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LOCAL NEWS. EXPERIENCE Y ARTED.-The Clerk read at the Llandudno Health Committee a number of letters received from towns possessing a Destructor, with regard to complaints as to smell arising from the burning of refuse, from which it appeared that experience varied. The Clerk also stated that the Electrical Engineer hoped shortly to be able to report upon an apparatus intended to minimize such com- plaints. COUNCIL'S WORKMEN AND THE HOLIDAYS.—The Assistant Engineer re- minded the Finance Committee that it is usual for Lhe Council to grant holidays at Christmas to their permanent workmen, for which they are paid full time, and he asked for instructions with regard to the payment for the holidays of the extra men engaged on the several new works. It was decided to pay only the permanent men for the holidays. SATURDAY NIGHT POPS.—Last Saturday night, those in the Town Hall enjoyed a very pleasant magic lantern en- tertainment, which had been arranged by Mr Gilder Rowlands. The lantern was lent by Mr A. H. Hughes. A variety of beautiful views were thrown on the screen, including illustrations to songs, given by Miss Woodcock, and Mr Peacock, and recitations by Mrs Watson, Mrs and Miss Squirrell. Mr J. Bellis presided, and Miss Mudd acted as accompanist. GREAT ORME: RESERVOIR LEASE. -The draft lease of the Great Orme Re- servoir and Pumping Station has again been under consideration of the Water and Gas Committee. The Clerk was asked to communicate with the lessor pointing out the annual loss on the Great Orme portion of the water undertaking of the Council, and to enquire whether I I in the circumstances he will not reduce the rent to a more nominal figure than that agreed upon some years ago. ELECTRICITY GENERATED—The total number of units of electricity generated this year to December 2nd was 821,828, an increase of 372,,981 as com- pared with the corresponding period of last year. From October 29th to Decem- ber 2nd, 117,101 units were made, an increase of 22,420 as compared with a similar period last year. THE! CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS.— We understand that there is a movement on foot among the drapers and outfitters' assistants of Llandudno in order to obtain the closing of such establishments from Thursday night, December 24th to the following Tuesday morning, thus allow- ing them four clear days' holiday, an arrangement which has already been de- cided upon in many large towns. MAKE OF GAS.—The total make of gas to November 28th of this year was 55,717,000 cubic feet, an increase of 315,000 as compared with the correspond- ing period of last year. The total make from Ototober 31st to November 28th was 5,907,000 cubic feet, an increase of 20,000 as compared with a similar period in 190. ALLOTMENTS.—The Clerk read cor- respondence at a meeting of the Llan- dudno Finance Committee he had had with Messrs Smiths, Gore and Co. and the Mostyn Estate, with reference to land for allotments adjoining Conway Road, and stated that he had asked for draft agree- ments with regard thereto to be submitted to him. Arrangements had been made with the tenants for the land to be given up to the Council in February next. The Clerk was instructed to prepare, agree- ments with the tenants in King's Road who haxe expressed the desire to become tenants of the allotments in front of the King's Road Houses. A Round Robin was presented to the Committee calling attention to the! fact that unless a path is made through the land which is to be used for allotments in King's Road which can be used by pedestrians wishing to get from King's Road to Trinity Street, con- siderable inconvenience will be occasioned to the residents locally. The Assistant Engineer stated that a path will be left at the end of the allotments. The Rev. D. T. Jones, Lampeter, has been appointed curate of St. Mary's, Banigor.