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WILL, OF FAIHEPL, IGNATIUS. SOME INTERESTING BEQUESTS. The Rev. Joseph Leycester Lyne, of Llanthony Abbey, founder and Superior of Llanthony Abbey, left estate of the gross value of £2,510 lis., of which the net personalty has been sworn at J3984 5s. lid. His will bears date 21st November, 1906, and probate thereof had been granted to his cousin, the Rev. R. A. Lyne, of Woolhope Vicarage, Here- ford, his adopted son, Mr W. L. Lyne, secretary, of Maes-y-ffin, Abergavenny, A. Harris (Father Asaph, monk of Llan- thony Abbey), and Mr E. A. Collier, of London. After appointing executors, the testator says —"I render into the hands of my Lord Jesus Christ my body, soul and spirit, which are Brls by oreiaition and by the purchase of His most previous blood on Calvary." Father Ignatius leaves the Monastery of Llanthony, the Convent and Monastery Church, and the gardens and other lands (if any) now held and enjoyed therewith, including the farms of Trecae and Ty- Gwyne, and all that they contain unto Father Asaph and Jessie Dew (in re- ligion Mother Tudfil), of the Convent of Llanthony, absolutely, as jexint tenants, subject to the right of his adopted son, W. L. Lyn8i, for life to continue farming i the lands of the said Monastery as he is now farming at a nominal rent of Is., in return for the service which he renders and shall render to the Monastery as heretofore. J £ 600 Mexican Central American stock, j £ 300 Melbourne City 4 per cents, £ 300 New South Wales 4 per cents, and his West Kent Gas shares, upon trust, to pay his funeral expenses, debts, and the duties on hi,s property, to Father Asaph and Mother Tudfil. To Thomasina, wife of W. L. Lyne, all his diaries and private papers, to be burned forthwith. To Thomasina Lyne, Father Asaph, and Mother Tudfil, in equal shares, all the cash in his money drawer in his cell at his decease, as some provision for their immediate needs. To W. L. Lyne the furniture and pic- tures in his cell, the sofa in the library, his sideboard and sarcophagus, and 25 books from his library. To Sister Rose, of Llanthonv Convent, his mission Bible. v To "dear little Josephine," daughter of W. L. Lyne. all the black carved furni- ture in the Monastery. To the Baroness de Bertouch the silver crucifix which he wore and his ring. The executors are directed to select from his library one book "for my kind friend, Mr Howell James, of the Aber- gavenny Bank." The residue of the property is left to his adopted son, W. L. Lyne, and Thomasina, his wife, in equal shares. Father Ignatius finally states,: "L:et my tired-out body, which is and ever will be in my Precious Saviour of Jesus' care, be buried when it shows signs of decay quite inexpensively where and as my executors may think fit. It is redeemed by the precious blood, as well as is my immortal spirit, with Christ, which is very far better, when you, my dear chil- dren, are reading this my last will and testament." The form of his signature to the will is'—"J. Leycester Lyne, In Religion Ignatius of Jesus, Monk, O'.S.B."

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