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CHESS. (CONDUCTED BY A. LASERS ON). All communications to be addressed to The Chess Editor, "Advertiser" Office. Saturday, Dec. 12th, 1908. ANSWE8 TO CORRESPONDENTS, H. H.—There was an attempt made to start a wrestling club in connection with the Chess Club, but, the Com- mittee when approached would not have any (I don't think.) Mate in 2.—Although it is said that a Britisher's home his Castle, yet, the fact remains that if the King were to remove from his Castle he would not be able to again "Castile." Anxious.—Yes, the Prince of Wales is an enthusiastic chess player. w "TT Der Gerwald. 1 Black. White. White to move and eompeIl black to mate! him in 25 moves on his (White's) Q RiSq. 4 THE PROPOSED NORTH WALES CHESS ASSOCIATION. With a view to forming a North Wales Chess Association representatives are being called together from the various Clubs in the district for a meeting;, which has been arranged to take place at Chester on Wednesday, the 16th inst. Eiach of the following Clubs have promised to send either two or three members to take part in the discus:s,ion: Ha,ngor, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Abergele, Rhyl, Flint, Den- bigh, Ruahon and Wrexham. Messrs J. Raymond, H. Higginbottom, and A. Laserson are to represent the Llandudno Club, The meeting will be preceded by a match, the teams to consist of players from the various Carnarvonshire Clubs, on one side and Denbighshire and Flintshire players on the other side. The match will probably commence at 3-30! p.m. or 4 p.m. It has taken a good many years to call a meeting of this size, and the honour of having accomplished such a difficult task can undoubtedly be claimed by Mr T. H. Allbutt, of Old Colwyn, who, with the assistance of Mr Wills, the hon. sec. of the Colwyn Bay Chess Club, and one or two members of the Llandudno Club, have worked for months trying to bring the different North Wales Chess Clubs into line with his views, and at length succeed- ed, and now it seems that his one ambition, which is to form a first-clast. Chess Asso- ciation, will be ratified. The secretary pro. tem. of the movement is Mr Wills, of Colwyn Bay. The main object of the Chester meeting is the framing of the rules, election of officers, etc. The Prince of Wales will probably be asked to be hon. patron to the Association, and the Lord Lieutenants of the Welsh Northern Counties to become hon. vice-presidents. Played at the first, board in the match between Llandudno and Colwyn Bay: White. Black. Mr A. Laserson. Mr E. D. Rowland. 1. P—K4 P—QB4 2. P-KB4 P-K3 3. Kt—KB3 Kt—QB3 4. P— QB3 BK2 5. P-Q4 PxP 6. PxP P—Q4 7. P K5 P—KB3 8. B—Kt5 B—Q2 9. BxKt BxB 10'. Cajstles PxP 11 PxP P -R3 12. Q—Bi2 KQ2 13. P—QR3 B—BSiq 14. P1—Kt4 PR5 15. Kt—QB3 Kt—K2. 16. Kt-,R4 QKSq 17. Kt,—R4 B xKit, 18. QxBch Kit-B3 19. PKJtS PxP 20. QxP Kt—B2 21. R'i—KtiSq R—Kt.Sq 22. P—R4 KtxP 23. Q-Kt6 ch K—iBSq 24. QxKt, QB3 25. Kt—Kt 6 B-B4 26. Kt checks BxB 27. B-K3 K—Q2 28. KR—BSiq Q—113 29. R—Kt6 QR,4 30. Q-Kt4 K—KSq 31. QxP K-QSiq 32. RxP And whiiite wins. CHESS TEATS. V" That the result of the match with Oolwvn Biay was satisfactory in. every way. That looking at the results of the matcihes during tuo kst couple of years it, would seem that the Llandudno Club can both win well and lose badly. That this may speak well for consistency,. but we would rather that the games lost were not, so numerous. That during the match a Llandudno player touched a piece and then wanted to make a move with another piece. That of course his opponent objected, and it took some time to persuade the Llan- dudnoite that his opponent's demand was a just, one. That the Llandudnoite kept repeating that his opponent made a similar mistake ip the match at Colwyn Bay. That if that really was the case it should have been settled on the spot and not nursed so long. That, according to the rules of Chess the Coilwyn Bayite was certainly entitled to ask him to move the piece he first touched. That in matches players should keep to strict touch move or else pay the penalty.



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