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WOODLEY'S CENTRAL LIBRARY. (in oonaection with MUDIE'S)., EE DOORS FROM THE CORNER Of NORTH PARADE. PER MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. x duced Terms of Subscription from 7s. 6d. per annum. The following are a few of the Booke now in Circulation: — Mirage .Thurston Love and the Interloper.. Frankfort Moore A Woman's Way .Burgin The House of Crickets .Tynan All in a iVtionth Allen Raine Gay Lawless Helen Miather The Down Elxpress .Appleton Aunt Jane and Uncle Oonyers The Key of the Door Ramsey Little Brown Brother .Hyatt Voices .Buckross Miss Pallowfield's Fortune .E,. T'. Fowler The Diva's Ruby Mlarion Crawford The Angel .Guy Thorne The Climber E'. W. Benson The Other Sara .Curtis Yorke The Sunny Side the Hill .Rosa Carey The Ghost Kings Rider Haggard Stolen Sweets Le Queux Mamma .Rhoda Broughton Interplay B. Harroden My Lost Self .A. Marchmont The Elusive Pimpernel Orczy Catherine Child. De La Pasteur Millionaire's Son Warden Green Mummy Fergus Hume The Governors Oppenheim Wheel of Fortune .Louis Tracey Abbey Mystery Murray Gilchrist Love The Harvester .Max Pemberton Young Lord Stranleigh R. Barr Colonel Stow Holy Orders Corelli The Prince's Marriage Williamson Wroth Egerton Castle Diana Mallory Humphrey Ward A Spirit in Prison. R.. Hikens Millionaire's Son F. Warden Mayorer's Wooing Baillie Sanders Mantrap Manor .Guy Thorne By Nevas Waters J. Carling Suspicions of E'rmengarde.Maxwell Gray Result of Accident B. Whitby Her Splendid Sin Headon Hill Shadow of a Vendetta A. Gunter House at Corner Meadows Crowned Skull .Fergus Hume Three Girls and a Hermit Druisilla's Point of View.Albanesi Tangled Wedlock T. Jepson The Mother Eden Phillpott Mr Crewe's Career .Winston Churchill The Prima Donna Marion Crawford Prisoners M. Cholmondley The Mystics K. C. Thurston Man from Amerilca De La Past ire Viper of Milace M. Bo wen The Far Horizon Lucas Mabfc The Gambler K. Thurstm. Fenwick's Career Humphrey Ward Running Waters.A. E1..Ma?<.n Benita Rider Haggarl Saba Macdonald Rita The Pointing Finger Rit% Benita Rider Haggard A Lady of Rome .Marion Crawford The Treasure of Heaven Marie Corelli Made in His Image Guy Thorne The Challoner El. T. Benson John Chilcote, M.P.K. G. Thurston Capricious C'aroine F. L. Albanesi Double Harness Anthony Hope Free Opinions Marie Corelli The Flute of Pan J. Oliver Hobbs The Last Hope H. S. M'erriman PIANOFORTES ON SALE AND HIRE. Woodley's New Map of Llandudno and District. MONEY ADVANCED. From A20 to any amount PRIVATELY, ON REASONABLE TERMS APPLY— W. q. Jones, St Peter's Square, Stockport The Great Skin Cure. BUDDEN'S S. R. SKIN OINTMENT D will cure Itching after one ayplication, destroys every form of Eczema; heals old Wounds and Sores Prevents Cuts from Festering will cure Ringworms in a few days removes the most obstin- ate Eruptions and Scurvy. Boxes 74d. and Is. 1-gd. Agent if or Llandudno, W. A. ROBERTS, 8/ Mostyn. St., Colwyn Bay, E. LLOYD, Chemist. Conway, W HUGHES. EVERY- woman" ''hould aend two stamps for our 32 page Illustrated ook, containing Valuable Information bow all 'regularities and Obstructions may be entirely voided or removed by simple means. Recom- tended by eminent Physicians, as the only afe. Sure Q:ld Genuine Remedy. Never Fai!?i. 'housr.nc-; "vf Testimonials. Established 18G2. :ir.. PAUL BLANCHARD, Claremont Ho-.is,- T\olsto Lane, ondon" IJWARD THORP SOUS Contractors to H.M. War Department, guilders, Shop Fitters, & Funeral Furnishers, LLANDUDNO. Telegrams—Thorp. Tele, 0296. MERRYWEATHERS' HAND FIRE PUMP Still the Simplest, Best, and Most Reliable FIRE EXTINGUISHER. fi. Nothing to get out of order. 2. Nothing to corrode. 3. Nothing to explode. 2540 out of the 4199 London Fires were extin- guished in one year by these Pumps. Write or call— 63, LONG ACRE, W.C., LONDON. 3. Nothing to explode. 2540 out of the 4199 London Fires were extin- guished in one year by these oso Pumps. —————- s Write or calZ- 63, LONG ACRE, W.C., < LONDON. XATOUDNO SANATORIUM & CON- LESCENT HOME FOR WOMEN, 5 NMEIi STREET.—This Home is opan for the reception of Patients* ribers of £1 Is. can nominate one t for three weeks, at a cost to the to of 6s. per week.—Miss Finne< j


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