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LLANDUDNO MAY-DAY FESTIVAL. A most, promising start was made on Thursday evening in making' preparations for the celebrating of May-Day 1909 in a manner worthy of the town. The chair at the outset was occupied Mr C. J. Dawes, last year's chairman of the general committee. On the motion of Mr Green- field, seconded by Mr Helstrip, it. was d agreed to hold the Festival, and Tuesday, May 4th, decided upon as the day most suitable, the fact that Oolwyn Bay had fixed Wednesday and Rhyl Thursday on which to hold their festival influencing the decision. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The Right Hon. Lord Mostyn having been elected president, Mr Alec Taylor proposed that last year's vice-chairman, Mr T. J. Jones, be chairman of the General Committee. This was seconded all round the room, and carried, Mr Jones accepting the position and taking the chair amidst loud applause. Mr Alec Taylor, was elected vice-chair- man, and Mr Bowdage, honorary treasurer. Mr Royle proposed that, Mr Squirrell be re-elected secretary on the same terms as previous years, and in seconding Mr C. A. Hutton said no better man could be had for the post. People simply "had to give him a subscription to get rid of him," as one' subscriber had said.—(Laughter.) The motion was carried with applause, and Indoor, Outdoor and Finance and Advertising Committees appointed. REPRESENTATION ON THE; T.I.A. A letter was read from Mr A. J. Old- man, secretary of the Town Improvement Association, conveying the resolution pass- ed at the general meeting of the sub- scribers, asking the May-Day Committee to appoint a representative to serve on the Executive Committee of the T'.I.A. Mr Hutton proposed and Mr Royle seconded a resolution accepting the. in- vitation. Mir Alec Taylor proposed that no repre- sentative be appointed. He knew no rea- son why the May-Day Committee should abandon their neutral position. He, saw no advantage to be gained by appointing a representative, but- thought it would on the, contrary somewhat tie their hands as to the disposal of any surplus. Mr A. Hill seconded the amendment. Mr Royle said that her did not see that sending a representative would result as Mr Taylor feared. In his opinion it would be discourteous to refuse the in- vitation. Mr Hutton pointed out that, for the past six years the L,.A.D.8. had been repre- sented on the Committee of the T.I.A. without their hands being in any way tied. The representative appointed would be able to convey to the T.I.A. the man- ner in which it was thought the money they contributed should be spent. The, Chairman said he felt that, the in- vitation should be accepted, and was sup- ported by Mr Bowdage, Mr Lidbe.t.ter and others, it bqing pointed out during the discussion that the invitation was in acknowledgment of what the May-Day Committee had done in the past, and not for what was to be expected in the future. Mr Taylor thereupon withdrew his amendment, and the invitation was accept- ed unanimously. On the motion of Mr B'owdage, Mr Taylor was then unanimously appointed to represent the Committee, and accepted the position. THE DISPOSAL OF THE SURPLUS. It was decided that, any surplus from the festival be devoted to advertising the town in such a, manner as the com- mittee think fit, and that the money this year be deposited at Lloyd's Bank. The amount in hand was stated to be £ 7 16s. PROPOSED CEREMONY IN THE HAPPY VALLEY. After some discussion as to the cere- mony in the Pavilion, Councillor T. Smith suggested that an additional func- tion should be arranged to take place in the Happy Valley during June. The Crowning of a Rose Queen would be a gieat attraction, and would, he thought, bring many visitors to the town. The idea was warmly welcomed, but no .decision could of course be come to. The Chairman, however, said it would be borne in mind when the Committees were at work, and that later on Mr Smith could bring it forward at, the General Committee again. Mr Morrieson suggested that battle of flowers might also be arranged, but it was thought the it was too big a task to be undertaken this year, and dates having been fixed for the committee meetings the I proceedings closed.




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