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The Troubles of a Blind Harpist.


The Troubles of a Blind Harpist. A VISITOR'S COMPLAINT. At the monthly meeting of Llandudno Coun- cil on Wednesday, Mr J. McMaster presiding, Councillors devoted considerable time to the question of what to do with the blind harpist who plays on the promenade. The Bye-laws Committee reported that a let- ter had been received complaining of his monotonous playing, and that the Inspectors had been "authorised to eo arrange the pitches that the harpist shall cause as little annoyance as possible to the residents and visiting public," Mr Chaiitrey asked that the letter be read. The Council having agreed, the Clerk read the following, 'signed by Mr H. E. Swain, a London visitor, staying at Lockyer's Hotel:- "Permit me very respectfully to call your attention to a nuisance. "There is a man on the sea front who makes a noise on the harp (he cannot play it), and he seems to keep tit up all day long. "Now, sir, I am convinced that if you were to stay in. this house for a few days you would think the perpetual tinkering as exasperating as we do. "This is my fourth visit to Llandudno, and I am now staying here with my family, but I give you my word that I folr one will never visit the town again unless I have information tnat the nuisance- has been stopped." Mr Chantrey said he was not at all surprised E' at the letter, but he was surprised at the re- commendation of the committee. A very serious complaint had been made by a visitor, and he knew what a nuisance he was to. people staying at his /house. He really f-elt too in- dignant at the recoimmendatiian. of the com- mittee to adequately express his feelings. They put up with a nuisance like, the harpist and refused to allow Miss G-awthorpe, to listen to whom was, a real pleasure, to hold a meeting on the beach. The Clerk produced a copy of the new arrangements .shewing that the harpist was to play on two days a week opposite Tygwyn N ewydd, two days opposite Lockyer's Hotel, and two days opposite the Imperial Hotel. Mr Chantrey: Yes, my house ds put down as a place wihere he will cause as little annoy- ance as possible. Why can he not be placed on the road to the Happy Valley. In reply to this it was stated that the Mostyn Estate would object. Mr Robt. Roberts said the suggestions were made with a view to irecTlrcing the nuisance by distributing the harpist's services. The com- mittee had thought -of sending him to Craigy- don. Mr Boine -suggested a stand opposite the Hippodrome where the sound of harp would be drowned by the music of the Tink band. Mr David Davies proposed that he be only allowed to play for half-an-hour on one pdtdh and then move a distance of a hundred yards. Also that he should /not occupy any pitch often than once a day Mr Hugh Edwards: He plays one piece which last three quiarters-of-on-bour. Mr T1. W. Griffith entered a plea on- behalf of the harpist, and said his playing must give pleasure to some one or he would not be sup- ported as he had been. Eventually it was decided that the harpist should be found a, pitch in the Happy Valley Road. e

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