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THE ADVERTISER SAYS That Lord and Lady Mostyn have left Japan, and are now on their way to Ceylon en route for England. That they are expected to reach home again about the end of January. ■» That the tales of distress 'and absolute want from the bag towns are heartrend- ing. That happily Llandudno is more fortunate this winter owing to the various im- provement schemes in progress. That probably there, is rather less real distress locally this winter than for the past three seasons. e- That on Wednesday, the 30th day of December the annual parochial tea will take place at the Town Hall. That the St, Paul's Dramatic Society have promised to produce a sketch at the evening' concert. That Mrs Hughes Williams, A.R.A.M., b soprano, will be the leading lady vocalist. That an excellent programme is being arranged. That the project for extending the Autumn Concert Season at Llandudno, next, year is receiving a large measure of support. Z, That notwithstanding that the present is a busy time for most of the canvassers, they are giving a good deal of attention to their voluntary duties, and are meet- ing with a satisfactory response. That the scheme to be thoroughly success- ful must, be heartily and actively sup- ported by every section of the local community. That the Committee of the Guardian Society have passed a resolution strong- ly supporting the movement, and a cir- cular has been addressed to every mem- ber urging that he should give it, his best support. That at; a general meeting of the Llan- dudno and District Grocers and Fruiterers' Association on Wednesday night a resolution was passed appreciat- ing the efforts which are, being made to extend the concert season for 1908, and pledging the members to do all in their power to make the, concerts a success. That we are pleased to note that the dis- pute between the Llandudno Council land the Cowlyd Board has been sett-led without litigation. That the Llandudno, Council offered to accept £ 100 in settlement, for water sup- plied, and this offer has been accepted by the, Cowlyd Board, so that the dis- pute is now at an end. That now it has been agreed by the Cow- lyd Board that the existing agreement is ultra vires- a new agreement must be drawn up and acicepted before any further supply of water1 can be per- mitted to enter the Cowlyd Mains from the Llandudno Lakes, and notice to that effect has been given by Mr David Davies. That the great, Marathon Race in America on Tuesday between Longboat, the Canadian Indian, and Dorando, the Italian, who first reached theSltadrium in the London Marathon race, is inci- dentally of more than passing interest to those interested in athletics in North Wales. That Longboait on this occasion easily beat Dorondo, the latter falling exhaust- ed at the twenty-sixth mile, while the Indian finished comparatively strong and fresh. That Percy Smallwood, the Llandudno man, only two or three weeks ago' met Longboat in a ten mile race at, Philadelphia and beat him. That he left. Llandudno in order to com- pete at this particular athletic meeting. That according to the result of this race Smallwood is a better man at, ten miles than even the latest Marathon winner. That an important meetjing of the Llan- dudno Cricket- Cilub, was held on Mon- day evenJing. That the past season from a playing point of view has been far from satisfactory. Thalt the old trouble of raising a team. for away matches was very much in evi- dence, and on one occasion the Club started with only seven players. That in connection with this the Secretary stated that nowithstanding defections at the last minute every engagement was kept,. Mr That is all right, as far it goes, but it is not very dignified Ito arrive on an op- ponents' ground with not two-thirds of an eleven. That it is much easier to find fault, how- ever, than find a, remedy for that state of things. That one does not Hike to suggest (under the peculiar circumstances of a so tside resort with its pressure of business ^dur- ing three months of the year) thai,,filrst choice for home matches should be made from players who are able and w "ling to go away from home. That we believe, however, some si tihai direction would not, be a bad for the Club in ithe long run. =--=. ========:i" That 'another difficulty the Club has had to face is the increasing popularity of golf. That we can cordially echo the Secretary's appeal to golfing cricketers to return to t-heiir first love for the summer months in view of the fact that for nine months of the year they can occupy their lepsure hours with the other game. .<■ That to encourage the younger generation* of players and educate them in the finer n L points of the game the members- have (conditionally) decided to engage a pro- fessional coach for next year. That the engagement- depends on certai.a n terms being arranged with the Mostyn Estate. That being aware of his lordship's love of the nation game we have no doubt but that terms will be mutually agreed upon, especially when it is remembered that his lordship has already reduced the rent of the ground to an extremely low figure in order that the Club migh engage a professional, and yet keep thi ensuing year on the right side of the financial hedge. it '>Ii That we wish the Club ai prosperous, future. That, preparations are now being made, fox the annual distribution of Hot-Pots. That this year the secretary is Mr Richard Royle, to whom all applications should be made on or before Monday next. That, at, the adjourned meeting of the Council on Thursday afternoon it, was arranged that, a, special meeting of the Finance Committee should be held on Monday to further consider the figures supplied with reference to the purchase of the Great Orme Tramway.


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