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i wisdom iL Vise j i Anything gained by sin is a dead loss. jrle who has never failed lias never half ceeaed. Tears never yet wound up a c a steam engine.—Dickens. History.—The development of latent in human nature.—Lxitli: In a position said to involve two evils, I hold that mei I neither,—Bishop Ridding. Why do we so willingly spe, with another, when, nc' — r.wim.to silence with: r c. Alcohol stanch a cause of insart an enormous Saleeby. The struggle has strength ai to leave us strr we miss the pr This worl Is might For you p But ai. Find your c in God and ivh can safely let Nature's orgar hurts.—V* Intuit a supf witho- which reason Thr shinr horn wha evei .Toil-( Ti c1 ehilt is gei. be ar l. For win. evil, inipr., coarse and into., their he a to ui; learn the thi'ymav safely harm, they may wer know of.—Be When Robert poem. "The 3'i sv\t Of yaars of b"vn incited by l"jtt;e yellow be shop. The poe heap of an ail- c dents that earlier, brou? mortal epic. is in that ppl time hand an rvled. Yet i. The work we II (I r j rj i 11 a 111 i lie in the. ins^ th2 deadly fall character secoT will do His w whether it be of mankind h with the Mor: I r; 11 IE. n any r real of 11t. no hie 11 to 1 A -> i- tlO{):: 1Je ..s-j- momly of material, 8: standards t" upwards, are materialist in the base of < fac'.iltirs. We extent the 11]J developed our l- If there i a sad t cprotade of the men rvxv! scramble for Ave a Hvir lives sentiment an beautiful and sublime. v.-hi"h they seek to win tV kill: the faculties by v.hie, tit at when the average man t shocked to find that all appTG. tifal in iNS.tuTe, ir^ art. in U strangled, paralysed. He t -I oT parity of money, but. wit-X eniovment. for the enjojing s" is dead. He finds to his sorro in^r. striving life is also a ft why should he be surprised finer sensibilities, the appre and love? Would he expe ability, his executive ab' strong and vigorous and they had not been exerr half of a ee7i+ury P He nees or prefe mal li lies exercise^. le fhow the he starts in t wealth, that 1 the sentiment, which appreci fresh and vigo r; to* +]}<?■")" 8 them made his fo-rtu, hviv. which is ive ask for, 1x I the beautiful a 11" it. or she wii Haraen.