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THE ADVERTISER SAYS I I That a state of affairs which cannot be adequately described as anything but a disgraceful scandal was disclosed at a meeting of the Llandudno Church School Managers on the 15th inst. That, it was stated that owing to a dispute bet-ween the County Education Authority and the School Managers of i Bodafon Schools, as to which body is responsible for the provision of required new stoves. the teachers and children had been without fires throughout the wintry weather experienced during the past month. That the Heacliiaster said the tempera cure was frequently down to forty degrees and seldom over fifty. That this dispute between the County Councils and the Church School Authorities have now extended over several years, and during that period the little ones have been suffering at the most critical period of their lives. That, all this is done in the names of Christianity and Principle. That we must not forget, Christ's words in the Gospel of St. Matthew: "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one, of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me." That can there be imagined a, more bitter mockery of the principles of the Head of the Christian Church, whose love for little ones was so pronounced. That verily the children will have cause to remember with bitterness the acts and -even memory of those responsible for such a condition of affairs, which metaphorically speak- ing, make them the brickbats, the opposing factions are throwing at each other. That although the children at Bodafon ( were starving with cold during the time the east winds prevailed and the ground was covered with snow, some hun- dreds of pounds had been spent in pro- viding heating apparatus at the Lloyd Street schools. That the children who take no part in any dispute and are innocent as to its cause are penalised in this disgraceful fashion. < That it was decided that a concert be arranged in order to enable the children to endeavour to raise sufficient funds to purchase a stove for themselves. That nevertheless we are invited to sub- scribe to send out missionaries to other lands. Tlhalt, the Roller Skating Rink will re-open at Llandudno on Monday, April 5th. That either Mr Barnes or Mr Callis will he the resident manager. < That the Olympia Skating Rink closed for 0 the season on Saturday last. That during the afternoon 6500 skaters were to be seen skating at one time. That the figures given are official. That a photo of the scene was taken at four o'clock. That each skater and spectator was given a handbill on entering the building with ,the nformaiion of what was to. take, place, and a request to stand quietly for a few seconds at that hour. That prompt, to time the military band ceased playing and the largest crowd ever seen on one rink was "snapped." That several Llandudnoit-e-s were amongst the "iSiwankers." That next, season Mr CL P. Crawford in- tends building two additional rinks in London. That within 12 weeks no less than eight new rinks are to be opened by the firm in the provinces. < That Mr Wm. Jones, M.P., was the prin- cipal speaker at the St. David's Day Dinner at Gloucester. That the toast of "Wales" was proposed by him. That this toast at the yearly dinners of the Gloucester Welsh Society has had a long succession of distinguished pro- posers, but by common consent it has never been submitted in more eloquent and moving terms. « < That the speech was described by the "Gloucester Journal" as characterised by all the graces, an intellectual stimulas and a mental refrshm-ent. < I That we give a report in another column. — I That there is -every probability that- there } will be an attempt made this year to | survey the ruins of the submerged ) palace of Llys Helig. That there does not appear now to be much reason to doubt the general cor- rectness of the tradition that, there was at one time such a, palace. < < That, the members of the Lilandudno, Field Club are interesting themselves in the matter. That the date of the attempt has not been fixed, but there are only two months in I the year when success may reasonably be expected and even then much will de- < pend on the absence of wind. That among the names mentioned as in- tending participators in the survey are Mr Wiilloughby Gardner, F.L.S., Mr Bezant Lowe, M.A., Mr G. A. Hum- phreys, F.R.I.B.A., and Mr John Roberts, Bryn Ce-lyn. That the- latter has previously been over the spot and was one of the party when a. piece of the masonry was chipped off and brought ashore. That unfortunately all trace of the chip- ping has been lost. < That the Urban District Council election is fixed for the 3rd of April. That nominations close on Thursday next at noon. That the names of several well-known ratepayers have been mentioned as in- tending candidates. That there is no doubt but that the ad- vocates of Sunday trams to the summit of the Orme will, should the Council decline to grant their request, en- deavour to get representatives elected who favour their views. That but little however will be done until after next Wednesday's meeting of the Council. That we regret to hear that Mr S. Bartley is in but indifferent health. That he has not been able to attend to business for some days. That we trust that his intending visit to a specialist will result in a complete cure. That at the Liberal Club- Parliament on Thursday Mr Robt. Roberts from below the gangway presented an un- authorised Welsh programme. That it included the nationalisation of mountains and a royal residence for Wales. That the "Speaker" was Councillor T. W. Griffith. That the debate which took place was very interesting. That the leader of the opposition was Mr J. Vaughan Humphreys. That a resolution c-onoratulatingi Mr Osmond Williams, M.P., for Merioneth on his appointment to the Lord Lieutenancy of that County was passed on the- motion of Mr Roberts, seconded by Mr Humphreys. < That two matches in connection with the Schoolboys Football League will be played on the Council Field on Satur- day. J That Llandudno Junction will meet Craigydon, and Dyffryn Road will meet Lloyd Street. < Thait these matches are well worth the small charge asked for admission, the t) proceeds being devoted to charity. That Councillor S. Chantrey on Friday evening;, entertained 60 workmen of various trades engaged in the recent alterations at the Imperial Hotel. That an excellent repast was provided by Mr Vincent at the Avondale Restaurant. Tha,t Mr Chantrey occupied the chair and was supported by the architect (Mr A. Hewitt), Mr Henry Hughes (the builder), and Mr Griffith Roberts (de- corator) < That after full justice had been done to the good things providedl the usual toasts followed, and a smoking concert was held. That tobacco, cigars and cigarettes were handed round, and during the evening the toast of the Chairman was proposed by Mr Thomas Jones, seconded by Mr David Roberts and enthusiastically re- ceived with musical honours. That Mir Chantrey afterwards proposed the Architects and Contractors. This was also received with acclamation and briefly responded to. That Mr Jack Roberts and Mr Ernest Jones were the accompanists. That songs were rendered by Messrs Wil- liam Roberts, W. Lloyd, Griffith Roberts, Llew Jones, Will Allen, John Roberits, H. Pearson, H. Mars den, Sidney Evans; selections on the con- certina by Mr Edwin Brookes, and a recitation by Mr Sam Hewitt. That "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau" and the "National Anthem" brought a most en- n joyable evening to a, close. That at a meeting, held on Thursday 'n evening3 it was decided to hold the May-Day Festival as usual. That Tuesday, May 4th, was selected as the most suitable day on which to hold the festival. Tha,t, in selecting Mr T. J. Jones as chair- man the Committee have made a, popu- lar choice. That in accepting the position Mr Jones follows in the footsteps of his father, who was chairman of the committee about 15 years ago. That Mr Alec Taylor was elected vice- chairman, Mr Bowda.ge treasurer, and zD Mr Siquirrell secretary. That the meeting was a, good augury for a successful carnival. I That Councillor Smith was responsible for the suggestion that there should be a Crowning of the Riose Queen in the Happy Valley in June. ) That the suggestion was a very happy one and well received. That it would be an undoubted attraction and a good advertisement for the town. That it is to be hoped Mr Smith will see that the suggestion is not lost sight of. zn That we learn that Mr Roger Dawson has definitely decided to again offer himself as a candidate in the East Ward at the forthcoming Urban Council Elec- tion. L

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