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-___--AN APPEAL,




ST. GEORGES LITERARY AND DEBATING -SOCIETY. At the meeting of this Society, at the- Church House, on Thursday night before, a large audience, Mr Flash read a most interesting paper on "The emancipatdon of the Jews." He traced the history of the Jews and their struggles for political freedom, com- mencing from the time of vohe Norman Conquest, and argued that most of their troubles were brought about because they lived up to and could not abandon their ancient faith. He gave, an exhaustive account of the trials W they had endured -9 and of the indignities they had been sub- jected to. He dwelt elaborately on the persistent opposition of the House of Lords against the wishes of the people ZD voiced by the, House of Commons in favour of granting the British Jews their just rights as citizens, but rejoiced in the fact that now even the House of Lords testifies to their patriotism and good citizenship, and concluded by showing how 1 Z71, Jews and Gentiles are working amicably together for the welfare of the Empire. In the discussion that followed it was suggested by Mr Sutton Jones that by reason of the vocations pursued by the Jews they have drawn on themselves the dislike of the people. He mentioned that one seldom hears of a Jewish mechanic, and never of a Jewish farmer. The discussion was followed by Mr Aspell, who charged the Jews of cutting down the wages of the working class and their unwillingness to join a, trade union. Mr Laserson, who followed, completely refuted Mr Aspell s arguments by citing instances upon instances of trade unions composed and created entirely by Jews. He also dwelt on the charge which was brought by a, speaker of the unwillingness of the Jews to join the army. After men- tioning undisputed official facts of Jews serving in the British Army out of all preponderancSi to their numbers, he gave an instance of a member of his own family who rose from the ranks to be a commis- sioned officer and went through the Boer War. Other speakers were Messrs Higgin- bottom, Brookes, Hornsby and Cheetham. After Mr Flash had replied, a hearty vote of thanks wa,s proposed by Mr Aspell and seconded by Mr Hornsby. It was then announced that the next meeting would be notified in the Press after the X m as va,a,tion.

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