'S C'HUROH.—Next Sunday, at Matins, Messrs Walton Brothers (3) and Linda.ll will sing "God is a. Spirit" from "The Woman of Samaria," (Sterndale Bennett). The Vicar will preach. Service at 11 THE DESTRUCTO'R CHIMNEY.—At a meet- ing of the Llandudno Electricity Committee a letter was read from Mr J. E. Hallmark com- plaining of an alleged nuisance from the de- structor chimsney. The Clerk was instructed to reply to the, letter. VITAL monthly return of births and deaths has been presented, from, which it appeared that theoutlls and ceatihs per 1000 per annum of the population during the month of July were as follows:—Births, 26.3; deaths, 8.4. SUMMARY OF PAYMENTS—The Llan- dudno Finance Committee have sanctioned payment of accounts as follow: -General fund, £ 2516 4s. 4d.; water and gas fund, P,1699 9s. 2d.; electric light fund, £ 640 8s. 2d Total, £ 4856 Is. 8d. FIRE.—An outbreak of fire occuiTBd at No 6, Budafon Row on Saturday evening. ill-> lire brigade was called out, aura respondeu quickly to the call. The outbreak, however, was 01 but smail dimensions, being eonnneu to the window drapery, and was quickly ex- tinguished. SPECIAL POLICE COURT.—A Police Court was held on Wednesday morning, wnen Mary Marshall, a cook, was lined S. 6d. (witnout costs) by Mr J. Adey Wells for drunkenness. Mary was found by P.O. Orris iyang in one of the shelters on the Promenade at 4 o'clock in the mornriing. She was soaked to the skin, and in a miserable oo-uditi,on. ORGAN RECITAL AT ST. GEORGE'S HOTEiU—A very enjoyaoie organ recital was given at the Sit. George Hotel, oon Sunday afternoon, by Mr L. ki. b,uiiiihej:ileict;, oiganisi of St .Paul's Church, Craigydon. Tne ioliow- ing was the progran-ime,o-onata No. 1 in F (1st movement) Mendelssohn), Intetrmezzo (A. Macbeth), Barcarolle (S. Bennett), Canzone (A. Guilmout/i Noocturne in C Minor (L. Tschaikowsy), Wedding March (by special re- quest) (Mendelssohn). CHILDREN'S SERVICE MISSION.—The movement now known as th-e, Children's Special Service, Mission, of which tne Rev. uanon Stuart, ot Canterbury, is the president was started at Llandudno in August, JLttoti, ana the Mission is now working during the holi- days in fifty different towns Un snnaay and Monday the. Mission held biitnaay celebra- tions at Llandudno. On Monday afternoon sports were held., and a. lantern procession took place in the evening. the collections realised a substantial sum. AN UNUSUAL EXPERIENCE.-Twice dur- ing the three days' visit of the "Dairymaids" Company to the Prince's Theatre last week an alarm oi fire 'was [given while the piay was in progress, anr some thoughtless people on each occasion started to rush for the exits. The prumptappearancel of Mr Felix on the stage on Thursday night and. of Mir Maraden on Satur- day liignt to assure the at c.iience that theire was no danger, however, sufficed to stop the rush, and the, people returned to their seats. In a conversation with our representative, Mr Felix said he could clear the theatre in three minutes in ease of emergency. THE NEW FREE LIBRARY.-Th,& Archi- tects certificate for the payment of a further sum of £500 was presented at a meeting of the Library Building Cotmmirbtee, and the Clerk was instructed to forward the same to Mr Car- negie's Cashier, the sum not to be paid to the contractor without the sanction of the Chair- man of the Committee. The Clerk was direct- ed to request Mr Humphreys to report to the next meeting upon the progress of the work generally. It was resolved that Mr Carnegie be asked if he will perform the ceremony of opening the new building when completed. A NARROW ESCAPE.—As one of the cars of the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Light Railway Company was passing Lloyd's Bank on Mon- day evening filled with passengers going to the Grand Theatre, a child -of six or seven years of age dan-ted -across the road directly in front of it. With most commendalble promptitude the driver (Hiinch'liffe) put the brakes hard down and brought the car to a standstill with a jerk that considerably disconcerted the passengers. The car almost touched the child, who would undoubtedly have been seriously injured had not Hili-chliffe, acted in the manner he did. SUFFRAGIST MEETINGS ON THE BEACH. In spite of the prohibition of the Council, a party of members of the Women's National Social' and Political Union oomime,nc,e)d a series of meetings on the beach opposite the Marine Hotel on Tuesday afternoon. The principal speakers were Miss. Williamson, B.A., Victoria University, Manchester, and Dr. Jones, of Birmingham, a lady medical inspector of school children, who is a native of Conway. Among the members who are expected to take part in the meetings are Miss Beatrice Hrur- raden and Miss Mary Gawtho-rpe. The Coun- cil has, as yet, not interfered in any way with the meetings. SCENE AT A FAiSIHIONABLIE SALE- ROOM.—An exciting scene was witnessed at Mr Blaimmann's Saleroom the other evening. This establishment, known as the "Christie s of North Wales" was, as usual; attGiiclcd by a fajshjiotnable audience, and some spirited bid- ding was noticed from the outset, but the bidding for the piece de resistance, a pair of handsome vases, proved most exciting. Stairt- ing at a comparatively low figure, the bids rose five pounds at a time, until, ninety-two guineas was reached and finally knocked oown at that price to a gentleman, who was warmly congratulated (.n all haiiids on his bargain. LIFEBOAT .LIAUNiClH.On Monday the Llan- dudno. Lifeboat was laAtndhed in the presence of a crowd which must have numbered nearly twenty thousand. The early morning was wet, and very few made the usual excursions, and at 11-45 when the first signal was sent up a cmowd quickly gathered which extended; from the Pier entrance to the Imperial Hotel, and many hundreds watched operations from the Pier. It was nearly hdigh tqde at the hour selected for the launch, and the lifeboat quick- ly found her natural element. After rowing out a few hundred yards sails were unfurled, and the crew gave an interesting exhibition of lifesaving. A collection was taken among the crowd to supplement the annual collectaon at the hotels atnld boarding-houses in_ -aid of .<he funds of the National Lifeboat Institution. LOCAL CHARITIES.—The circular letter from the Charity GommissioIl, and draft scheme read at the last meeting of the Council with reference to the. Charities of Ap Roberts and Lewis Owen, also a copy of the scheme as settled by the Commissioners, together with a further letter asking to be furnished with a copv of <(ihe i esolution appefa-ting Trustees m pursuance of Clause 5 of the said, scheme, has been before the Llandudno Finance Committee. It was resolved that the following trustees be appointed representative trustees of the Charities of Ap Roberts and Lewis Owen, in .accordance with Clause 5 of; the scheme as settled by the Charity Commission, dated 20th July, 1900, namely:—James MeMastex, Chet- wynd, Great Orme's Road, Llandudno; Wil- liam Thomas, White House, Llandudno; Robert Roberts 50, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. MINIMAX FIRE DEMONSTRATION.—On th Council Field on Thursday afternoon Dr. Fitzgerald Arthur, of Minim-ax, Ltd., London, gave a most interesting address and a fire extinguishing demonstration before a -goodly concourse of spectators, including several councillors and officials A large of oases heavily coated: with tar and oilband hi^d with wood and Shavings was erected, this was a pit full of tar on which, al was freely thrown. When .a match was applied, at once arose a column of dense smoke and rasing flame which was almost terrifym- the ihelat caused the spectators to ibeait a rapid retreat. When the whole mass was one huge blaze Mr Winning seized a Mi^x, strack it on the ground, and flius broke the be-c- meticallv sealed acid tube. 4 iet was tihrqwn seme 30 to 40 feet on to. tb raging mass. Thei effect wais marvellous all sSi of fire was extinguished m about a minute." The fire was relighted:, and one of the spectators o,,ceT,af)edi with similar -fesult.s.. it is worthy of note that one of the Minimax used' was bOlToweld from the L,hmdud,no Cot- tage Hospital, which is fitted out with these machines. It was stated that flues had been extinguished Jov rrnei-ms of Minimax at Rhyl, Amlwch, Wrexham. Holywell, etc.

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