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I ALTERATIONS AT THE IMPERIAL HOTEL. THE HOTEL AS IT APPEARS TO-DAY. It is pleasing to note that the Pro- prietors of the Imperial Hotel are not satisfied to entirely rely upon the excel- lent reputation enjoyed in the past, but periodically make such improvements and extensions to maintain that ever-increasing high standard of comfort now considered requisite by those who. visit and reside in the luxurious hotel. The Imperial has always been recognised as one one of the first-class hotels of Wales, but with its latest equipment for the comfort and cionvenience of its guests, it, need not fear comparison with hotels in any part of the kingdom. 'The extensive alterations are now completed, and as will be seen from our illustrations materially add to the external appearance, of the hotel. The new portion, designed with considerable breadth of treatment in a similar styles to the older part, combine with the la-tter to afford one of the, most imposing facades in the town. The new addition, which necessitated raising the central portion facing Vaughan Street two, stories, was a, WOrK involving, considerable structural diffi- culties, as it was desired to retain the old roof to' protect, rooms below until new one was put on; this was done with complete success and the rooms below1 were in use and received practically no damage from weather, etc. during the, progress of the work; furthermore owing to its height from the ground, and exposed situation, the extensive scaffolding had to be built with especial care, and well braced, and the necessary building material used had to be all taken up at the back of the hotel, provision for this being made by the erec- tion of a two tiered platform over the large service room at the back, and it says much for the way this important part of the work was done, that no accident occurred during the whole of the job. The chief alteration comprises the addi- I tion of ten new bedrooms, the improve- ment of as many, on floor below, whose ceilings were formerly cut into and dwarfed -bly old roof; all these are lighted by large double windows, and entered from a well-lighted spacious central cor- ridor running the whole length of build- ing. This corridor also runs through to the upper bedrooms of the Bodafon Row Wing formerly approached by means of a narrow staircase, and connects the whole of the upper floor on one level. No. 3. New Bathrooms are provided, and these, together with other sanitary arrangements, a.re fitted in the most modern style. In the roof large storerooms are situated, well lighted and ventilated. An inconvenient staircase which was formerly situated in the main corridor and restricted and darkened it, has been taken down, and the main staircase has been continued up in recessed stairwell, lighted with double windows glazed in ornamental lead lights. An important addition, and one the Management 'have long felt the want of, was the provison of a convenient luggage entrance; formerly the luggage had to be taken through the main entrance in Vaughan Street or through that on the Promenade and across lounge to passenger lift. The new luggage approach is near the main entrance, is situated in the base- ment and is approached from the pave- ment by a sloping; run, which gives direct access to, the new luggage lift. The electric lift is of the full automatic, press buttontype. It has been erected by Messrs Way good, Ltd., of Falmouth Road, Lon- don, to the specification and under the supervision of Messrs Crews and Hand- ford, consulting enginers, Blackfriars, Manchester. The Lift is constructed to raise a load of 12 ewt. at a speed of 100 ft. per minute, and isfitt,ed with the Waygood automatic electric, control operated by buttons in the cage and on the various landings, and so arranged that any person entering the cage can start the lift by pressing a button and the lift will stop at tke floor at which the passenger wishes to alight, without any other action on their part. When the cage arrives at the floor it releases the door on the landing, which cannot be opened until the cage reaches there. Special locks are also provided, so that it is impossible to start the lift again until all the doors are properly shut and fastened. With this arrangement provision is made against almost any pos- sible cause of accident by persons open- ing the doors and falling down the lift well, oa" starting the lift and leaving the doors un the landings open. Similar lifts have been installed in Buckingham Palace for the use of H.M. King Edward VII. and at Marlborough House for his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The introduction of the lift has involved the formation of a, brick shaft six stories high, and the lessening of several bedrooms, some of which have now been converted ,into Bathrooms, etc. Altogether the aim of the Proprietors, which we think has been successfully achieved, has been not so much to in- crease the accommodation, as to improve that existing, and bringing it up to the most modern requirements in order that they may deserve and retain the large and increasing number of their patrons. zn The work was carried out from the de- signs and specifications and under the supervision of Mr Arthur Hewitt, Archi- tect, LJandudno, by the following Con- tractors -,General builder's work, Mr Henry Hughes, Llandudno; painting and decorating, Mr Glriffith Roberts, Llan- dudno electric wiring, Mr H. W. Lance; electric lift, Messrs Waygood and Co., Ltd., London. ,I THE NEW SECTION.


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