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LOOKING BACKWARDS. LLANDUDNO TWENTY-FIVE YEA118 AGO. Under the above title we purpose giving weekly in the "Advertiser" extracts from our files of a quarter of a century ago, relating to interesting local events which many ¡ our readers will recall, and these will not be without interest to the younger generation who will know many of tho&a who took an active part in the various events dealt with. Llandudno; Commissioners Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, December 16th, 1885. Th striking similarity between the Commissioners meeting held on the above date and the Council meeting last week, is most remarkable, and we take the fol- lowing interestiing extracts from the "Advertiser" of Saturday, December 19th, 1885. DARK PLACES. The Gas Committee's report stated that the annual inspection of the gas lamps will take place on the 11th of January next, and suggested that if any commis- sioners had any "dark places" to report upon that they should do so before that day .-(Laughter.) Mr Elias Jones thought that the tow^ was very well lighted.-(Hear, hear). Mr Wm. Evans suggested that the in- spection take place at 12 30 a.m.— (Laughter.) < THE NORTH WALES, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. A letter was read from the registrar asking the board at appoint :their repre- sentatives, and the Chairman proposed that Dr. Bold Williams, J.P., who had taken great interest in the institution, be nominated. Mr Elias Jones seconded, and it was carried unanimously. THE NEWSROOM. A letter was read from the Rev. John Raymond, hon. secretary +0 the Newsroom and Library asking the Commissioners to take over the above institution under the Free Libraries' Act, and Mr Bevan pro- posed that Messrs Pugh, Bartley, and B. Williams form a committee to report upon the matter at the next meeting of the Board. HLLL TERRACE. Mr John Jones (4) proposed that Hill Terrace be adopted as a public highway, repairable by the inhabitants at large. Passed unanimously. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Mr Elias Jones, with the view to give shop assistants the benefit of three days at Christmas, suggested that the Chair- man be asked to issue a notice asking 4 tradesmen to close their business premises from Thursday evening till Monday morn- ing, Mr Bevan proposed that the holidays extend till Tuesday morning. Mr B. Bartley seconded Mr Sevan's proposition, and it was carried with ap- plause.) A SUCCESSFUL PRIZED WINNER. Mr John Jones, the eminent purveyor of Central Buildings, has just published in neat chronological form, a list of the prizes he has wont at various Agricultural Societies' meetings, since 1880, including the R.A. Society's shows at, Preston this year, when he carried off two first prizes of E,10 each and a second of JE5. In the five years Mr Jones has won more than 50 first and twenty-five second prizes, and on two occasions his exhibiits were highly commended by the judges.—Satur- day, December 18th, 1885. THE CHARITY CONCERT. The charity concert inaugurat-ed by several philanthropic ladies took place i: the Pier Pavilion on Monday evening las and was a great success. The evening WI fine', tihe attendance large. Messrs F. F. Allen, J. B. Johns (hon. treasurer), J. Myatt, Morris Spink Allan Sumner^, W. B. Juby, W. Woot G. H,. Pugh, Mr J. Burweil, and Mr J Williams, Carnarvon, officiated. as stewards. The programme was well diversified, and embraced no fewer than twenty items. Amongst the most enjoyable was a trio, "Break, break, break," by Miss Rogers, Miss Felton, and the Rev. Ffrancon Davies, M.A. The Rev. Dance also sang "The Bedouin love song," "Best of all." Mr W. Claxton played the violin solo, "Isteni Cs-ardas." The Choral Union, under the conductorship of Mr B. Wil- liams, sang the glee, "F'yv Ngwlad," "The Dawn of Day," and "Sweet and Low." The string band was a pleasing feature in the evening's entertainment, and com- prised Miss Claxton, aged 11, who played the violin, Master Claxton, aged 8, who played the 'cello, Mr W. Claxton, Mr H. Lee, and Mr Ben Fisher. Mr H. Martin played a flute solo in his best style. The chorus by the National Schoolchildren, "The Death of Cock Robin," was en- thusiastically encored. Miss Hughes, aged 8, sang very prettily and distinctly, "He promised to buy me a bunch of blue ribbon." The proceeds will be devoted to the relief of the deserv- ing poor in Xmas week. The net proceeds amounted to £ 22.—December 19th, 1885. MASONIC. The annual ceremony of installation of R.W.M. and' officers of St. Tudno Lodge took place in the Masonic Hall on Wed- nesday laSlt when there was a large gathering of the craft. W. Bro. W. Banks, P.M., P.P.G.S.W., North Wales and Salop was installed as R.W.M. for the ensuing year, the ceremony having been performed by the retiring Pi.W.M. Bro. Geo. F. Felton in a most impressive manrer, and Bro. Felton was invested I.P.1L. The following; is a list of the officers of the lodge whoi were duly in- v< i for the ensuinp 1 —S.W. Bro. E. Turner, J.W., R.' Rodenz P.M., P.P.C 'j shire, and P.G.D., ? treasurer; R.W. Bro. i P.M., hon. secretary Bi Jones, B.A., Chaplain; S.D. Bro. S. Hargreavet W. Warren, and J. Cha,: Bro. E. Williams, I.G. A tinguished brethren pre; Bro. Col. Tudor, P.M., Staffordshire.

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