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ST. JOHN'S ENGLISH VESLEYAN SALE OF WORK. The annual sale of work In connection ith the SL. John's English Wesievan L hurch, was held on Wednesday and 'hursday, March 17th and 18th, in the ] choolroom. The sale was opened on the y rst day by Mrs A. H. Hughes, Roches- J v \1 jr House. There was a large and repre- Dntal'ive gatherings, and the proceedings i.' ommenced with the singing oi hymn, ',0 Praise ye the Lord, its good to raise." ( 'he Rev. J. Raymond engaged in prayer. h Rev. T. E. Ham then in a short speechn rtroduced Mrs Hughes, remarking on the lt xoellent services rendered by Mr and Mrs 01 lughes and family to St. John's Church. t'oi Mr Hughes expressed her pleasure in < oing what she could to help the sale of 1S Tork. She called upon the friends to pur- hasei the goods on the stalls, and then be .eclared the sale open. I At this point Miss Marjorie Smith, '0 oungest daughter of Councillor T Smith, n iYesented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs it lughes. Mr James proposed and Mr A. Bellis I eoonded a vote of thanks to Mrs Hughes, m. zn vhicli was heartily accorded. Mr Hughes, in reply, acknowledged the ompliment paid; to Mrs Hughes in being ,skecl to open the sale, and referred to he long connection with and deep' interest Cl n St. John's Church which he and Mrs fa lughes enjoyed. Subsequently Rev. T. E'. Ham an- tounced that Mrs Hughes had kindly Q iven a donation of JB5 5s. also Mrs 01 3rookes, of Manchester, had sent a dona- ft ion of £ 3 3s. The Schoolroom and stalls were taste- n; ullv decorated, those responsible for this p: vork being: Messrs A. H. Hughes, — is lames, A. Bellis, —■ Dobinson, and J! •inoch Davies The officers and stallholders were as fol- h ows :—Resident minister, Rev. T. E. lam (St. John's House); treasurer, Mrs [wemlow (Mostyn Avenue) secretaries, VIrs Rowlands (Gwynfa); Mrs Eley (Den- bigh House). „■ Ladies Work Stall.—Mrs Ham, presi- t! lent, (St. John's House), Mrs J. Bellis,. it Urs Hjibbert, Misses Eaton, Mrs Thomas ti smith. r Fancy Stall.—Miss Helen Hughes, u Miss Fleming, Mrs J. D. Owen1 Mrs h Pate, Mrs A. J. Davis, Mrs Rowlands Gwynfa), Mrs Powell. b Riefreshment Stall.—Mrs Lawrence, n Miss Mudd, Mrs Goulding, Miss Dorothy e [lughes, Mrs James, Miss Savory, Mrs Pe-rguson, Miss Stella Gouldiing, Mrs t Hordingly. k; Z) Flower Stall.—Miss Smith, Miss Anita b Elughes, Mrs Shadbolt. s Young Mien's Stall.—Mr J. Smith, Mr |- 1. Rowlands. Mr E Bloomer^ Mr Phillips, t Mr O. Smith, Mr Luther Mudd, Mr h Shadbolt. e Toffee Stall.—.Miss Edmonds, Miss May Jooper, Miss Mnnie Roberts, Miss Hannah Dodd. 1 Bran Tubs.—>Miss Ida Eley, Miss Ethel i Pate. t Door-keeper, Mr Corclingly. | The following ladies had charge of the i ;>ea :—Mrs T. E. Ham, Mrs A. H Hughes, j Mrs A. Bellis, Mrs W. Eley, Mrs Pear- 1 son, Mrs Percy Owen, Mrs Hewitson, g Mrs Phillips, Mrs Timms; Mrs Kellet, Mrs Dobbinson, Mrs Griffith Roberts, v Mrs Evans, Misses A. Person, A. Evans, Eloman, and they were assisted by the fol- .owing gentlemen:—Messrs Percy Owen, J. Knight, W. Phillips, A. H. Bellis, ( Enoch Davies, R. Kellet, El. Davies. | The- tea, tables were decorated with plants and flowers, kindly lent by Messrs E. Davis and Sens, and Mr W. Phillips. 1 A considerable amount of interest was svinced in a Fancy Work Competition, conducted by Miss Fleming; Mrs Bevan v fGowerdale) and Mr's Raymond (Clyne 'J House) acted as judges. The first prize t zn c was awarded to Mrs Si. Bartley, Craig Firvn, Roumania Crescent, and the second t to "Mss Walters, Tirionfa, St. Mary's Road. The prizes were presented at 7 T p.m. on Wednesday bv Mr A,. H. Hughes, j On W-ednesday evening a, grand organ t recital was given in the chapel by Mr S. > L. Covenev, F.R.O.O., the following | being the programme—Grand Chceur Maestoso (R. Richardson), songs without words (Mendelssohn), Pavan (Oliver King), Andante in G (Batiste), Russian Patrol (Riubinstein); Scotch Scene (Pas- torale and Storm) (Clegg), selection from c Patiheti'e iSymphony (Tac-haikowsiky). Later a concert was given in the School- f room, the programme for which was:— Part sono, (a) "The Silent Land"; (b) < "Goodnight, thou glorious Sun," St. John's Quartette song, Miss Merchant; vocal duet, "The moon hath raised her r lamp above," Messrs F. Mudd and W. S. t Roose song, Miss Maud Woodcock; re- lr •i if.. T\ c cixaiion, ivir i^avit'h sung, JL liui ILI, iui W. S. Roose; vocal duet, Misses M. Woodcock and Merchant; song, "I'll sing thee Songs of Araby," Mr Fletcher Mudd part-song (a) "The Minstrel Boy" (b) "Fantasia on National Airs," St John's Quartette pianoforte duet, "Casse— Noisette Suite," Miss Irene Goulding and Mr S. Covenev. A second concert was given in the Schoolroom on Thursday evening, the fol- lowing being the programme:—Piano- forte duet, "Overture to Masaniello," M: ss Gladys James and Mr 8. Li. Coven; song, Miss Merle Goulding; song, "Heaven and Earth," Miss Ida E-ley; recitation (with musical accompaniment), "The Red Shoes," Miss Annie Pearson; humorous cantata, "The Waits of Bremen," St. John's Choir; song, Miss Irene Pearson; song, "The little Dutch Garden," Mr Luther Mudd song, Miss Rowlands; violin solo, Mr R. Kellett; vocal duet, "Sunset," Misses I. Eley and Merle Gouldinz.

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