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THE ADVERTISER SAYS That the remarks made in the "Advertiser" last week in reference to the payment, of wages and salaries to Council officials and workmen during illness have been generally admitted to he the right view to take of the case. That we have reason to believe that they had been read and appreciated by the majority of the members of the Council. That the members of the Finance Com- mittee have already acted upon the sug- gestion that all should be treated alike. That hitherto the practice of the Council has been to pay the salaries of their offi- cials in case of illness. That the question will probably come up for decision at Wednesday's meeting of the Council.. That the whole question needs careful con- That the whole question needs careful con- sideration. That the comments recently made on the action of a ratepayer in drawing the attentlion of the auditor to certain items in the Council's accounts have aroused considerable interest. That opinions vary as to the wisdom of the objections or t'he necessity thereof. That members of the Council should not delude themselves that they are now on safe ground, especially those who have signed cheques fo-r- recent fire brigade expenses. That, however, is a very minor matter compared to another that, the "Coun- cillor's terror" has up his sleeve for the next audit. That a letter was read from Mr Samuel Hughes., Pier Secretary, at Monday's meeting of the Extension Concert Com- mittee. That the letter stated the Pier Directors had decided to extend their concert sea- son until October 10th. That further they offered the pavilion to the Town's Committee free from rent- until the end of October. 1t -<I- That this offer was accepted by the Com- mittee, and officials were appointed and canvassers to canvass the town. That the Executive Committee met on Thursday afternoon, and arrangements were made to start the canvass to-day (Saturday) and report in a week's time the success of their labour. That a. list of supporters will be publish- ed weekly in these columns. That the first list appears in this issue. That we are daily reminded by the gaily dressed shop windows of the approach of Xmas. That Xmas boxes may not be given indis- criminately according: to the Act intro- duced last year. That the following are exempt from the r Act, postmen, policemen, servants, porters, wraiters, barbers, waits, news- boys, etc. That you may not give safely to servants of another who does business with the donor, that is, travellers, salesmen, buyers, clerks, etc., unless consent has been obtained. That the Sea Anglers are breaking re- cords and securing specimens every few days. That a Hot Pot Supper has been arranged by this Society at the, Royal Hotel for Friday next. That a large gathering of knights of the rod, is anticipated. That true, fishing stories will be en- couraged. Z!1 That the number of lobsters caught on the hand lines ought to encourage the use- ing of lobster pots. That time was when some good hauls were obtained. That the whist drive of the Craigydon Improvement Association on Wednesday last was a huge success. That there were close upon 150 persons present. That the present method of recording the scores at most whist drives is not at all as it, should be. < Tha,ti whilst the whist drive on Wednes- nesday was carried out to the entire satisfaction of all, we suggest the fol- lowing improvement: That sufficient space should be left- in the score card to write in full the scores ob- tained at each table. That in another column the score could be put in numerals. That even when the scores are initialed in ,the old style, it would be impossible to remember in a scrutiny. That, whilst we have no reason to believe otherwise than that the local whist drives have always been run absolutely straight, we know of cases in other towns. That there should be no door left open for any doubt. That we offer this suggestion to those who have future whist drive management in zn hand. That the Amateurs' Football Team jour- ney by motor charabanc to play Den- bigh to-day. That the Council Field will be occupied by the Schoolboys in a league match. That, the hookeyites meet Bangor on the Cricket Ground. That! a lecture for the benefit of Mr D. J. Roberts, who met with an accident twelve months ago., is contemplated zn early in the New Year.



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