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LLANDUDNO CONCERT SEASON. PIEIR) COMPANY'S' OFFER ACCEPTED. The scheme for extending the concert season until the, 31st October was brought before a, representative gathering on Mon- day evening, in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, Mr W. Hi. Jones, chair- man of the Council, presiding1, others present being Councillors F'. J. Sarson, B. E. Bone, S. Chantrey, HI. Edwards, T. Smithy M'essrs Fleming, Wrn. Arnold. A. H. Hughes, F. Eldge, A. Sumner, Howel Jones, Robt. Owen, Cl. H. Bevan, R,. 'N Dunphy, J. E. Hallmark, Allen Smiith, O. Greenhalgh, C. Searell,$. Thewlis, A. Conoily, Alec Taylor, W. T1. Brocklehurst, L. A. Cocker, C. W. Hore (Grand Hotel), T. H. Fitzsimmons, Enoch Davis, etc. The offer of the Pier Company to grant the free use of the Pavilion for the three weeks (payment, to be made for lighting and attendance only) was read, and its generous nature commented upon by several speakers. It was also stated that the Company were going to proceed at once with the re-roofing of the balcony on the Happy Valley side of the building, which would materially add to the comfort of the audiences. As regards the heating of the building it was feared thait, the directors would not embark on any project unt,il after next season. Mir" F. Edge proposed and Mr F. J. Sarson seconded, a resolution accepting ,the Pier Company's offer, providing that a sufficient number of tickets could be sold. The cost, as estimated by Mr S. Hughes, secretary to the Pier Com- pany of running' the concerts would amount: to JE300 for the three weeks. The resolution on being put was carried un- animously. WAYS, AND MEANS:. A, general discussion ensued on ways and means, and finally it was decided to i. obtain written promises to take tickets for the series, each subscriber of a guinea to receive three front seat tickets or five f second seat tickets, transferable within his own family. The question of giving the subscribers twenty-one or forty-two coupon tickets was open for future con- sideration. Several present volunteered to act as canvassers, and a subscription list was opened in the room, the response as will be seen below being a most, en- cour-aging one. A meeting of the volun- teers was held subsequently and arrange- ments made for c,anvassing, the town forthwith, and it, was also decided that subscriptions lists be also opened ait the different banks. On the motion of M!r A. L. Cocker, it was decided to ask the Pier Company to be good enough to state on all their an- nouncements that the concerts will be con- tinued to the end of October, in the event of the scheme being carried through. The following volunteered to assist in a canvass of the town for subscriptions to the fund:-Mes,srs F. J. Sarson, W. Arnold, F. Edge, R. Owen, C. H. Bevan, H. Edwards.. Latimer House; R. Dun- phy, A. Sumner, H. Wilson, A. Smith, Ormescliffe; M. Barnett, J. E. Hall- mark, and SI. Chantrey. Oin the motion of Mr A. Conoily, they were appointed a Canvass Oommittee, with power to add to their number. Oin the motion of Mr A. Conoily, they were appointed a Canvass Oommittee, with power to add to their number. On the motion of Mr Chantrey, Mr W. T. Brocklehurst was elected hon. secre- tary, and Mr O. Greenhalgh, of Parr's Bank, was appointed hon. treasurer. LIST OF SUBSCRIPTIONS, The following subscriptions were pro- mised in the room:— £ s. d. Messrs Arnold and Hughes 3 3 0 M'r T. H. Fitzsimmons 2 2 0 "Llandudno Advertiser" 2 2 0 Mr A. Conoily 1 1 0 Mr W. H. Jones 1 1 0 Mr Fleming 1 1 0 Mr Tho.s Smith 1 1 0 Mr L. A. Cocker .110 Mr Greenhalgh 1 1 0 Mr C. H. Bevan 1 1 0 Mr Swinnerton 1 1 0 Mr J. E:. Hallmark 1 1 0 Messrs Dunphy and Sons, Ltd. 1 1 0, Mr H. Edwards 1 1 0 Mr Alec Taylor 1 1 0 Mr Allen Smith 1 1 0 Mr Robert Owen 1 1 0 Mr C. W. Ilore 1 1 0 Mr Howel Jones 1 1 0 Mr E, E. Bone, 1 1 0 Mr C. Searell 0 12 0 The Hon. Secretary stated that he had been promised £ 5 5s. by Mr T. P'. Da vies; of the St. George's Hotel, and £2 2s. by the proprietors of the Queen's Hotel; E2 • 2s. by Dr. Dalton, and £ 2 2s. by Mr M. W art ski. These and other amounts brought up the promises to ;C40, exactly. The amount required to guarantee the concerts until the end of October is £300. It was decided not to call a public meeting until after the preliminary can- vass has been made.