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BRIGHT SUNSHINE'—The total number of hours of bright sunshine re- corded at Llandudno for week ending March 7th was 24 hours 28 minutes. The rainfall for the same month was 0.560 inches. UNITED OHILREiN'g MUSICAL, FESTIVAL.—On Sunday afternoon Mr John Roberts, Bryn Celyn conducted a, rehearsal at Eb-enezer Chapel of the chil- dren from that place of worship, Caer- salem and Warren Mission, who are tio, take part in the United Children Musical Festival on May 19th. The singing throughout reflected great credit on the teachers of the different schools, and augurs well for a successful festival. Miss Williams, Arvonia Terrace, was the organist. PIER, BIOSCOPE'.—There was a re- markably good attendance at the Pier Bioscope Exhibition on Wednesday even- ing, when an attractive pictorial pro- gramme was much enjoyed. The compe- tition was to guess the number- of gentle- men present, which was correctly named Mr Rens-haw, The Mount, Clifton Road. The second prize was divided amongst Miss May Jones, Glenhurst; Mrs T'homas, Lime Cottage, Tygwyn Road; Mrs M. 0. Jones, Warehouse Street; Mr J. R. Roberts, 2, Glanywern Cottages, and Mr W. A. Williams, Plioneer. GRAND HOTEL BILLIARD HANDI- CAP.—The final tie in this competition was decided at, the hotel on Tuesday even- ing between Mr Thos. Foster and Mr T. H. Fitzsimmons. The game, was altered to 400 up, Mr Fitzsimmons receiving a start of 117. With breaks of 18, 16, 3.3, 18, 32, 18, 14 and 16 twice the scratch man overhauled his opponent, and taking the lead early in the fourth hundred ran out a winner by 61 points. The loser's best breaks were 16 (twice) 35 and 18. There was a good company present to wit- ness the game. Scores: Foster, 400; Fitzsimmons (receives 117) 339. DEATH- OF MRi. ISAAC DAVIES, BASFORD HOUSE.—Another of the links connecting modern LI-andudno with the past was severed on Tuesday by the death of Mr Isaac Davies, Bus-ford House. Mr Davies, who was the senior deacon and treasurer of Deganwy Street Con- gregational Church, came to, reside at Llandudno over 36 years ago, he being then a guard in the employ of the London and North-Western Railway Company, from which position he retired ten years ago. During that time he witnessed a great increase in the growth of traffic. He was one of the most popular servants of the Company, his quiet and unassuming manner gaining for himself the respect of all with whom he came into contact. He leaves one son and four daughters, with whom much sympathy is felt. The funeral takes place to-day (Saturday), leaving the house at 2-30 for Llanrhos Church, where the remains will be interred beside those of his wife. SATURDAY NIGHT POPS,Th. 15th of these excellent concerts was given at the Town Hall on Saturday last, when the following programme was rendered Gramophone selection, Mr Geo. Edwards; humorous song, "She sells sea shells," Mr W. Cap ell; pianoforte solo, "The Mikado," Mr Gwilym Roberts; recitar tion, "Baby's Troubles," Miss Lillie Eivans; violin solo, Miss Mai Williams; song, "Have you seen my Dolly V' (re- quested), Miss M. Jones; musical mono- logue, "A Tragedy in five acts," Mr D. Williams; one string solo, "Sweet Genevieve," Mr Bernard A Raiane; gra- mophone selection, "The Missing Lady," etc., Mr Geo. Edwards; costume song, "The Dairymaids," Miss Floirrie Roberts; pianoforte solo, "Narcissus," Mr Gwilym Roberts; recitation, "Don't," Master Rowland Evans; humorous song, "The Postman," Mr W. Cap ell; recitation, "A Mitrimonial Quarrel," Miss Doris Hall; violin solo, Miss Mai Williams; accom- panist, Mr Charles Hughes; chairman, Mr Councillor J. J. Marks. ST. PAUL'S LITERARY SOCIETY: SOCIAL EVENING.—On Monday even- ing last the above Society held a social evenling-the final one of the sea- son—which proved a great success, though the attendance was not so large as on some previous occasions. The Church House was carpeted and tastefully det- corated andi offered all the comforts befitting occasion. The decoration com- mittee included as usual the names of Mr Norrie and Mr Councillor H. Wilson, the latter kindly supplying a beautiful lot of flowers for the decoration of the tables. An excellent programme had -been arranged, to the, musical portion of which Messrs O. H. Bevan, CL Brown and Hugh Williams, Miss Ei. Thomas, Miss Merchant and Miss M. Wood- cock contributed. There was general regret that lack of time precluded encores, the vocal trio, "Ye Shepherd's, tell me," especially meeting with a very hearty re- ception. A novel feature was the per- formance of the Pectiniisusurric orchestra, which appeared for the first time in Llan- dudno (theiir rendering of such familiar adirs as "The Soldiers' Chorus" (from Faust), "The Swanney River" and "Robin Adair," was highly appreciated by a, most attentive audience, and reflected great, credit on the Versatile conductor, Mr J. Winter, who has quite a style of his own. If we mistake not, this orchestra will be heard again in Llandudno, but already its ambitions aspire beyond the simple Arcadian name by which it modestly chose to be known at its first applearance. Two humorous competitions produced much merriment. The prize for the best silhouette of an animal was awarded by a large majority of votes to Mr B-owyer, whose donkey was quite a work of art. Mr Eidminson won the prize, for a "F'unny Story," with an account of a wonderful escape from apparently certain death on a runaway bicycle. REHOBOTH LITERARY SOCIETY. Miss Sybil Dorkins read a paper to the members of Rehoboth Literary Society on Monday, entitled "Ieuan Gwyllt." The paper was illustrated with musical items given by a quartette, selections being madie from the composer's hymn tune. .1 THE, L.A.D.S.—The results of the two performances of "Oh! Susannah," by the Llandudno Amateur Dramatic Society, have been more than satrisfagctory. In addition to the ;C,30, paid to the Llandudno Nursing Association a cheque for L22 10s. was sent to the Conway Nursing Associa- tion, the balance from the performance given at, Conway. To raise £ 52 10s. for charity in two evenings is an achievement of which the Society may well feel proud. LIBERAL CLUB DEBATING SOCIETY.—A paper was read at, a, meet- ing of this Society on Thursday evening, in favour of taxation of land values, by Mr W. Evans, Hedsor Idan. The opposi- tion was ledi by Mr W. Thomas, White House. Subsequent speakers included Mr Ri. Fisher and M J. Higginbottom on the affirmative, and Mr W. Owen, Mr J. Williams, and Mr Robert Roberts on the negative. A resolution in favour of the proposal was carried by a large majority. FUNERAL OF' THE, LATE1 MR. SAMUEiL LEACIH.—The funeral of the late Mr Samuel Leach took place on Fri- day, at the Church of St. Tudno. There was a large attendance of the older resi- dents and influential residents of the town. The service both at the house and graveside was conducted by the Rev. LI. R. Hughes, M.A., rector of Llandudno, assisted by the, Rev. E. Lu-mley, B.A., curate. The chief mourners were —Miss Clara Leach and Mrs Shaw (daughter), Mr John Leach (son), Misses Alice, Ada, and Gwennie Leach, (neaces). Wreaths were placed on the coffin by members of the family, Mr and Mrs Richard Davies, Guy's Cliff, Miss S. A. Jones, Cwlach Street, Mr Sam Hughes, junr., and others. EASTER STEAMBOAT SERVICE.— Although the regular daily sailings of the Liverpol and North Wales Steamship Company will not commence until May lStt^ the Easter service will be on similar lines to last year. On Thursday, 8th April, the "St. Tudno" will sail from Liverpool on the return journey by 8 o'clock. On Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday the same steamer will extend her sailings to Menai Bridge, and arrives at Liverpool on the return journey by seven o'clock. On Easter Monday there- will be an extra sailing by "Snowdon" between Liverpool and Llandudno. The services of Mr Arthur Parton have again been secured as North Wales agent, a sufficient guarantee that the comfort of visitors will be considered in every possible way. The managing director of the Company is Mr W. Dodd and the secretary Mr T. G. Brew. A LLANDUDNO GENTLEMAN'S WILL.—Mr William Greaves, of Craig,- lands, Carmen Sylvia Road, Craigydon, Llandudno- for many years a warp sizer at the cotton mills, South Sltreet, Bacup, whose death occurred on the 2nd of October last, aged 71, left an estate of the gross amount of £14,920 4s. lid., includ- ing net personalty of £14,172 4s. lid., which has been sworn by the widow, Mrs Alice Greaves, of Craiglands, Carmen Sylvia Road, Craigydon, Llandudno; Mr Frederick William Greaves, of South Drive, St.-Annes-on-the-Sea, Lancashire, the son; Mr Lawrence Lord of Bacup,, Lancashire, E,nd Mr Robert Williams, of Ryelees, Dee Banks, Cheshire, the execu- tors appointed. Testator by his will dated the 3rd of January, 1894, gives to, his wife, Alice, all the consumable stores, wearing apparel and jewellery, together with an annuity of R2,00-for life. All his household furniture he leaves upon trust with the use of the same to his wife for life and the residue of his estate to, be equally divided between his children. LLANDUDNO FABIANS.—A meet- ing was held at the Welcome Hotel -on Friday evening, presided over by Mrs Gooddy for the purpose of considering the formation of a Fabian Society. Mr Clifford D. Sharp, who has given a series of lectures on the aims of the Society was present, and gave an explanatory address, after which it was decided to establish a Llandudno Fabian Society, and a, pro- visionafl. committee was appointed, con- sisting of Miss Kate Owen, Came lot; Mr William Davies, Dovedale; Dr. Gooddy, Mr J. Hoyland, and Mr F. H. Knowles, with Mr H. Higginbottom, Lloyd Street, as hon. secretary, to make all the neces- sary arrangements, and to call a, public meeting, at which Alderman W. S. Saunders, of the London County Council, will give an address. Thirty-two appli- cations were received for membership. THE TERRIERiS.—The local corps of the Royal Garrison Artillery (Welsh) are minus 10 men their full strength, but every effort is being made to secure the full complement before the 1st of April. On Tuesday night Col. Whiskin (Carnar- von) visited the corps at their Drill Hall and addressed the men at some length. He discouraged the smoking: of cigarettes, and informed the Terriers that it was the I worst possible thing they could do. "You may take it from me," he said, "that there will be no cigarettes in camp. If you want to smoke, smoke a pipe, even a clay pitpe. It wiill do your health much less injury." Master Willie Sewell (the bugler) is the youngest Terrier in Eng- land, and he was transferred from the de- funct Artillery. A new drill hall will shortly helreded in the vicinity of the railway station. It will measure 80 ft. by 60 ft. The contract has been let to Messrs Orogan and Co., London, Liver- pool and Manchester. Lroridl Mostyn has granted a 70 years lease- at a nominal rent. Those wishing to join may have Jones or Yuarter Master Sergeant W. J. Sew?ll. C-AERSALEM MISSION.—The annual preaching services in connection with Caersalem Wesleyan Mission Chapel were held on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings, and throughout Wednesday, the preachers being the Revs. D. Gwynfryn Jones, William Thomas, Penrhynside; William Phillips, M.A., David Thomas, Denbigh, and W. Lloyd Davies, Pen- machno. THE CRAIGYDON MUTUAL.—The annual meeting of the Craigydon Mutual Improvement Association was held on Wednesday evening, Mr A. EL Vollam presiding. It was decided to continue the Society, and the following officers were elected:—Mr A. E. Vollam, president; Mr Peacock, vice-president; Mr Hutchin- son, hon. treasurer, and Mr Knight, hon. secretary; 18xecuti vecommiUee, Messrs Horner, Llwyfo Roberts, West, Councillor Thomas Smith, Axtell, Brown, and A. G. Pugh. Mr Moody, who resigned the treasurership, was heartily thanked for his past services. It was decided to organise another whist-drive, several of the members offering prizes. CRAIGYDON WESLEYAN MISSION CHURCH.—On Tuesday Mrs Mudd, Y Graig, Cwlach Road, entertained the scholars, their parents, and friends in- terested in the Craigydon W-e-sleyan Mis- sion Church to tea, in the Mission Room. About 130 sat down to the good things provided. The room and! tables were tastefully decorated with plants, flowers, and evergreens, kindly sent by Mr Coun- cillor H. Wilson. After tea the children indulged in games until 7-30, where the annual juvenile foreign missionary meet- ing was held, for which the room was crowded. Rev. T. Ei. Ham presided, and Mr Shadbolt gave an interesting address b on some reasons why foreign missions should be supported. Songs were ren- dered by Miss Rowlands, Bodnant,; Miss O. Pearson, Miss J. El-ey, and Mr L. Mudd; recitation by Mr Ei. Davies, Llan- rhos, and two quartets by the St. John's Quartet party. Afterwards the prizes were- distributed to the juvenile collectors by Mrs Davies, Llanrhos, who also spoke a few words of -encouragement to the children. A most enjoyable evening was spent, and a vote of thanks was heartily accorded Mrs Mudd and all who had helped in the meeting. CHURCH DISESTABLISHMENT AND DISENDOWMENT.— At the meet- ing on Thursday evening of the members of the St. George's Literary and Debating 0 y Society Mr Gresley Jones moved the fol- lowing resolution -"That in the opinion of this meeting the disestablishment and disendowment of the Church in Wales would be unjust, unpo-litic, detrimental to the best interests of the people in Wales, and a grave danger to the State." He observed that the Church, as an in- stitution, existed long before the State; and that-, in fact, the State was moulded by the Church which continued to direct and giude it as long as was necessary. With regard to the Church endowments he pointed out it was a fallacy to assume they were made, to the Church as a whole, that they were really private endowments in particular churches, Bishops and Clergymen were to be applied according to the directions of the donors and accord- ingly were inviolate. As to the work of the church he referred to the fact that until the 18th century the whole cure of souls had rested with it, and that there was not a parish in England or Wales that had not, some provision made for it; nor- did the work of the church end there, as, until so recently as the passing of the Poor Law Act in the middle of the last century, the relief of the poor was the care of the Churchwardens as well as many other parochial duties. He claimed there- fore, that the State was much more indebted to the church than the church to the State so that, if any change was to be made, equity demanded that regard must be had to all these facts, and principles of ab- solute honesty and justice applied. It is, however, impossible to fairly outline Mr Jones' remarks in this short article, and he 'has promised to publish them later. Meanwhile, it may be stated that he dealt with the arguments advanced by the ad- vocates of disendowment and disestablish- ment; and, the same having been well discussed, the motion was put to the meeting and carried nem. con. At the meeting on the 18th inst., Mr Cheetham wil open a discusion on "Co-operation," and on the 25th the Rector (the Rev. Ll. R. Hughes) will dieliver a, lecture with lantern views on "Church History" dur- ing the post Re-formation period and Modern times." All interested in Church History are invited to- attend.



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