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FOOTBALL NOTES. Saturday was by no means an ideal day for football, but nevertheless a fair crowd gathered on the Council Field in the hope of seeing a ding-dong battle for supre- macy between the Llandudno; Amateurs and Denbigh. Just a week previously the Denbigh club had beaten the Amateurs at, Denbigh by two clear goals, but it was felt that the advantage of ground had ■something to do with the result, as well as the efforts of the Denbigh custodian, who lif the reports are only half true per- formed valiantly for his side at that, en- counter, which wa,s one of the North Wales Coast League games. The match on Saturday was in the Welsh Amateur Cup Competition, the Amateurs having for once in a way come first out of thei hat and thereby had choice of ground. When the Denbigh team took the field—a very wet field by the way--those acquainted with the per- sonnel of the different coast clubs were at once aware that the players were' not the regular fidt, team members, and a few inquiries elicited the information that the club committee had decided on sending a reserve team to Llandudno and the first somewhere else to play a league match. This was disappointing; to those, who had come to the field expecting; to witness a battle royal between two evenly-matched elevens, and there was some little grumbling. The, visitors were, however, a very fine looking set of players as far as physique, but they were certainly no match for the home team. With commendable dash the Amateurs forward line was soon in the Denbigh territory and popping away at the uprights. All five were in finel fettle, and gave the defence no rest. They very soon had the measure of their opponents, and scarcely five, minutes had elapsed ere Brown poped on number one, and a few minutes later number two To vary the monoltony J. E. Williams had a pop at goal, but, the custodian first, came in con- tact with the ball as much by luck as good management, and it went over the bar for a corner. Brookes Evans was the next to biting about, the downfall of the Den- bigh citadel, and then Brown did "the "hat trick" in no uncertain fashion. The visitors were by this timer al beaten team, were in fact, smitten hip and thigh, and it only remained for Brookes Evans to add the sixth and J. El. Williams the seventh goal to complete their discom- fiture. What attacks the visitors made were easily beaten back, although Porter was once or twice called upon to save his charge, which he did very satisfactorily. One player on the Denbigh side whoplayed centre-forward in a blue jersey worked hard, but not with very much judgment. He, however, deserves a word of en- couragement for his pluck and persever- ance. The visitors opened the second half in better style, but, it proved to be a mere flash in the pan, and in a few minutes the Amateurs were again popping at, their goal with successful results, for five more goals were popped on before the whistle sounded, and the visitors were at liberty to leave the field with twelve goals on the debit siide of their ledger, and not a single entery on the other side, To criticise the. home team is almost im- passible. Having such a weak opposition to face the forwards practically did what they liked. It was, however, very re- freshing to see how well they got. along on the heavy ground, and the deadliness of the shooting. Brown and Brookes Evans scored five goals each, J. EL Williams claiming the other two. D. Williams and Brown make a capital wing!, as also do Brookes Evans and Jim Williams, who had hard luck in not finding, the net. J. Ei. Williams kept both wings going im- partially, and played no, mean part in the victory. As to the defence at was never very seriously tested, but what it had to do was done well and neatly. The re,feree ing was not "sans reproache," but, was passable. The match was of course too one-sided to be thoroughly enjoyable, and it is to he hoped that in the next. round the Amateurs will be drawn at home against foemen worthy of thelir steel, and pass on to the next with flying, colours. While the' Amateurs were piling on the agony on the Council Field the Craigydon Club was engaged on the; Mbrfa in a friendly encounter with Conway Celts, and actually went two goals better than the senior club, scoring fourteen goals to nil. A brief—very brief—report to hand states that Craigydon "easily" won- rather an unnecessary adjective view of the huge crop of goals. Twenty-six goals to nil is not bad work for two teams, on a single Sa,turday afternoon, # # 1 WELSH AMATMJR CUP. The draw for the third round of the I Welsh Amateur Cup competition was made at Wrexham on Wednesday night: | Bangor v Carnarvon United; Holyhead Swifts Z, v. Llandudno Amateurs; Brymbo Victoria v. Summerhill; Buckley Rangers or Aston Hall v. Esclusham Oak Alyn v. Buckley Engineers; Rhos Rangers v. Bala Press; Llandrindod. Wells or Llan- iaes Brigade v. Llanidloes; Shrewsbury "Rovers v. Aberystwyth. The first-named clubs have choice of ground; tes to be played on January 23rd.

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