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LLANDUDNO CRICKET CLUB. ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting of the Llandudno Cricket Club was held at the Queen's Hotel on Monday evening, Mr A. G. Rogers presiding. The following: were present: -Messrs A. D. r. Marks, Howel Jones, J. Inglis, Goodman Jones, J. Smith, C. N. Jones, Edward Jones, J. J. Marks, J. W. Gardiner, and E. P. Morris. THE SECRETARY'S REPORT. Mr E. P. Morris, honorary secretary, read his annual report showing that from a playing point of view the Club had not enjoyed a very successful season, of the matches played four only being won, 9 lost, and 6 drawn. The main reason for that was the difficulty of raising a decent eleven for the away matches. The Club had, however, never failed to keep an engagement, even if the journey had to be made with seven players only.—(Ap- plause.) The services of the captain (O. N. Jones) were greatly missed in the away matches, he being unable for business reasons to take part. The services of Mr George Field had also been greatly missed during the season. Several former mem- bers of the, Club had been badly bitten with the golf fever, and he (the secretary) appealed to them to return to their first love for the summer in view of the fact that there were plenty of facilities for en- joying the lajtter in the winter.—(Hear, hear.) THE AVERAGES. Turning to individuals the Secretary said that, the four highest batting averages were:-A. Halstead 9 innings, once not out, 189 runs, averse 23.5; A. N. Wills, 11 innjings, once not out, 219 runs, average 21.9; Rev. W. E'. Jones, 10 innings, 159 runs, once not out, average 17.1; C. N. Jones, 9 innings, once not out, 88 runs, average 11. Bowling: Howel Jones, 16 wickets at 15.9 each; Rev. W. EL Jones, 14 wickets at 16 runs each, and J. Smith 9 wickets at 17 runs each. Only one century had been scored on behalf of the Club, during the year, and that by C. N. Wills (104 not out) who had proved a most valuable acquisition to the Club. THE FUTURE. County cricket, continued the Secre- tary, had been very flourishing during the year, but only one, Llandudno player (Rev. W. E. Jones) had taken part in County matches. With regard to the future the Committee had seriously considered the question, and had come to the conclusion that if the Club was to retain its position a professional should be engaged. With a view of bringing thait about the Com- mittee had approached the Mostyn Estate and been most favourably received.— (Hear, hear.) In concluding, the Com- mittee wished to 'thank the Llandudno Pier Company for allowing notices of matches to be posted in the Pavilion, and to the T.IA. for inserting similar notices in the weekly programme; Mr Burgess for auditing the accounts, and Mr J. R. Elvans for acting as an efficient scorer.. On the motion of Mr Howel Jones, the report was adopted. FINANCIAL STATEMENT. Mr Howel Jones, hon. treasurer, pro- posed the adoption of the accounts as pre- sented, showing that the Club had a balance in hand of £2.3 13s. 7d., or a loss on tlhe year's working of £:6. Mr Eldward Jcnes seconded, and the members unani- mously approved their adopts on. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The following officers were then elected President, The Right Hon. Lord Mostyn; captain, Mr Howel Jones; vice-captain, Rev. W. E. Jones, secretary; Mr E. P. Morris; treasurer, Mr Edward Jones; committee, Messrs A. G. Rogers, A: D. T. Marks, J. Inglis, W. Wood, C. F. Farrington, Goodman Jones, and Dr. Lockhart Mure. The vice-presidents were re-elected^ and the names of Mr J. W. Gardiner and Dr. Travis added to the list. THE ENGAGEMENT1 OF A PROFESSIONAL. The Chairman introduced the question of engaging a professional for the year 1909, and said the Committee had been very kindly met by Lord Mostyn, who had reduced the rent of the ground as an experiment to see if the engagement of a professional and coach would bring out younger players. He (the speaker) was most anxious to see the Club firmly estab- lished, and the game encouraged, and be- lieved that the step would be a, good one. At present it was the hardest work in the world to get a team together for away matches, and something must be done to remedy that state of things. Mr E'dward Jones also supported the proposal to engage a professional pro- vided the final arrangements with the Mos- I zD tyn Estate would enable them to do so. The Club had a balance in hand which would enable them to undertake the ex- perimenit, for one year, but he saw no rea- son Why that, balance should not be kept up. He felt that it is absolutely necessary for the future of the Club that a profes- sional should be engaged. Mr E. P. Morris then detailed the ex- penditure which would be entailed by the engagement of a professional, showing that with the reduction of rent promised bv Lord Mostyn the Club would be able to meet all its liabilities next, year if the step was taken, the figures being based on the income of the past season. A general discussion followed, and finally Mr Howel Jones proposed that a professional be engaged provided a clause was inserted in the agreement between the Mostyn Estate and the Club allowing the groundsman the use of the appliances on the Cricket Ground, he to be entirely re- sponsible for the care of the ground used for cricket., the preparation of wickets, etc. This was unanimously agreed to, and the Committee given full powers to act in the matter. The Secretary reported that twenty re- plies had been received in response to an advt. in the "Athletic News" for a groundsman and professional at a weekly r wage of 25s. for twenty weeks, and that the Committee had reduced the number to fiver. T'he application of the five were read, together with their testimonials, and finally the number was reduced to two. i.e., W. Diaviesi of T'amworth, and A. E. Hartley, last season with Lymm, and residing at Nelson. Both are medium pace left arm bowlers with good averages. The final selection (provided the agree- ment was satisfactorily arranged with the Mostyn Estate) was left to the Committee and Mr J. J. Marks, who is a member of the Lancashire County Club.

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