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--oJ BREAKING UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS. PRiTZEI DISTRIBUTIONS AT LOCAL SCHOOLS. CHALLENGE SHIELD FOR ATTENDANCE WON' BY DYFFRYN ROAD SCHOOL. The policy of the Carnarvon Oounty Council in awarding prizes for regular attendance ha-sbeen justified by the marked improvement shewn each year by the chil- dren attending the elementary schools of the town, both provided and non-provided. A challenge shield is given in each dis- trict. for the school with the highest per- centage of attendance. This year the shield for the Llandudno-Conway district has been won by the Dyffryn Road School, of which the headmaster is Mr J. Vaughan Humphreys, with a, percentage of over 97 per cent. This record was closely fol- lowed by the new Council School on the the Grerut Orme, with Lloyd Street. Boys a good third. A remarkable, feature in connection with the Great Orme School is the fact that one-third of the total num- ber of soholars on the register gained prizes in connection with which it should be remembered that no scholar is given a prize who has made less than 99 per cent, of the possible number of attendances. The prize-giving at this school took place on Tuesday evening, Alderman Robert Roberts, chairman of the Board of Man- agers presiding, and was supported by the Rev. H. Bryn Davies, Mr Wm. Ellis, and Mr W. J. Roberts. The following report, of an inspection of the school made by His Majesty's Inspector on July 24th was read: "Exceedingly good progress has been made during the year in all phases of the work. The resourcefulness of the Head Mistress is shewn by an interesting course of instruction, and the skilful manner with which this has been secured. The discipline of the school is particularly good, and a, creditable level of efficiency has been attained. The punctuality of the pupils is steadily increasing. "The percentage attendance of the school for the last school year, ending July 31st, 1908, was 96.3 One third of the school being entitled to prizes. 'Twelve to first-class., and eleven to second prizes." Commencing on this, the Chairman ere presenting the prizes, said that the thanks of all were due to Miss Davies, the head- mistress and her assistant, Miss Roberts. The following children received prizes:- Jennie Pritchard, Marjorie Jones, Jen- nie Rowlands, Edith Edwards, James Woodburn, Joseph Woodburn, Ted die Vale, Albert Vale, John Herbert Jones, Emily Jones, Ellen Jones, Archie Roberts, Ruth Beswick, Ellis Griffith, Gwladys Griffiths, Jane Owen, E. J. Wil- liams, EI. A. Harris. Anne J. Davies, Ehiily Davies, Robert Edwards. During the evening an interesting pro- gramme of songs, recitations, etc., was given by the children. Special praise being due to little Lena Bromley, whose elocutionary powers came as is a great surprise to all present. Programme — Hymn, "Cysegrwn flaenfrwyth ddydcliau'n hoes"; Chairman's address; chorus, 4 "Gogonianit i Gymru"; recitation, Maggie E. Jones; song, "Os 'rwyt t'n fy ngharu, i," Idwal Jones and Co.; recitation, Nora Wilsdon chorus, "By yon bonny banks" recitation, "Myfi sy'n niagu'r baban," Maggie E. Jones and Co.; .chorus, "Gipsies we" recitation, Sydney Burton song, "Y deryn pur," Sydney Beswick and Co. recitation, "Y Gwew" rod drill; ,chorus "Hob y Derri Dando" recitation, Lena Bromley; chorus and solo, "Pe bawn yn r'hosyn" recitation, Kathleen Harris; "Hen wlad fy Nhadau." At the conclusion each child was pre- sented with a bun and orange. L/LOYD STREET BOYS. This distribution of the prizes to the scholars of this school took place in the Schoolroom, Air Wm. Bevan presiding, supported by the other managers, and in the presence of a large number of the parents, for whose delectation a number of English and Welsh airs were rendered. Mir D. W. Thomas, the headmaster, took ') the opportunity of thanking the parents for their unremitting efforts in the cause of education by helping to secure the very excellent attendance of 95 per cent for the year. From the subjoined list, it will be noticed that four boys received watches for making' full attendance, for five years, and three for full attendance for three years. The following is the complete list: Watch Prize Winners William Brooks, Edgar Jones, Robert Wright, Edward Williams. Medallists: Norman Atkinson, Win. Gard} iner. 100 Per Cloi-it: Ernest Jones, Gordon Jones, John Edward Hughes, Bernard Williams, Edgar Jones, Baden Owen, Richard Ronald Thomas, Wm. Roberts, Wm. Brookes, Ga,radoc Evans, Idwal Morris, Harold Gatley, Reggie Hughes, John Seal, Eli as Evans, Norman AGkin- son, Lewis Griffiths, Wm. Hughes, Wm. Kyffin, John H. Jones, Edgar Atkinson, Wm. Gardiner, Arthur Hockey, Clarence Keigwin, George Neal, Robert Wright, Edward Williams, George Williams. 99 Per Cent: George Cureton, Idwal Kyffin,, John Lever, Herbert Smith, Corner Wynne, Thomas Davies, Richard Cheetham, W. Hickey, Owen Jones, Percy Jones, George Leigh, Jimrnie Richardson, Arthur Robests, J. Clyde Thomas, W. Gregory, Wi lfred Toniieson, Shed Roberts, George Westhead, Leonard Bloomer, Wm. Owen Davies, Dan Davies, Ivor Jones, Ogwen Jones, Edward Jones, John B. Jones, Robert lioberts, Herman Spahn, Edward Williams, George Ei. Robert..s, Ivor Roberts, Thomas H. Roberts, Wm. Owen Thomas, Wm. Gat- ley, How-el Jones, Wm. Nixon, Edgar Bloomer. John Gledhill, Win. Thomas 1N T [ones, George Storey, Alun D. Jones. ■I" ill fclllil LLOYD STREET GIRLS. The Prince's Theatre on Thursday night was packed to its utmost capacity for the prize presentation, and the schemes under the leadership of Miss Hughes, the head- mistress, gave two short musical pieces. Great, pains had been taken by the staff in the training of the children, and too much praise cannot be given to the rendition of each piece One and all were delighted, and shewed their appreciation in no un- certain manner. Space does not, permit of more than the mere mention of the various items and caste. The proceed- ings opened with "Little Bo-Beep," the caste being:—Bo-peep, Miss Florrie Roberts; queen of the fairies, Miss Myfanwy M. Jones; chief of the fairies, Miss Helen Roberts; Mischief Miss Gwennie Edwards; choir, third and fourth standard girls. Progr anin-ie Chorus, "Rejoice! what joy is ours!" Choir; recit., The Queen; chorus (a), "Little aiden, dry their tears" (b) "Hush- anbye," Choir; solo, "Gently tread and whisper low," Chief of Fairies; dialogue, Queen and Mischief; Chorus, "Lullaby," Choir; recit. and solo, "Ah me! 'twas but a dream," Bo-Peep; chorus (a), "Prithee, gentle Shepherdess"; (b), "Rejoice! they all are found," Choir; recit., Mischief; solo, "My Sheep have lost their little tails," Bo-Peep; dialogue, Queen and Mischief; chorus, "Listen,, little Shep- 0,4 herdess," Choir; solo, "Dearest, kindest, best of Fairies," Bo-Peep; recit., The Queen; solo and chorus, "Let us trip our fairy feet," Chief and Fairies; dance; final chorus, "Now the day is geiitlv wan- ing," Choir. The second part consisted of a perform- ance of "Britannia, Queen of the Ocean." The character were —Britannia, Miss Nellie Hill; Scotia, Miss Lorna Evans; Erin, Miss- Lily Thomas; Wales, Miss Elizabeth Jones Australians, Misses M. Edwards and A. Thomas; Indian Prin- cess, Miss Miinnie Nixon; Hindoos, Misses D. G. Jones, D Thomas, M Fisher, and O Roberts; Cape Colonists, Misses E. Clough and J. Hughes; Kaffirs. Misses F'. M. Williams, O. Jones and R. Davies; Canadians, Misses Ph. Fildes, B. Roberts, O1. Hughes, and M, E, Roberts; Isles of the Sea, Misses S. Hill, J. Jones, T. Thomas, D. Clarke, E. Dencer, F. Davies, R, Gledhill, B. Jones, M. Jones, D. Owen, M. Owen, and S. Parsons; Choir, fifoh, sixth and seventh standard I 1 L 2 girls; ponies, sailors, ete¿ second standard girls; chorus, "Hail! Britannia," Choir; solo, "Mother of a Myriad Race," Britan- nia; chorus, "The Triple Throne is set," Choir; trio, "The Rose, the Thistle, and the Shamrock," Britannia, Scotia and Erin; solo, "he Red, Red Rose," Britan- nia; solo, "I sing 'The Thistle'" Scotia; solo, "The Shamrock is Ireland's Pride," Erin; recit. "I am a Nation," Wales; chorus, "Gallant Little Wales," Choir; solo, "Gogoniant i Gymru," Wales; chorus, "Call to Remembrance," Choir; chorus, "Advance, Australia," Choir; solo and Chorus, "The Cornstalks," Austral- ians dueft, "From the East there comes a Maid," Scotia and Erin; recit., "Hither I come," Indian Princess; chorus, "Who come's here?" Choir; solo, "Followers of Livingstone," Brittania; song and chorus, "The Capes there are," Cape Colonists; Canadian March,, The Ponies; chorus, ^Sleighing," Choir; song and -chorus' "Where Atlantic breakers roar," Cana- dians; song, "We are Isles of the Sea," Twelve Maidens chorus, "Now, 0 Queen, assembled here," Choir; solo. "Mother of a Myriad Race," Britannia; chorus, "Federation," Choir; final chorus, "Rule, Britannia," Choir. During the interval Mr Wm. George, who presided, distributed the prizes., and in a, short address referrd to the great strides made in the cause, of education since, not so very many years ago, old soldiers, pensioners and others of a like nature was considered the proper persons to educate the youth of the country. He appealed to the parents present to assist in every way the efforts of the teachers.- (Applause.) The following received prizes 100 Per Cent: Winnifred Jones, Oissie Ryan, May Williams, Marian Lloyd, Bessie Owen, Ruth Gledhill, Gladys Brown, Rosa M. Gardiner, Myfanwy M. Jones, Ellsie Wise beak, Blodwen Jones, Nellie Wlisebeck, Maggie Roberts, Marion Gledhill, Laura A. Evans, Gwennie Edwards, Lydia Jones, Winifred Roberts, Sara hRoberts, Lizzie Evans, Beatrice Jones, Alice Ryan, Beatrice. Cartwri-ght, Jennie Picton, Blodwen Lloyd, Judith Jones, Isabella, Owen, Nellie Evans, Maggie Jones, Sarah Picton, Annie Edwards, Sarah Evans, Nellie Lunt, Ger- trude Jones. 99 Per Cent: Lily Thomas, Sarah Hill, Edith Hughes, Jennie Hughes, Frances Cheetham, Mary Davies, Doris Williams, Evelyn Dencer, Buddug Jones, Dwynwen Owen, May Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Mary E. Rowlands, Ethel Rawling, Annie Dun- ford, Bessie Jones, Annie Kendrick Jones, Olwen Williams, Nellie Lunt, Gwladys Robertas, Amy Keigwen, Em-wen Thomas, Violet Jones, Ada Williams, Sarah Ryan, Florence Moss, Charlotte Macmillan, Gwendoline Owen, Elsther Ryan, Minnie Oliver, Mary Ellen J-ones^ Annie. Parry, Beatrice Hogan, Amy Hazelhurst, Judith Roberts. gr. GEORiGE,'Sr SCHOOL. The prize distribution at St. George's School took place on Fi-iday, the Rev. LI. R. Hughes, M.A. (rector) presiding, and Dr. DaHon presenting the prizes. Mr J. Adey Wells, Mtr Pierce Jones and others were presnt:—The following were the re- cipients —< 100 Per Oent: Frances Brown, Catherine Williams^ Bessie Kitson, Lily Williams, Florrfie Nicholson, Arthur Jones, Fred Kitson, Herny Hutt, Sidney Jacques, Nellie Brown, Edward Lodge, George Richards, William Quinn, Percy Healey, Nellie Salisbury. 99 Pea." Clent: Rebecca. Killen, Wm. J. Hobson, Irene Petters, T'om Petters, Wil- fred Hughes, Maud Quinn, Doris Healy, Lewis Edwards, Elsie Elll-is, Phyllis Healey, Margaret Lloyd, Sidney Aubrey, -r- I Edith Vale, Richard Jones, Eric Win- I stanley, Harr), Bigland, Percy Davies, Sarah Anne Davies. Four years full attendance Fred Kit- son, George Richards, Arthur C. Jones. Three years' full attendance Henry Hutt, Percy Healey, Frances Brown, Nellie Brown. Infants: Bertha Roberts, Edith Ellis, Harry Ward, Elizabeth Quin, James Smith, Sarah J. Ra-wling-Sj Wilfred Peters, Will tain E. Rawlings, Harry Hughes, Louisa Brian, Charles Jones, Percy Lowe, Joe Evans, Mary Jones, Gladys Hasiop, William Cope, John Hughes. DYFFRYN ROAD SCHOOL. For the purpose of receiving the shield for the highest percentage of attendance in the district, Mr J. Vaughan Humphreys and his scholars gave an entertainment in the Town Hall on Wednesday evening', the hall being crowded. Alderman John Owen presided, and presented the children with their prizes. In connection with the following list special mention should be made of the record of Evelyn Brown, who has on previous occasions received both a medal and a watch. Her photo has been exhibited in the Franco-Exhibition, and she has received a special certificate from the Carnarvonshire. Education Authoritv. The awards were as follows — Evelyn Brown, 10 years' full atten- dency Sam Brown, 5 years (watch); Arthur Eivans, 3 years (medal); Maggie Davies, 3 years (medal). 100 Per Cent, Alex G. Thomas, Leonard Davies, Enid Williams, Thomas Edward Hewitt, Daniel Jones, Robert John Roberts, Gwladys Evans, Eifion Lewis, Norman Williams, Elsie Brown, Lizzie Jones, Lilian Jones. Willie J. Hewitt, Trevor Lewis, Edith Hughes, Gertie Roberts. 99 Per Cent. John Thomas, Cecil Evans, David Williams, Irene Evans, Hugh Edwards, William Thomas, I Iorwerth Williams, John Williams, Jos, Lew, John H. Williams, William Wil- liams, Gwennie Hughes, Reggie Jones, Fanny Owen, Richard H. Williams, Ethel H. Evans, Maurice Peacock, Glyn Wil- liams, Ljizzie Williams, Horace Williams, Lewis Edwards.. David Thomas, Charlie Wheeler, May Berry, Owen Jones. ST. BEUNO'S SCHOOL. GREAT ORME. The prize distribution for good atten- dance took place at this school on Thurs- day afternoon, in the presence of the managers and parents. Thirty books were given to the scholars, making 99 and 100 per cent, attendance. Mrs Hughes, The Rectory, presented the prizes. Afterwards a dialogue by the children, introducing a Christmas Tree, bearing over 70 gifts, Miss Buckley and Miss Conway distri- buting these to the infants. The head teacher Mrs Rovle, desires' to thank the managers and other kind friends who con- tributed towards the Christmas Tree gifts. The whole proceedings passed off very successfully.


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