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LLANDUDNO CHURCH SCHOOLS. THE MANAGERS AND THE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. A I )T SCI? ED IT A1 > I. K DISPUTE. A meeting of the Managers of the Non- Provided Schools in the parish of Llan- dudno was held in the Ohurclh House, 'Trinity Street, on Friday evening. The Riev. LI. R. Hughes presided, the follow- ing being present: — Hon. Mrs Henry Mostyn, Miss Buckley, Mr R. Conway, Mr Nathan Jones, Mr W. Ellis Jones (foundation managers), Mr R. Fisher, and Mr W. H. Jones, representative managers), Mr J. EL Hornsby, and Miss Bamford (St. George's School), Mir J. H. Stevens (Bodafon School), and Mrs Royle (St. Beuno School), the Rev. W. El. Jones (correspondent). THE: HEATING OF BODAFON. A very unsatisfactory state of affairs was brought to light, as to the heating of Bodafon Schools. Throughout the winter the Managers and the County Education Authority have been at loggerheads as to who is responsible for the renewal of the stoves used for "heating" the schools. The stoves are quite useless for their supposed purpose, and the children have at times to pursue their studies in a temperature of below 40 degrees. This in itself is a great hardship, but it should also be remem- bered that, many of the children have long distances to walk to school and are com- pelled by law to do so whatever the state of the weather. The dispute simply amounts to whether the condition of the stoves can be in- cluded under "fair wear and tear." If so the County are riersponsiblel if not then the foundation managers. It should be stated that the buildings are also used for Church services. To endeavour to settle the dispute the correspondent wriolte, to the Board of Edu- cation on the 19th January, and in due course received a reply from Mr Alfred Davies stating that the repair "rests in the first, instance with the managers ,as part of their duty in providing the school house and keeping it in repair (Section 7 (1) (d) of the Education Act 1902). The obligation is, however, subject, to the proviso .in the sub-section as to the damage due to fair wear and tear." When the letter was read to the managers search was made for the sub- section, but without result. The Riector said that in Lancashire an arrangement had been made between managers and the County Authority whereby the managers paid a certain pro- portion of the cost of such things when the schools were used for dual purposes. He did not, however, think that writing letters would be muich good. A con- ference with the Committee might, how- ever, settle the matter. Mr Fisher: Can't we in the meantime do something to keep the children warm? The Rector: It is not beyond our powers, but to do so would be an admis- sion of principle. Mr Fisher: I don't like the idea, of the children starving. The stoves would only cost between £ 3 and JB4. Cbuldl we not let the children earn their own stoves. The Riector: The managers could do it "without prejudice." Could you not per- suade the L.E.A. to come half-way to meet us 1 Mr Fisher: Youi plead privilege, and they plead privilege. The Riector: It is not. a crediti to us on either side. Mr Stevens, the headmaster, said the temperature of the schools was frequently down to 40 ,and seldom over 50. At times, when an attempt was made to warm the place they were choked with smoke. Mr Conway The L.EI. A. is responsible for wear and tear. Mr Stevens: The children and our- selves are simply starved there. The Riector The schools were handed over by us and certified as satisfactory after Lady Augusta, Mostyn had spent a large sum of money on them. It, is not beyond the resources of the managers to provide new stoves. But 'We do not know where such demands will end. Mr Fisher then formally proposed that the children give a. concert to provide the stoves. Mr Elllis Jones, considering that, the matter was urgent, and in the absence of a better understanding1 as to wear and tear, seconded, and) the motion was agreed to subject to Lady Augusta Miostyn's con- sent being obtained to use, the building for the purpose. A second resolution, proposed by Mr Conway, and seconded by Mr Fisher, was also agreed to, whereby the correspondent was instructed to 'endeavour to arrange an interview between the managers and a de- putation from the L.El.A., d,ue to visit Llandudno shortly. THE WOODWORK ClLASSEiS. Mr Fisher said he learnt that no boys from Bodafon had taken advantage of the woodwork classes at the County School, and suggested that a class be formed and that the County Authority be asked to pay their tram fares. This was unanimously agreed to on the motion of Mr Nathan Jones, seconded by Miss Buckley. RESIGNATION OF A TEACHER. The Chairman said that Mr Williams was teacher at Bodafon School, was read, and in reply to the chairman, Mr Stevens, that Williams had been appointed to a school at his own home at a salary of £ 55— £ 25 more than he was receiving now. The Chairman said that Mr Williams leaving simply because his salary at Bod- afon was inadequate. Hie was a young man of superior qualifications to the ordinary teachers, and it was simply absurd to expect him to live on £ 30 a year. Mr Fisher: If we were to increase the salaries of all the deserving1 teachers in the County the situation would be a very Selliious one. The committee think that £ 30 a year is a sufficient salary for the post at Bodafon. Mr Conway complained of the inequality of treatment between provided and non- provided schools. Mr Fisher denied the correctness of that, and maintained that teachers in all schools were on an equality. As regards Bodafon he said the school had not been treated at ail1! badly. When the, Education Committee became responsible for the school the salaries paid amounted to E253 per annum. At the present time the County paid £100 more, so he did think there was much room for complaint, especially in view of the fact that there was no increase in the average attendance. The Rector pointed out that, the cost of living at Llandudno* was higher than else- where, and said thaiti whereas P,30, might be ample, for a youag, teacher in his own home he could not live; on the same amount when away. Mr Fisher then brought, to the notice of the Managers a teacher at Dyffryn Road School, Miss Netherwood, whose home is at Llandudno Junction, and who the Education Committee could transfer to Bodafon. After some further discussion, it was decided that the headmaster ask for the services of Miss Netherwood temporarily, and that the correspondent inform them of the vacancy and ask that a new teacher hea,ppoliint,ed without delay. There Was no other business of public interest, beyond a statement made by Mrs Boyle that since she ha,d been at St. Beuno the average attendance had in- creased from 45 to, 61.




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