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LOCAL NEWS. CRAIGYDON M'.I.A.—The Chairman ait the meeting of the above Association on Wednesday, Dec. 2, when Mr Peacock criticised the last. meeting of the Llan- dudno Urban District Council, was Mr W. J. Sewell, and not Mr A. E. Vollam as. stated last week. NOTICE. OF' MOTION.- Mr F. J. Sarson has given notice that at the month- ly meeltdng of the Council on Wednesday he will propose the following resolution -"That the question of payments of salaries to Council officials when absent from duty through illness or accident and allowances to Council workmen when absent from work through accident or ill- ness be taken into consideration by this Council." SIT. BEiUNOrS, MISSION CLUB.— This year is the sixteenth during which the club for young men has been conduct- ed at St. Beuno's Mission Church on the Great Orme. The Club has been the means of accomplishing much good work in the neighbourhood. Mr L. ML Curtler, who has been associated with the Club since its inauguration, has now presented the members with a new bagatelle table. CYMDEITHAS LEINYDDOLi KE RO- BOTH,N,os Llun diwieddaf, o dan lywyddiaeth Mr W. S. Williams, dar- llenwyd tri o bapurau rhag.orol ar y testynau canlynol:—"Charles o'r .Bala," gan Miss J. EL Jones, 37, Jubilee Street; "Dr. Edwards," gan Miss Williams, Pioneer, a "Joseph Thomas, Carno," gan Mr Thomas Griffiths, Llys Meisrion. Yr oedd y cynulliad yn un da, a mwynhawyd y cyfarfod gan bawb. WEILSH PATIENTS IN LIVERPOOL HOSPITALS.—At last week's meeting of the Conway Board of Guardians a circular letter was read calling the Board's atten- tion to the fact that several Liverpool hospitals and similar institutions, would be soon called upon to close their doors against clients from North, Wales unless North Wales Boards of Guardians con- tributed their proper quotia towards their upkeep. Whereas an average of £:1600 was spent annually upon North Wales patients only £ 300 were subscribed from that part of the country.-rhiei matter was referred to the Finance Committee. LLANnUDN 0 ARTISTES AT PEN- RHYNSIDE.—i A concert was held at the Welsh ClalVinisitic M'etihodist Chapel on Thursday evening, when Mr Benjamin liams, Llandudno, presided over a good attendance. An interesting! programme was contributed to by Miss Griffiths (Llinos Dyffryn), Mr Llewelyn Davies, Colwyn Bay; Mr T'. J. Williams, Mr Joo. Parry, Mr James Hobson, Miss Annie Higginbottom, and the Penrhynside OL, Choir, under the conductorship of Mr Robert Owen (Tan-y-Graig1). The accom- panists were MJiss Maggie Lloyd, Penrhyn Bay, and Mr Charles Hughes. COTTAGE: HOMES FOR, PAUPER CHILDREN.—At a, meeting of the Con- f way Board of Guardians on Friday, it was resolved to apply to the Local Govern- ment Board for sanction to borrow £ 1000 for the purchase of Bryn Conway and Bryn Owen, the two Gyffin houses which the Board have decided to convert into "cottage homes," t,he loan to be repayable in 30 years.—The Finance Committee re- commended that the loan be repaid in 20 years, but the longer period was agreed upon, on the motion, of Mr William Davies, who pointed out, that the Govern- ment had recently extended the limit for repayments.-It, was decided that the scheme be brought to practical use with- out delay. CHILDREN SAVED, FROM BURN- ING.—Three children were rescued from being burnt, in bed on Friday evening under exciting circumstances. The chil- dren, whose ages range from eight down- wards, had been put to bed by their mother, the wife of Mr El. R. Jones., who occupies rooms over a jeweller's shop in Lower M'ostyn Street. A man named John Jones, living at 35, Jubilee Street, was .standing near Trinity Church, opposite the shop when he saw that the curtains of an upper room, over the shop were on fire. He rushed across the street, and told the startled mother, who, ran to the door in response to his loud knock, that there was a fire upstairs. He ran to the room, found the children behind the bed half suffo- cated, the room full of smoke, the curtains and dressing table on fire, and the flames just attacking the bedclothes. A young man named J. Parry, barman at the Har- rington Hotel, and also Wm. Goulding, had followed Jones upstairs, and the Lihree succeeded in beating out and stifling the fire. Sergeant Jones arrived on the scene a minute or two later. The children were fortunately unhurt. L,L,ANDUDNO HARRIERS).—Con- siderable interest was taken on Wednes- day afternoon in a race from Penmaen- mawr to Llandudno, promoted by the newly formed Harriers' Club. The dis- tance was ten miles, and, twelve runners started. The finish took pla,ce at the junction of Vaughan Street and Conway Road, in the presence of a large crowd. The first in was Arthur Elvans (6min. start), and the other runners finished as follows:—Geo. Davies (6min.), Llewelyn Roberts (6mlin.), W. H. Huigihes (6min.), W. Cheetham (8min.), W. S. Hughes (6min., E. VFinstianley (8min.), J. Roberts (3min.), D. Richardson (lOmin), W. Brookes (scratch), EL Griffiths (6min), G. Gibbons (12 min.) The first six were presented with medals later in the evening at the Prince's Theatre. The scratch W. Brookes, finished tenth, and ran the distance in 58mins. Messrs H. Haydn and CL Mlicali were the ban,dr,- cappers, Mr CL F'elix was the starter, and Mr Beaumont the judge, and W. Owen the timekeeper. Brookes was awarded a special medal for the fastest, time. Medals were presented by Mr Pti. Travers, Mr Jj- L. Reading:, and Mirs Wag staff. SUNSHINE! RECORD.Bright sun- shine recorded at Llandudno for week ending December 6th was 13 hours 36 minutes. The rainfall for the same week, 0.280 inches. "CIHARACTERiS OF DANIElL, OWEN." A lecture was delivered at the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, Penrhynside, on Tues- day evening, by the Rev. D. Gwynfryn Jones, who took as his subject the "Characters of Daniel Owen." Mr E. Wil- liams, Post, Office, presided over a good attendance. GOOD TEMPLARY.—The Grand Chief Templar of Wra,les (the Rev. J. A. Rees, B.A., Rector of Rhos Oollyn) is an- nounced to speak, at the Town Hall on Monday evening next" under the auspices of the local lodge of the I.O.G.T. The Rev. J. Raymond will preside, and the subsequent speakers will include Mr Tenny so n ,Smith. ,OILCAN RECITAL, AT! STL JOHN'S.— Miss Dorothy Hughes giavei an organ re- at St. John's Wesleyan Church on Wednesday, and, was assisted in the ren- dering of duets for organ and piano, by Mr S. L. Coveney, the organist of the church. Solos were sung by Miss Rowlands and Mr J. D. Owen. LICENCE! TRANSFERRED1.—At Con- way Petty Sessions on Monday, upon the application of Mr E., E. Bone, a full transfer of the licence of the Marine Hotel, Llandudno, was grianted from Mr Rilchard Conway to Mr Wm. H. F. Gauntlett, late of Piortman Square, Lon- don, who, it was stated, had purchased the property from Mr Conway. LADIEIS' NIGHT.—On Monday even- ing a very pleasant evening was spent by the members of the Craigydon Mutual Improvement Association, when ladies were admitted to the gathering. After whist had been indulged in for an hour, a programme ,consisting of songs, recita- tions, etc. was given by Mr C. W. Brown, Mr F. Bowyer, Master Aled Williams ('cello solo), Mr CL Ellliott, Mrs Knight, Mr J. Roberts, Mr J. Gregory, and Mr A. O. Axtel. Mr A. J. Peacock presided, and Mrs Knight acted as accompanist. The proceedings terminated with a, dance. AGED PE:OPLE!'H TREAT.—The fol- lowing additional subscriptions have been received: -,Af!rs Eckersley, JBl Is.; Mrs Ottley, 5s.; Mr Holme, 5s.; Miss Sher- ridan, 5s.; Mrs Shad Roberts, 5s.; Mia Chantrey, 5s. Miss Marribt, 2s. Mrs Mayler, 5s. Mrs Wright (Preswylfa), 2s. 6d. MrisTL W. Griffith, 5s. Mrs Walton Evans, 5s.; Mrs Moses, 2s. 6d.; Mr Jephcott, 2s. 6r. Misses Williams, Dover House, 2s. 6d.; Mr J. R. Evans, Beach Grove, 2s.; Mrs William Bevan, Gower- dale, 5s.; Mr J. Roberts, Wynnburg, 10s. Mr Wbodhall, 10s. Mrs Ll. Hughes, 2s. 6d. SEA, ANGLING1 COMPETITION.— The sea angling, competition, arranged for Wednesday next, from the Pjier Head, promises to be the most successful (weather permititling) yet arranged by the Society. Sport during the past two. or three weeks has been so excellent, that the members are very keen. In order that the Secretary may -be able to complete the arrangements members who have not already entered their names for the com- petition should do so at once. The com- petition is timed for 2 o'clock. Two more specimens have been handed in during the week by Mr F. Li. Reading, i.e., a sole of lib. 3oz. and a dab of fib., both caught 4 off the Pier. The Rev. John Raymond and party had a grand day among the whiting on Monday, returning after two hours' sport with four hundred whiting, besides a few flat, fish and dog fish. The first hot-pot supper is to be held on the following Ftiday at the Royal Hotel, tickets for which may be obtained from the members of the committee. SATURDAY NIGHT1 POPS.—Another crowded "house" and another excellent programme on Saturday. The following programme, arranged by Miss Griffiths, Morfen, was rendered:—Pianoforte duet, "Grand March," Misses Jackson and M. Griffiths; quartette, "Ash Grove," Misses J alckson and Jones, Messrs Brown and Roberts; recitation, "Papa's Letter," Miss H. Jameson; song, "The Skipper" (Jude), lVlr W. Roberts; euphonium solo, "March of the. Men of Harlech," Mr A. Edwards; duet, "Flow, gently, Deva" (John Parry), Messrs Brown and Roberts song, "The Better Land," Miss Jackson; glee, "Home of the Free," Chorus Party; pianoforte duet, "Tarantella," Misses Jackson and M. Griffiths; duet, "Excel- sior," Messrs Brown and Roberts; recita- tion, Miss Hobson; song, "The Old Bri- gade" (Barri), Mr W. Roberts; song, "The Children's Home," Miss H. Jame- son song, "Killarney," Miss Jones; dialogue, "The Geese," Misses M. Griffiths and H. Jameson; glee, "Sweet and Low," Chorus Party; accompanist, Miss Jackson and Miss Griffiths. ST. PAUL'S LITERARY SOCIETY.— The weekly meeting of the St. Paul's Literary Society on Monday took the form of a social. a most enjoyable evening being spent. The Church House had been nicely decorated for the occasion by Councillor Henry Wilson, and Mr Norrie, York Villa. An excellent programme was sus- tained by Mr L. H. Summerfield) Mr A.. C. Axtell, Mr Joseph Forrester, Miss D. Walton Evans, Mr Clement W. Brown, Mr O. J. Montgomery, and Miss Mi Wood- cock. In the spelling-bee Mr A. D. T. Marks awarded the first prize to Mrs Lever amongst the ladies, and Mr A. G. Pugh amongst the gentlemen. The Vicar of Llanrhos (Rev. J. F. Reece, B.A.) wa,s the adjudicator in the impromptu speech competiton, and awarded. Mrs J. J. Marks | the ladies' prize and Mr EI. Ei. Bone, the gentlemen's. In the reading competition, Mr Montgomery awarded the ladies' prize to Miss Winter, and the gentlemen's to Mr J. Higginibottom. Refreshments were served, Miss Wbodcock, Miss King, and L Miss (Surrey having charge of the catering department. WHIST DRIVEL—A pleasant whist drive was held at the Craigydon Boarding Establishment, on Wednesday, under the auspices of the Craigydon Mutual Im- provement Association. There were about 140 present. Messrs Siewell, D'Oyly Wat- kins, F. Eivans, and Knight, acted as M.C.'s. Prizes were awarded as follow: —Ladies: 1, Mrs Salter (215); 2, Miiss M Foulkes; 3, Miss FL O1. Williams. Gentle- men: 1, Mr Kracke (213); 2, Mr Bowyer (199); 3, Mr Butler. LLANDUDNO CRICKET CLUB.— The balance sheet of the Llandudno Gricket, Club has been issued, and shows that although last season there was a con- siderable falling off in subscriptions from vice-presidents and others, there still remains a; balance in hand of JE23 13s. 7d., or about J66 less than last, year. The annual meeting will be held at the Queen's Hotel on Monday evening, when all in- terested in the future of the Club are in- vited to be present. The committee have important proposals to place before the subscribers, which if approved of, will un- doubtedly add to the popularity of the Clulh. CHARGE AGAINST! A RAILWAY PASS EN GEII. A young man of respect- able appearance and address named Edward B. Turner, of Deganwy, was fined 15s. and costs on Monday by the Conway magistrates on a charge of defrauding the London and North-Western Railway Com- pany of the fare from Lilandudno to De- ganwy on three occasions at, the, end of October.—Mr H. T'ait, of the Company's solicitor's office at Elusion, who appeared to prosecute, stated that the defendant had held a. season ticket between these statiions, but the last, he had taken out, up to the date of the offence, October 30th, and the following day, was a month- ly ticket expiring, on October 6th. At 10 40 p.m. on October 30th he arrived at Deganwy, and the stationmaster asked him for his ticket. The defendant said, "Contract," and left the station. He was followed and asked to show the ticket. He could not, find it, but. stated that he had renewed his contract. Subsequently he made a similar statement, to a detec- tive in the Company's service.—Evidence was gliven by a Llandudno booking clerk named Olough, Mr R. Edwards, the stationmaster at# Deganwy, Mr T. H Port, chief booking clerk at, Llandudno, and others.—The defendant made a long-state- ment, in the course of which he denied that he had any intention to defraud. He had held an ordinary season ticket for eight or nine years, and then took a monthly one because he expected to go away. If he had been told that the ticket had expired he would have at once done everything he could to. rectify it. WILL OF THE LATE MR. H. M. GROSE,.—Mr Henry Martin Grose, of Bryn Derwen, Abbey Road, Llandudno, Carnarvon, and of The Hawthorns, Trent- vale, Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffs, J.P., china, clay merchant, who died on'the 19th July last, left estate of the gross value of £138,975 9s. 5d., with net, personalty 2136,327 8s. 8d., and probate of has will, dated 9th June, 1908, has been granted to his widow, Mirs Annie M!aria Grose, of Bryn Derwen, Abbey Road, Llandudno; his son £ Mr Thomas Alexander Grose, of Bryn Derwen, solicitor's articled clerk; his son-in-law, Mr John Arthur Tbmlin- son, of 'Clayton-road, Newcastle-under- Lyne, Staffs., brick manufacturer; and Mr John Blow Ashwell, of Stoke-upon- Trent, solicitor. The testator left, 2100 each to the executors of his will, £ 500 to his wife, and his consumable stores and personal effects absolutely, and the use of his residence and of his household fur- niture, and the income of his residuary estate during her widowhood, and in the event of her re-marriage he left to her an annuity during the remainder of her life of £ 100..Subject to his wife's interest, the testator left the income of one-seventh of his residuary estate, or JB100 per annum, to his grand-daughter, Joan Theodora, Grose, daughter of his son, Wil- liam Marshall Grose. The remainder of his residuary estate the testator left upon trust for his children, namely, Alice Mary Powell; Eldiith Elmily Tomlinson, Cion-' stance Deborah Walmsley, Annie Beatrice Farrington, Thomas Alexander Grose, and Frederick Martin Grose.






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