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LOOKING BACKWARDS. I LLANDUDNO NEARLY QUARTER OF A CENTURY AGO. Under the above title we purpose giving weekly in the "Advertiser" extracts from our files of a quarter of a century ago, relating to interesting local events which many ¡ our readers will recall, and these will not be without interest to the younger generation who will know many of thos-d who took an active part, in the various events dealt with. SUCCESS OF A YOUNG ARTIST. In the Antwerp Academy of Arts, out of the 500 students who entered in the competition for the special prize of the in- stitute, Mr Berenger Benger, son of Mr W. E. Benger, Craigydon Terrace, Llan- dudno, has been selected one of the 20 who are eligible to finally try for the honour. Mr B. Benger, who is 18 years of age, has only been in the Antwerp Institution four months. Some time ago he exhibited a picture in the London Water Colour In- stitute of Pa inters, he at the time being probably the youngest exhibitor.—Jan. 8th, 1887. FREEMASONRY AT LLANDUDNO. On Wednesday, at the Masonic Hall, Llandudno, the St. David's Lodge of Mark Master Masons held their annual festival—there being present the Rev. R. W. Bro. Major Hunter, P.G.M. North Wales, and W. Biro. Gordon Warren, D.P.G.M,when W. Bro. R. Chamber- lain P.G. Treasurer, was installed W.M. for the ensuing year, and appointed his officers as follows:—Bro. T. Davies, I.P.M.; D. Wynn Williams, SI.W. R. H. Pritchard, J.W. B. Cameron, M.O.; S. Hargreaves, S.O. J Burton, registrai, of marks Davies, D. of O. T. B. Far- rington, I.G., and Vincent, tyler. Im-i mediately after, the Lodge of St. Tudno, 755, held their annual meeting. The R.W., Bro. Colonel G. S. Tudor, P.G.M., Staf- fordshire, W.M. Among those present, at both meetings were the above., and the following brethren: -E' Turner, G. L. Woodley, W. L. Banks, J. Cutts. Sarson, I. H. Harrison, John Pritchard (St. David, 384), and others. Subsequently, a united banquet took place at the Im- perial Hotel when Bro. Chantrey, as usual, supplied a choice menu.—Jan. 8th, 1887. LLANDUDNO AND THE, JUBILEE QUESTION. A meeting of the Commissioners was held on Thursday, the 6th instant. Present: Messrs Ridge, R. D. Owen, J. Jones (91), B. Williams, G. H. Pugh, S. Bartley, W. Evans, J. Jones (4), H. Edwards, W. Bevan, A. Roberts, Ellias Jones, G. L. Woodley. Mr Ridge pro- .posed and Mr B. Williams seconded, that Mr W. Bevan should take the chair. Carried. A letter was read from H.R.H. the Prince of Wales inviting the chairman I zn (Mr Ridge) to a meeting at St. James' Palace, on Wednesday, 12th inst., in con- nection with the Queen's Jubilee and pro- posed Imperial Institute. Mover by Mr Jones (91), seconded by Mr William Evans That, the Chairman be requested to accept the invitation, his expenses to be voted by the Board.—Car- ried. A committee was then appointed to con- sider in what form we can best celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in Llandudno. Sug. gestions respectfully invited from any source. The commmittee consists of the following gentlemen, viz. :—Messrs J. Ridge, W. Bevan, Wiliiam Evans, Elias Jones, J. Jones (91), and G. H. Pugh (Commissioners), Lord Mostyn, Dr Nicol, T. Baker, J. Heywood, and Dr. Thomas. The committee to meet, after the Chair- man's return from London.—Jan. 8th, 1887. "ADVERTISER," JUBILEE COMPETITION. The "Advertiser" inaugurated a com- petition offering prizes for suggestions as to the, best scheme in commemoration at Llandudno of the Queen's Jubilee. The votes were counted by the late Dr. H. Thomas, Llandudno Hydro, and the late Mr Elias Jones, J.P. Among the sug- gestions sent in were the following: No. 1. The construction of a drive, the same to commence from the Penmorfa entlrance to the Marine Drive, extending along Conway Bay Foreshore, skirting the war- ren as far as Deganwy Point, then taking an easterly direction over railroad and joining Deganwy-road; seats to be pro- vided at intervals of 300 yards, construc- tion of a drinking fountain and trough at half-way, on which would be placed the following I:iiscription: -"This fountain and drives were constructed to com- memorate the Queen Victoria's Jubilee, 1887." 4fo No. 2. To erect a permanent structure on the Promenade, opposite each terrace, the same to be constructed on iron pillars, with suitable roof, and formed in an elega.nt and ornamental style, fitted with gas, which would he utilized. (a) As a shelter to, visitors from sun, wind, and rain. (b) To be used as band stand. The same to be designated: -"Victoria Ren- dezvous, erected to commemorate Her Majesty's Jubilee, 1887." JUBILANT. No.. 3, I beg to propose, as a permanent, work to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee in Ltlandudno, that a bye-law be passed for- bidding Llandudno, horses toO be worked on the Sabbath Day, for pleasure; also ;tha,t, they shall not remain (on the Sabbath Day) for hours on the places appointed for carriages and horses to stand, waiting to bel hired; that they be kept in their stables, and when required for necessary purposes that orders be taken to their ostlers for their 'hire. ANTI-CRUELTY. No. 4. the freehold of the "Happy Valley" for the town. Lay out the ground ornamentally, to include cascades, com- mencing at the skirti of Wyddfyd Farm; a drinking fountain, upon which shall be inscribed —"In commemoration of Queen Victoria's Jubilee, 1887." The ground to be lit with gas. Reserving the third part of the "Valley," as at present, for pro- menading and for entertaining purposes, where also a band orchestra should be placed. No. 5. II.—Construct a carriage road to con- nect St. Tudno's Churchyard with the Marine Drive. No. 6. III.—Free the Newsroom and Library of debt; add to its attractions—(1) by forming classes for the diffusion of know- ledge, etc. (2) Revise the rules so as to allow the masters and mistresses of the several educational institutions in the town to be ex-officio members of the com- mittee. (3) A house to house canvass for funds to carry out the foregoing pro- posals should be undertaken. GOSCHEN. No. 7. A satirical song descriptive of the scenes which have taken place on the Board of Cbmmissioners during the last ten years—adjudicators, Mr R. M. Pres- ton, solicitor, and Mr J. M. Young, re- cently of Llandudno. 01 No. 8. That steps be taken to form Llandudno into a municipal town, by which it should have a mayor, aldermen, and councillors, with a, separate commission of the peace, which would give the transaction of magis- terial business to men nominated by the council and sanctioned by the Lord Chan- cellor. Also—which is hardly possible- that Llandudno should have a, separate county court, or more frequent and longer sittings than now, to prevent the present "law's delays" and the dragging on of legal suits for months, if not, for years. LEiX. » No. 9. That Lord Mostyn should be petitioned) to give to the town, as a jubilee present, the field now rented by the Commission- ers at the bottom part of the town, beyond St. Tudno's Hotel, or the, land on the other side of the road, and that the same should be converted into, a magnificent park, with the usual adjuncts of lakes, grottoes, hermitages, fountains, etc., as well as places to carry on such games as cricket, football, lawn tennis, and that II trees should be planted profusely so as to do away with the complaint that Llan- dudno is dull from want of wood and foliage. That there should be erected in the park several arbours as well as a large hall wherein visitors and others could assemble and enjoy good music and other kinds of instructive and pleasant entertainments. The place should be adapted wilt h a special view of attracting winter visitors. The scheme to include the present pool at Old Brickfield, to con- vert the same into an artificial lake, where islands could be formed, boating indulged, and water fowls, such as swans, fancy ducks, etc., could be placed and bred. MAELGWYN. •ft- -5- < No. 10. I would suggest that a statue to "Llewelyn ein Llyw Olaf" (Llewelyn, the last Welsh Prince), should be erected at a spot between North and South Parades, the statue to be of such a, height that per- sons in passing along the line between Penmaenmawr and Conway can point to it as a landmark in Llandudno.—Mr Griffiths, of Clhester2 has spent years upon a design of a statue to this renowned and brave Welsh Prince; and we remember that Mr Thomas Williams, Bronmeillion, Llandudno, some years ago had started a movement and invited subscriptions for erecting a monument, in Llandudno, "Llewelyn ein Llyw Olaf, who was be- trayed near Builth. < No. 11. To form an avenue of trees from Moore- house, Abbey-road, to the clumps of trees by Maesdu Crossing, which have with- stood the storms of ages, the avenue to ZD consist of a carriage drive lined on each side by 100 yards of ground planted with trees; seats to be provided at intervals of 100 yards. SYLVA. No. 12. My suggestion is, that, the town should at once acquire the freehold of the Yard Fawr, right up to Lloyd Street, as well as the Pony Stand and adjacent land, he>- fore any other building goes on at, these places. Also, that, they should purchase the Market Hall. The object to secure a central part of the town for a large market hall, a, spacious assembly room, town offices, etc. Grand municipal build- ings in the heart of the town 1 which I hope to see growing to immense, size at no distant date, would do a, great deal towards bringing Llandudno into notice and renown. I don't mean that a hall etc-, could be built immediately, but if the land mentioned was secured a com- plete plan of what, was intended to be done loouldi be made, and work could proceed as the financial condition of the town would permit. TUDNO.

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