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LOCAL NEWS. NATIONAL FIRE: BRIGADE, UNION. The Llandudno Bye-laws Committee have decided to invite the North Wales District of the National Fire Brigade Union to hold their annuail competition for 1909 at Llandudno. The annual competition for 1909 will take place on the 19th day of June next. NEWSBOY'S'' RAClEi.-On the Council Field on Wednesday the newsboys of the town raced a distance of nearly three miles for the possession of two medals and a "gentleman's case." The ivinners weria:- J. Foulkes (1), W. Foulkes (2), and T. Wynne (3). QUARRY LEASElS-.—The Clerk to the Llandudno Council has reported that the lease of the several quarries will expire in December, 1910, and) he asked for the Committee's instructions in the matter. It was decided to negotiate for a new lease of the quarries, and the, Clerk was instruct- ed accordingly. MR. TENNYSON SMITHS MIS- SIONS.—Mr Tennyson Smith returned to his home in Llandudno on Tuesday last (March 16th) for a few days' rest, having been absent on tour throughout the coun- try since the Christmas vacation. He has conducted missions in Manchester, Don- caster, Grimsby, Glossop, Sandown (Isle of Wight), Fakenham, Worthing and Cocker mouth, and the press reports state that he has had great success. Mr Tennyson Smith is to commence an eleven days' mis- sion. in Southend-on-Sea on Saturday next, March 20th. Extensive preparations for the Lecturer's visit have been going forward for some months past, and a, pro- cession of the, various Temperance Societies is to meet, him at the Railway Station. THE, COUNCIL AND THE LIBRARY GOM..MIT'T'E,E:A letter- was read from the Library and Newsroom Committee at a meeting of the Llandudno Finance Com- mittee accepting the Council's offer for the purchase of the books, et,c., at, the Library, subject to the Council paying any interest that has to be paid to the Bank until the final instalment is paid, the Council taking the furniture,, etc., in the Library and Reading Room, and the Library Committee selling the contents of the Recreation Room with the, exception of curios. The Committee could not see their way to recommend the Council to pay the interest as suggested, but to meet the Library Committee, would recommend that after realizing the contents of the Recreation Room, and before, paying over to the Council any surplus there may be, that a, sum equal to the amount payable for bank interest be deducted by the Library Committee from such surplus. In order to further assist the, Library Com- mittee, it was decided to recommend the Council ta pay the second instalment of JS50 in June next instead of March 1910, as previously decided. COMMERCE; AND EDUCATION.- At the Liberal Club on Thursday evening Mr Evan R. Davies addressed the mem- bers on "Commerce and Education," Alderman John Owen, Avail on, presiding. Concluding a most practical discourse, Mr Davies said the predominant factor in England at the present time was that men shirked because they were not taught to work in the schools, and emphasised that education authorities could not, move in advance, of public opinion. If the authorities were to do good and noble work they would have to be inspired by the attitude of the electors.—Mr Ralph Fisher, C.C. proposing a vote of thanks, referred to the, lack of provision for tech- nical education in this district, and said that the employment of children as golf caddies was to be deprecated, for nothing could more unsettle them for their future life.N,lr John Roberts, Bryn Oelyn, seconded the, vote, and said that the existing secondary schoois were, not what thev ought to be. The education given there was not the most suitable for the future of the scholars, in addition to which it was too expensive for the work- ing classes.—Alderman Riobt. Roberts also spoke, and Mr Davies briefly replied. ST GEORGE'S LITERARY SOCIETY. -At the meeting on Thursday night, Mr Cheetham opened a discussion on Co- operation. He confined himself practical- ly to the operations and utility of co- operative societies, the origin and growth of which he gave an outline', and stated,' they wene now carried on in such a way as to be able to return to the, members an average sum of 2s. 3d. in the £ on the amount of their purchases. In dealing with the benefits conferred by such Societies, Mr Cheetham claimed that they encouraged thrift; and, indirectly, com- pelled the members to save, inasmuch as they purchased the same article at the- same price as it was sold elsewhere, while at the same filme they saved 2s. 3d. in the 2. In these circumstances he claimed that a Co-operative Society was under no in- ducement to sell an inferior or adulterated article. Another benefit he claimed was that their mode of doing business exclud- ed the credit system. He also pointed out that the SiocieTtlies were alble to build! houses and let or sell them to members on easy terms and, finally, that they were now spending about £150,000 per annum on education and other things for the welfare of the members and their families. A keen discussion followed, the majority of the speakers agreeing as to the theoretical value of co-operation, but differing from Mr Cheetham in several of his c,onclusions.-On Thursday next the Society give up their meeting in favour of the Church Defence Association (of which Mr Nathan Jones is the secretary), and the Rev. LI. R. Hughes (rector) will deliver a lecture on Church History dur- ing the post, Reformation and modern times, illustrated by lantern views. All are invitedi-,Ot Thursday, the first, proximo, the Society will hold its annual general meeting, which it, is hoped all the members will attend to appoint the com- mittee and officers for the 1909-19101 ses- sion. I STREET SWEEPINGS.—The Clerk to I the Llandudno Urban Council submitted a list of names supplied to him by the Surveyor, of persons who had been found sweeping shop, etc., refuse into the streets, and stated that he had written to the offenders. ACCIDENT .W Ei are sorry to learn that a grandson of Mrs Shepherd, Red- elyffe House, Church Walks, Llandudno, has met with a, serious accident in Sheffield, and now lies in Sheffield In- firmary. He is well-known at Llandudno, and his friends in this district will unite in wishing him a speedy recovery. SUMMARY OF PAYMENTIS,—The Llandudno Finance Committee have pass- ed accounts as appended: -Geneiral fund, £ 3811 13s. lOd.; Welsh Writing Slate Mill account, £ 4 lis. 9d. water and gas fund, £ 3599 7s. 9d.; electric lighting- fund, L1834 17s.; total, £ 9250 10s. 4d. NO REDUCTION.—The Bye-laws Committee had under consideration a, let- ter received from the Secretary to the Llandudno Motor and Garage Company, suggested a reduction of the toll of 4s. O charged on Motor Char-a-bancs using the Marine Drive. It was resolved that the Committee regret, that they cannot recom- mend the Council to make any reduction in the toll a, present. THE; ISOLATION HOSPITAL PRO- POSED NEW RULE,Si.—The Clerk, as requested, presented a report to the Llan- duidno Health Committee on the question of appointment of Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, and suggesting a revision of the existing Hospital Rules after con- 0 p sultation with the laclaJl Medical Practi- tioners. The report was referred to the Chairman of the Committee and Mr J. J. Marks for consideration and report, and with authority to consult the local Medical Practitioners on the question of the improvement of the Hospital as well as in relation to proposed new rules. FOOTPATH WANTED.—The Llan- dudno Works Committee have inspected Market Street, and witnessed a practical demonstration of the passing of two carts at the Mostyn Street entrance to the street. The Committee were of opinion that the street is sufficiently wide to per- mit of a small footpath on the "Criterion" side of the street, and they decided to re- commend the Council to instruct, the Sur- veyor to construct such a footpath so as to leave the street of an uniform width of 12ft. 9 inches. The Committee next visited Knowles Road, and decided to ask the abutting owners to put the carriage way in order, and also to ask the County Council to take steps to asphalte the foot- path adjoining the south-east side of the Council School. PROSPECTUS OF THEI LIBERAL CLUB.—A copy of the prospectus of "The Llandudno Liberal Club, Buildings Co., Ltd., has been filed with the Registrar of Joint, Stock Companies. The com- pany is authorised to raise £ 1500 capital, divided into 1500 shares of £1 each. But they only propose to issue EIOOO in £1 shares at present. The directors are Messrs Henry Woodall, Ralph Fisher, Henry Hughes, Arthur John Peacock, Robert Roberts, J.P., J. O. Thomas, J.P., D. W. Thomas, Win. Thomas, and Robert Tonge. Messrs Marks and Marks are the solicitors, and Mir James Jones Marks, secretary. The directcyr intend to let the, premises either as a, whole to the Liberal Club or to the club, and other tenants as may be hereafter determined on, and they believe that the rental which is likely to be received for the premises is such that after putting aside a, proper sum for reserve there willbe a profit suffi- cient to pay a dividend of five per cent. DEATH OF MRS. ROBERT TOWLER,—The death took place on Thursday evening", March 11th, at her residence, Gloddaeth Crescent, of Mrs esi I Towler, wife of our respected townsman, Mr Robert Towler. Mr and Mrs Towleir came to reside at, Llandudno about twelve years ago from Great Yarmouth, and dur- ing that time have been active members I of Z, the English Baptist Church. Until her illness commenced, about four years ago, Mrs Towler was a most, regular at- tendance at the services, and worked hard for the cause. She was in her fifty-third year, and much sympathy is felt with the bereaved husband and family, of whom the two sons are artificers in the Royal Navy. Thefuneral took place on Tuesday, a short service being conducted in the Eng- lish Baptist Chapel prior to the remains being taken to Llanrhos for interment. The officiating minister was the Rev. J. Raymond, pastor of the church. 1 ST. PAUL'S LITERARY SOCIETY: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING .—On Monday last the annual genera! meeting of this Society wa.s held in St. Paul's Church House, under the presidency of Mr A. G. Pugh, the retir,ing chairman. The attendance was smaller than might have been desired, being aJleded possibly by the coldness of the evening. Mr Eidminson, the hon. treasurer, presented the statement of accounts, which showed a very satisfactory balance, larger by thirty per cent than that of last, year though the actual turnover has decreased. The sum of P,10 was voted to the Church- wardens for the use of the Church House. The special lectures were mainly respon- sible for the largeness of the balance,, but though that is so, the, feeling appears to prevail that it, will be welil to drop them for a year and resume the series later, if the demand recurs. The following: officers and committee were elected for the next session:—President, the Rev. J. F. Reece, B.A., vicar of Llanrhos; vice- president, Mr EI. E Bone hon. treasurer, Mr L. HI. Edminson, M.A. hon. secre- tary, Mr C. J. Montgomery, M.A. com- mittee, Miss Currie, M!ss King, Mrs Wil- liams, Mr J. J. Marks, and Mr J. McIntosh. The new committee was re- commended to consider the, possibility of securing greater comfort, in the place of meeting. The meeting closed with the usual votes of thanks to retiring, officers and others. I MAY-DAY HOLIDAY.—At a meeting of the Llandudno Grocers and Fruiterers' Association, held on Tuesday last, it was decided to comply with the request of the May-Day Committee, and have the weekly- half-holiday on Tuesday, May 4th (May Day) instead of on the Wednesday. LOCAL WEDDING.—The wedding took place at Llanrhos Church on Thurs- day of Mr John Mcintosh, of Lilian Grove, Mostyn Avenue, Llandudno, with Mrs Bertha Smethwick, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. J. F. Reece, the Vicar of the Parish. Later, Mr and Mrs Mcintosh proceeded to London en route for Brighton. MARKET RENTS AND TOLLS,—The Cbllector of market rents and tolls has reported that during February (including 9 zn four Saturdays), the following sums had been received by him, naniely :-R.ents, 913 14s. 6d.; tolls, 24 4s.; total, 217 19s. 4d. During February, 1908 (includ- ing five Saturdays), the, amount received was 217 19s. 4d. VITAL STATISTICS,—The return of births and deaths during the month of February has been presented by the Medical Officer of Health, from which it appeared that the births and deaths dur- ing the months were at the following rates, namely:—Births, 18.8 per 1,000 per annum of the population; deaths, 3.2 per 1,000 per annum of the population. REHOBOTH LITERARY SOCIETY. -There wa,s an extremely good attendance at the weekly meeting of Rehob-oth Literary Society on Monday evening, pre- sided over by Mr W. S. Williams. Two papers were read, each dealing with one of the women characters of the Bible, i.e., "Esther," by Miss Lizzie Ann Jones, 37, Jubilee Street, and "Ruth," by Miss Ellen Griffith, Bryn Eiglwys. THE MODEL YACHT PO,ND.-The Surveyor asked the Llandudno Works Committee, for instructions with regard to the cleaning out of the Model Yacht Pond before Easter. It was decided to ask the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to have the work done, and at the same time to ask them to consider the, advisability of put- ting asphalte round the pond. Z) PAINTING.—At a meeting of the Llandudno Works Committee a list, of painting work required to. be done before the season was submitted by the, Surveyor, and the Committee instructed him to in- vite tenders for the work, excepting the tube and dwarf railings on the Promenade and the seats, which the Committee de- cided should be done by the Oouncil's own workmen. MINISTERIAL C,ALL,We under- stand that the members of Rehoboth Cal- vinistic Methodist Church have decided to invite the Rev. H. C. Lewis, B.A., B.D., of Beaumaris, to accept the charge of the church, the pastorate of which has been vacant for some months. Mr Lewis is one of the most brilliant of the younger preachers of the denomination, and was a student of Bala, College previous to tak- ing charge, of the Church ait, Beaumaris. b WHIST! DRIVE!.—A whist drive was held at the Liberal Club on Wednesday evening, when there was another large attendance. The prizes were awarded to the following: -L)adies: 1, Mrs Brockle- hurst; consolation, Miss E. Williams. Gentlemen: 1, Mr T. W. Jones, The Loung e; consolation, Mr EL Johnson, Tan'ral'lt. Refreshments were provided by the members of the Women's Liberal Asso- ciation. POLlCiE: CHANGES.- -We understand that P.O. Williams (58) who has been stationed at Llandudno for about nine years has been promoted to take charge of the Deganwy districrt, in place of P.O. Roberts (raised! to the rank of Sergeant and transferred to Carnarvon). P.O. Wil- liams during his stay at Llandudno has earned the respect of all with whom he came in contact. He is a, chess player of no mean ability, and will be missed from local chess circles. LOCAL BILLIARD1 MATCH.—A match took place at the Llandudno Liberal Club' on Friday evening1 between representatives of that institution and those of the Conway Liberal Club. The results was as follows:—Conway A. L. Evans, 100; George Owen, 64; Ted Evans, 100; T. J. Hughes, 100; W. E. Price, 100; Ei. G. Jones, 48; total, 512. Llandudno: Wm. Thomas, 56; W. Dowell, 100; A. J. Peacock, 73; L. Husband, 99; W. A. Williams, 41; W. Thomas, 100; total, 469. GOLF' MATCH.—On the, Great Orme Links on Saturday the return match was played between Mr A. Conolly's team of the North Wales Golf Club, and Mr J. E, Hallmark's team of the Great Orme Club, the match resulting in a win for the Great Orme men by seven games to two. The winners for the Orme Club were H. Parker, EL Turner, H. Berry, C. Dunphy, T. W. Jones, H. Short, J. Ei. Hallmark. Messrs Blackwell and Reynold won their games for the North Wales Club. At the previous match played on the West Shore Links Mr Conolly's team won by six games to three, so that the nett result of both matches is: _.J. El. Hall- mark's team, 10 games; A. Conolly's 8. PROPERTY SiALE:On Friday even- ing, at the Marine Hotel, Mr T. W. Griffith offered for sale the leasehold pro- perty known as "West End Villa," situated in Church Wialks, and 'belonging' to the estate of the (late Mrs J. L. Roberts. Bidding started at R500, and rose rapidly to J3950, at which sum it was withdrawn, but we understand that the property has since been sold to the Misses Marston, of The, Ivies. The second lot, "Herschel House," situated in North Parade, was withdrawn. The outbuildings and stables in Back Madoc Street were sold to Mr William Hill, Deganwy Street. The piece of land and outbuildings in Cwlach Street were bought by Mrs Rowlands, of Bod- nant. Messrs Chamberlain and Johnson were the solicitors for the vendor. | SUNSHINE R,EiCORD.-The total I number of hours of bright sunshine record- ed at Llandudno for week ending March 14th was 17 hours 18 minutes. The rain- fall during the same period was 0.080 inches. INCANDESCENT BURNERS WANT- ED.—An application was received from residents in Maelgwyn Road, asking the Llandudno Gas Committee to substitute Incandescenet Burners in the, place of the ordinary flat burners in the street lamps. It was decided to comply with the request by fixing! single Incandescent Burners. MAKE OF G A S.—The total make of gas this year to February 2,7th was 76,204,000 cubic feet, an inclrease of 702,000. The quantity made from January 30th to February 27th was 5,633;000? an increase of 458,000 feet as compared with the corresponding period of la,st year. ELECTRICITY GENERATED .—The total number of units generated this year to March 3rd was 1,125,575, an increase of 429,089; the number of units made from February 4th to March 3rd was 82,245, an increase of 11,680 as compared with a similar period last year. COAL TENDERS.—The Surveyor sub- mitted to the Llandudno Finance Com- mittee the following quotations for coal for use at the Town Hall, namely:-H. Hughes, Staffordshire coal, 219 9s. per ton; J. T. Roberts and Co., cogshead cobbles, 2,2s. 6d.; ditto nuts, 20s. 3d.; Wi-gan Coal and Iron Co., Alexandra Arley Mine coal, 22s. 9d.; ditto cobbles, 22s. 6d.; ditto King coal, 21s. 6d.; R. D. Owen and Sons, best round coal, 22s. 9d.; O. Hodson, Atherton chanters cobibiles, 22s.; ditto pickings, 19s. It was decided that the tender of Mr H. Hughes be accepted.


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