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LOOKING BACKWARDS. ) LLANDUDNO TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO. 1 Under the above title we purpose giving weekly in the "Advertiser" extracts from our files of a quarter of a century ago, relating to interesting local events which many ,Jl our readers will recall, and these will not be without interest to the younger generation who will know many of those who took an active part in the various events dealt with. THE ANNUAL SPORTS. The annual Saturnalia took place on the Commissioners Field on Wednesday last, and was a great success. The sport in some of the races was exciting; the ■attendance large, and the entries eclipsed all previous records. The day was beautifully fine, and every- one enjoyed the outing. The following were the officials: -J-Lt(-ces, Dr. Bold Williams, J.P., and Mr G. F'. Felton; stewards, Messrs George Brookes (chair- man), Daniel Phillips, T. P. Davies, John Owen, G. H. Hooper, Captain Lester, P. McMahon, Robert Parry, and William Smith; starter, Mr D. H. Owen; treasurer. The N.P. Bank; secretary, Mr H. O. Evans, Avenham Villa. RESULTS. Quarter of a mile race for men: 1, John Roberts; 2, Robert Roberts. Orme's Head Stakes, for the best per- formance over hurdles 1, Robt. Roberts's "Polly' 2 George Brookes's "tSteel." Hackney'Stakes, distance 1 miles: 1, 2 E. 'R. Daines's "Kitty" 2, Morris Jones's "Kildare." Cart horse scramble race, distance one mile: 1, R. H. Owens' "Fan"; 2, Robert Roberts's "Diamond." 200 yards foot race for men: 1, Wm. Lewis; 2, John Roberts. Pabo Hall Stakes (open steeplechase), distance 2 miles: 1, John Fisher's 2 "Pretty Face" 2, Mr Taplen's "Killar- ney." The Gogarth Stakes, for ponies not ex- ceeding 14 hands, distance 1 miles 1, 2 David Davies's "Try Again; 2, Mr T'ap- len's "Pastime." C, The Gloddaeth Stakes, over four flights of hurdles 1, J. Poinon's "Jenny Lind"; 2, John Fisher's "Lizzie." The Creuddyn Open Stakes, a Galloway race: 1, E. R. Daines's "Kitty"; 2, John Fisher's "Lizzie." J. Whiston's "Jack," though not entered, joined in the race, and the jockey struck "Kitty" across the face in going round the course, and at the close of the race "Jack" was ridden off the field, and was followed by a great many of the spectators, who would have "lynched" the jockey if they could have caught him. In his mad career through the streets one or two accidents occurred to children in perambulators. Mostyn Stakes, Open Steeplechase 1, Mr Taplen's "Rillarney"; 2, E). R. Daines's "Kitty." The conduct of some of the spectators in obstructing the course and waving their hats tOo prevent the timid horse., "Pretty Face," in taking the water jump was also reprehensible. Craigydon Consolation Stakes: 1, "Tudao Lass."—"Llandudno Advertiser" September 19,th, 1885. THE BOATMEN'S* REGATTA. The boatmen on the shore organised a regatta, which took place in the bay on Monday la,st, and, thanks to the liberal subscriptions which were given by patrons of this pastime. o- The day opened wretchedly, it rained incessantly, notwithstanding which the beach was lined with spectators, and some capital sport was witnessed. Hugh Edwards, Berkeley House, was hon, treasurer; W. Owen, secretary, and J. Edwards, J. Hughes, J. H. Johnson, and J. Jones comprised the committee. It may interest posterity to know that W. Smith officiated as starter and judge. The following were the events FHrst-class sailing boats not exceeding 26 feet keel. A grand race ensued be- tween Juno and Fyro, resulting in favour of the former. The latter was compelled to luff within fifty yards of the flag boat in order to weather a boat, at anchor, and lost some way. In the first round Juno led by two and ■a half minutes. In the second time round Tyro shook out some reefs, and rapidly overhauled the Juno-, the Juno winning by 25 seconds. The victors were loudly cheered, and so were the Tyro crew. Pro- fessor Beaumont's "Catch Me" had her sails carried away, and one or two acci- dents occurred to sailing craft. Race for open sailing boats 1, Great Orme; 2, City of Liverpool. 1st class four-oared boat race 1, Pas- time; 2, St. Tudno. 2nd class four-oared boat race: 1, Gelert; 2, Prince Arthur. Pair oared boat race: 1, Petrol 2, Lilly; 3, Feather. Punt race: 1, Lilly; 2, Petrel; 3, M'isletoe. Sculling race: 1, Curlen; 2, Silver Spray. 100 yards swimming race for boatmen 1, W. Hughes; 2, J. Jones. 100 yards handicap 1, W. Owen (12); 2, W. H. Jones (18); 3, H. Weisbeck (scratch). Walking greasy pole: J. Hughes.- September 19th, 1885. Å < THE WELSH WESLEYANS. The Rev. Hugh Hughes has been ap- pointed to the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel in Llandudno, and we believe he will enter upon his duties this week and preach his first sermon here on Sunday night. He is an eloquent preacher in both EngLsh and Welsh, and is also a, warm advocate of the temperance movement.—'September 19th, 1885. » MASONIC. A Convocation of the Royal Arch chap- ter, "Segonhium," will be held in the Masonic n Hall, Carnarvon Castle, on Thursday next, October 1st. C'omp. T. J H. Summerhill, Bodfor House, Rhyl, is Scribe E.—October 3rd, 1885. A meeting of St. David's Lodge of Mark Master Masons (of which Bro. J. R. L. Hazeldine, R,.P.G.J.D., in P.M:.) will be held in the Masonic Hall, Llandudno, on Wednesday, October 21st, at .4 p.m., when several brethren will be advanced, and the W.M., Treasurer, and Tyler for the ensuing year will be elected. Bro. W. Lawrence Banks, P.M., P.P. S.G., Hen- drewaelod, near Conway, is secretary to the lodge.










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