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THE; MAN AND THE NET. At the Bettws-y-Coed Police Court, on Saturday Robert Jones, a freeholder of a small farm named Bwlch Bach, Dol- wyddelen, was summoned by Police Con- stable Evans on a charge of having been in unlawful possession of a ndt. The case was conducted by Superintendent Rees (Conway), and Mr T'wigge Ellis (Bethesda) defended. The constable stated that, on the nijght of November 27th he saw the defendant coming over a fence from land belonging to Mr Brandreth. In hvs hands he had a net 18ft. long by 6ft. wide. When asked what he was doing with it Jones made no reply, boult. next day he called I upon the witness and asked that he should not be reported, as the case would go bad for him, he 'ha,ving been in similar trouble before. Evidence was given by the defendant. He said that he went to Dolwydclelen on business, and afterwards called at the Eilen's Castle Hotel, where he met Rees Moms. He remained there tall ten o'clock, and then went to Morris's house to fetch a net which he had lent him months back to cover some currant bushes. Putting the net under his arm he walked homewards, and met the officer at the place mentioned. He stated that he did not get, over the fence, and that he had not been on Mr Brandreth's land alt all. Rees Morris, Evan ones, of the Ellen's Castle, and the defendant's wife gave corroborative evidence. The case was dismissed. "LA MARGUERITE'S WASH. CLAIM FOR DAMAGES AT BANGOR. At, the Bangor Clounty Court on Mon- day, before Judge Moss, William Lewis Owen, labourer, Bangor, sued the Liver- pool and North Wales Steamship Com- pany for a sum of L60 damages, sustained by the plaintiff, it was contended, in con- sequence of the reckless navigation of the steamship "La Marguerite on the 29th of June last. The steamer "Christiana" was unloading at a jetty at Garth Point, when the "La Marguerite" passed the end of Bangor Pier, coming from Ble,aumaris to Bangor. The plaintiff was working on a stage erected over the hold of the "Christiana," helping to unload the steaiper, when, in consequence of the swell caused by the "La Marguerite," the stage was upset, and the plaintiff and another man fell into the hold. As the result of the accident he had been un- able to work since. William Lewis Owen gave evidence. In cross-examination by Mr Thornton Jones, who appeared for the defendant Company, the plaintiff said he had been receiving 10a. a week compensation since the acci- dent, equal to half his wages. He had been engaged at the work described for about ten years, and during the past five years the "La Marguerite" had been run- ning past the place. The mate and agent were in charge of the operations, but neither of them warned him to get off when the "La Marguerite" came. William Jones, the other victim of the accident, gave similar evidence. He attributed the accident to, the effects of the "La Marguerite's" wash. He had on pre- vious occasions been warned to stop work under similar circumstances, but was not warned on the present occasion. He thought the "Christiana" was fast aground and that lit was quite safe to. go on with his work. Dr. Lloyd gave evidence as to the in- juries. Mr Thornton Jones submitted that no case of negligence had been made out. The Judge said that the evidence of negligence was very slight. He was pre- pared at that stage to hold that ships navigating the Straits should be navigated in such a manner as was consistent with the safety of other vessels. On previous occasions the men working on the "Christiana" had been stopped, but that was not done on this occasion. They thought they were safe. Mir Thornton Jones: Exactly, ithat is the key to the situation. It was their own negligence. Captain Young, Mr Joseph Fraser (chief engineer), Mr J. R,. Jones (chief officer), Captain Owen (Bangor Pier Master), and Captain Langdon, R.N. (of the Clio Training Ship) all gave evidence to the effect that on the occasion in question the "La Marguerite" was handled with the usual care and judgment shown by Cap- tain Young. Captain Langdon said he had often admired the splendid way in which the "La Marguerite" was brought alongside the Bangor Landing Stage, and he could suggest nothing that Captain Young could have done that he had not done under the circumstances. His Honour reserved judgment.