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¡ LLANDUDNO ADVERTISER. AND LIST OF VISITORS. CHARGES FOR ADVERTISING. COUNTY, Municipal, Poor Law, Joint Stock, Legal and other Public Notices, Contracts, Tenders, etc., 6d.. per line each insertion. BUSINESS Advertisements as per scale below. SPECIAL Positions per contract. SALES by Auction, Entertainments, Sermons, Trade Notices, Eisteddfodau, etc., 3d. per Hue, or Es. 6d. per inch displayed. SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. HOUSES, Shops, Apartments, etc., To Let or Wanted; Articles Lost, Found, or for Private Sale; Servants or Situations, etc., Wanted. Insertion. One Two Three. Not exceeding 15 words Is Od Is 9d 2s 3d „ 20 „ Is 3d 2s 3d 3 Od 25 Is 6d 2s 9d 3s 6d 30 Is 9d 3s Od 4s 3d „ 40 „ 2s 3d 4a Od 5s 6d BIRTHS and Deaths are charged Is. Marriages, 2s. No Advertisement booked under 2s. 6d. BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS. DOUBLE Column.—One insertion 3s. per inch; 4 inserto,ns 2s. 6d. per inch; 8 2s. 3d.; 13 29. 26 Is. 6d.; 52 Is. 3d. SINGLE Column.—One insertion 2s. per inch; 4 insertions Is. 8d.; 8 Is. 6d.; 13 Is. 4d.; 16 Is. 52 lOd. A DISCOUNT of 10 per cent, allowed on pre- payment for continuous Advertisements. ALL communications and payments by cheques or postal orders should be addressed to the Proprietors, Messrs. EDGE & MOY, Market Street, Llandudno. Care for your eyes now. 1 After testing, we supply glasses which correct the defect and preserve the sight. Let us make your Sight Good, I Comfortable and Safe. FRANK N. MERCER, FSMc Fellow of the Worshipful Guild of Spectacle ■ Makers and Holder of the Guild's Diploma B for Proficiency in Sight Testing ■ 101, Mostyq Street, Liaijdudno. | SEASONABLE GIFTS. India Rubber Hot Water Bottles AT SPECIAL PRICES. 10 by 8 4 6 12 6 4 6 12 8 5 9 12 10 6 9 14 „ 10 T 9 Finest English Manufacture. Every bottle fully guaranteed. Kate N. Horniblow M.P.S. Dispensing and Photographic Chemist, 4, Queen's Buildings, Llar^dudr\o. Telephone No. 104. GREETHAM & SON, AUCTIONEERS, LIVERPOOL & LLANDUDNO GOGARTH VILLA, MAELGWYN RD. Settlement within twenty-four hours of sale NO CREDIT. NO DISCOUNT. NO AGENTS. Such Terms enable anyone to bn the BEST and the CHEAPEST Black Diamonds AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES, As Agents' Commission and the margin for bad debts which must inevitably be charged by all firms giving credit are laved. The Charlbury Coal Co.'s HOUSEHOLD BLOCK GOAL, VERY HOT BURNING, MAKES NO CINDER, is supplied DIRECT' FROM THE MINES Carriage Paid in truck loads of 6 to 10 tons to LLANDUDNO Station at 17/9 per ton. As the Market may advance any moment, Orders should be sent at once to secure this low figure. White Crystal Petroleum 120 deg. fire test, 7d. per gallon, carriage paid, in about 40 gallon returnable casks. Charlbury Coal and Petroleum Co., 23, HAMILTON ROAD, READING. Telegrams-FUEL, READING. The Llandudno Coachingand Carriage Company, Ltd. ) I COACH TOURS FROM LLANDUDNO All Coaches start from the St George's and Queen's Hotels. GRAND LOOP TOUR. The Prince of Wales leaves daily at 9-45 a.m. for 56 miles drive. Fare 12s BETTWS-Y-COED.—The "Old Timea" leaves daily at 10 a.m. Fare 7s. PENMAENMAWR.—The "Wonder" leaves daily 10 a.m. and 2-30 p.m. Fare 4q COLWYN BAY.—The "Express" leaves daily at 10 30 a.m., and 2-30 p.m. Fare 2s. 6d. BODNANT HALL & GARDENS —The "Rocket' leaves every Tuesday and Saturday at 2-30 p.m Fare 4S. ABER—Coaches leave every Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. Fare 5s NEW SHORT LOOP via Talycafn, Monday and Thursday, at 2-30 p,m. Fare 4s. SUPERIOR PRIVATE COACHES, RUBBER- TYRED CARRIAGES, WAGGONETTES, DOG-CARTS, PONY TRAPS, SADDLE HORSES ON HIRE. Booking Officeis-The Coach Office, Queen's Hotel Gardens, Clonmel Street, and at the Pier Gates. Telephone No. 9. WOODLEY'S CENTRAL LIBRARY. (in oona,ection with MUDIE'S), THREE DOORS FROM THE CORNER Of NORTH PARADE. UPPER MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. Reduced Terms of Subscription from 7s. 6d. per annum. The following are a few of the Bookg now in Circulation:— Mjirage .Thurston Love and the Interloper..Frankfort Moore A Woman's Way .Burgin The House of Crickets Tynan All in a Mionth Allen Raine Gay Lawless Helen Mather The Down Elxpress Apple ton Aunt Jane and Uncle Conyers The Key of the Door Ramsey Little Brown -Brother Hyatt Voices .Buckross Miss Fallowfield's Fortune .E. T'. Fowler The Diva's Ruby Marion Crawford The Angel Guy Thorne The Climber E'. W. Benson The Other Sara Curtis Yorke, The Sunny Side the Hill .Rosa Carey The Ghost Kings Rider Haggard Stoleh Sweets Le Queux Mamma .Rihoda Broughton Interplay B. Harroden My Lost Self .A. Marehmont The Elusive Pimpernel Orczy Catherine Child De La Pasteur Millionaire's Son Warden Green Mummy .Fergus Hume The Governors Oppenheim Wheel of Fortune .Louis T'racey Abbey Mystery Murray Gilchrist Love The Harvester Max Pemberton Young Lord Stranleigh R. Barr Colonel Stow Holy Orders Marie Corelli The Prince's Marriage Williamson Wroth Egerton Castle Diana Mallory Humphrey Ward A Spirit in Prison R. Hikens Millionaire's Son F. Warden Mayorer's Wooing Baillie Sanders Mantrap Manor Guy Thorne By Nevas Waters J. Carling Suspicions of Ermengarde.Maxwell Gray Result of Accident B. Whitby Her Splendid Sin Headon Hill Shadow of a Vendetta A. Gunter House at Corner Meadows Crowned Skull .Fergus Hume Three Girls and a Hermit Druisilla's Point of View Albanesi Tangled Wedlock T. Jepson The Mother .Eden Phillpotfc Mr Crewe's Career Winston Churchill The Prima Donna Marion Crawford Prisoners M. Cholmondley The Mystics K. O. Thurston Man from America De L'a Past ire Viper of Milace M. Bowtin The Far Horizon .Lucas Maiet The Gambler K. Thurst m Fenwick's Career Humphrey Ward Running Waters .A. E'. Maecn Benita Rider Haggari Saba Macidonald Rita The Pointing Finger .Rita Benita Rider Haggard A Lady of Rome Marion Crawford The Treasure of Heaven Marie Corelli Made in His Image Guy Thorne The Ohalloner E. T. Benson John Chilcote, M.P K. C. Thurston Capricious Caroine F. L. Albanesi Double Harness Anthony Hope Free Opinions Marie Corelli The Flute of Pan J. Oliver Hobbs The Last Hope H. S. Merriman PIANOFORTES ON SALE: AND HIRE. Woodley's New Map of Llandudno and District. MONEY ADVANCED. From M20 to any amount PRIVATELY, ON REASONABLE TERMS APPLY- W. q. Jones, St Peter's Square, Stockport The Great Skin Cure. BUDDEN'S S. R. SKIN OINTMENT J) will cure Itching after one ayplication, destroys every form of Eczema heals old Wounds and Sores Prevents Cuts from Festering will cure Ringworms in a few days removes the most obstin- ate Eruptions and Scurvy. Boxes 7d. and Is. 1-id. 2 Agentifor Llandudno, W. A. ROBERTS, 37 Mostyn. St., Colwyn Bay, E. LLOYD, Chemist. Conway, W HUGHES. EVERY WOMAN Should send two stamps for our 32 page Illustrated -ook, containing Valuable Information bow all Irregularities and Obstructions may be eritii-ely avoided or removed by simple means. Recom- mended by eminent Physicians, as the only Safe, Suro a-id Genuine Remedy. Never Failei. Thousands rf Testimonials. Established 18G2. PAUL BLANCHARD, Claremont Ho-is- "Piston Lane, London. EDWARD THORP & SONS Contractors to H.M. War Department, Builders, Shop Fitters, & Funeral Furnishers, "W" LLANDUDNO. Telegrams- Thorp. Tele. 0296. MERRYWEATHERS' HAND FIRE PUMP Still the Simplest, Best, and Most Reliable FIRE EXTINGUISHER. i. Nothing to get out of order. 2. Nothing to corrode. 3. Nothing to explode. 2540 out of the 4199 • k> |j London Fires were extin- 1! -jm guished in one year by these IWiNosoffJ Pumps. || CASTLE -H] Write or call— k^jj 63, LONG ACRE, W.C., LONDON. LLANDUDNO SANATORIUM & CON- VALESCENT HOME FOR WOMEN, 5 CLONMEL STREEIT.—This Home i. now open for the reception of Patients. Subscribers of 21 Is. can nominate one patient for three weeks, at a cost to the patient of 6s. per week.—Miss Finne- more, ma srem. Nr., -Nf- "'1 It Rests With You s The return of Wintry Weather means c r a return of Coughs, Colds and other hard weather troubles. 1 < Security against Pulmonary troubles S f or against serious after-effects can be > obtained by regular doses of s > which is a truly palatable combination c X of Refined Cod Liver Oil and Hypo- 1 c phosphites of Lime and Soda, hound > J together with Carrageen or Irish Moss. J ? It is nutritive, stimulating and in- J vigorating-good for lung and body s building, good for making good the c ravages of lung troubles. 1 J In Bottles Is., 2s. de. 3s. 9d. C By prst I z. 3d., 2s. 4d., and 4s. 2d 4 5 J. Winter & Co., j c M.P.S., Dispensing Chemists, ) MOSTYN ST. & MOSTYN AVENUE < LLANDUDNO. i l Telephone—Mostyn Street, 40. 1 c Craigydon, 40a. < -J\No- L ANDSOWNEHOUSE SCHOOL AND K INDERGARTEN, ABBEY ROAD, LLANDUDNO. Principal, Miss Raw. Successor to Misses Matthews and Standring Prospectuses on Application FRON, CHURCH WALKS, LLANDUDNO. Private Boarding and Day School for Girls with class for Little Boys. Individual attention given to backward or delicate children. Principals: THE MISSES MOXON. MR. CHARLES T-DEE,F.R.C.O. (Organist, Holy Trinity Church), Receives Pupils for Organ, Piano, Harmony and Counterpoint. BRONWENDON, ROUMANIA CRESCENT, CRAIG-Y-DON. LLANDUDNO HYDROPATHIC NEVILL CRESCENT. ESTABLISHED 1860. Registered for Telegrams, TItE HYDRO. TVRKISH and other Baths OPEN TO VISITORS FROM 7 A.M. TO FI P.M. DAILY (EXCEPT SUNDAYS). WINTER TARRIFF, including Tursish Russian and Warm Baths, 8s. per day. Craigside Hydro, LLANDUDNO CHARMING RESIDENCE. LUXLRIOLS BATHS Turkish, Russian, and Electric). TENNIS. Golf Links near. Evening Entertainments RALPH E- MUNRO, Manager. -.u I Lacmol j) is the b?st possible thing to have in g| the house during the winter months. || If you are suffering from "nerves" || "ou need something to build up a || better nervous system if you have || weak lungs you need something to §1 make them strong and if your body M does not get the nourishment from the food you eat, you need something that §| is all nourishment. if Laemol B has been specially designed with these gi three objects in view a sound nervous || system, well-nourished lungs, and a ||| well-nourished body. It is pleasing to if the taste. j Price Is and 2s. 6d. I mx s Prepared only by |i Frank N. Mercer | PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, 101, iy|ostyq St., Llandudno. 1 Telephone No. 41. Si slooll *—— — _— ==========: YOUR WANTS SUPPLIED. In the old fairy tales we used to read about the magic lamp which you rubbed when you wanted anything, and the want was in- stantly supplied. You oan just as certainly get what you want to-day by inserting a "Wanrt Ad. in our columns at a small cost. Thousands of people -read these columns every week, and many of them axe the people you want to reach. HIGH CLASS GROCERY, I PROVISIONS & BAKERY I ESTABLISHMENTS. lr,y H. & J. OWEN, I The Up-to-Date Grocers, LLANDUDNO, DEGANWY & PENRHYNSIDE. -:0:- COME ONCE- that's all we ask. The Quality of the Groceries you buy will draw you back again. Telephones 21, Llandudno. 16, Conway. Galvanised Corrugated Sheets. 5ft.x2ft.x24g., Is. 9d. 6ft.x2ft.x24g., 2s; 7ft.x2ft.x24g., 2s. 6d.; 8ft.x2ft.x24g., 2s. 9d. 28 G-uage, 6d. per sheet less. Ridgec,ap. Nails. Washers. Bolts. Carriage paid on lots of 20s. The Pilyq Steel Tinplate Co., Ltd., Mold. Miscellaneous. ADVERTISER requires some lessons on Typewriter.—Write particulars t-o. M.S., "Pilot" Office, Llandudno. COTTAGES TO LET.—Parlour, Kitchen, Scullery, 3 bedrooms, w.c., coal houses, gas laid; rent, 8s. 6d. Immediate possession.—Apply, Mr Evan Roberts, Morfa House, West Shore. DANCIISTG.—A Select Class will be held every Monday from 8 till 10-30. Admis- sion_j Is. Refreshments moderate.—The Masses Twilton. FOR, SALE.—Seamless steel stock-pot, eght pint size. Will sacrifice for £ 1. Hardly been used. Particulars from A.D., "Advertiser" and "Pilot" Office, Llan- dudno. HOUSE TO LET!.—No. 11, Clifton Road. —Apply, Mr Thewlis, Netherlea, West Shore, Llandudno. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.—EVery Mother who values the Health and Clean- liness of her child should use HAR- RISON'S 'RELIABLE!' NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strength- ens the Hair. In tins 4-Ld. and 9d. 2 Postage Id. Geo. W. Harribon, Chemist, Reading. Sbld by Chemists. Agent for Llandudno:—J. Winter, 3, Mostyn Street; Deganwy, H. Rogers Jones. TO LET.—Cottage, at Park Terrace, Deganwy, 5s. per week clear.—Apply. S. Thewlis, Netherlea, Llandudno. WANiT'EiDL-Good General for after Xmas. Apply between 6 and 8, "Gorseddfa," Clement Street. ,V;AN'rEID.-Young lady as Help in house or shop, experience not necessary.- Address, "Pilot" Office, LJandudno. WANTED by an experienced Lady Pianist engagements for Dances or Private Parties. Terms mode.rate.3, St. Mar- garet's Road, Llandudno Junction. WANTED.-—Tenders for a New Dressing Pavilion on the Happy Valley. Llandudno Contractors preferred..—All letters to Mr W. J. Churchill, 'The Vine! Hill Terrace, Llandudno. WANTED.—Groom, about 17 to 18 years of age; experienced.—Apply, Roskill, Craigydon, Llandudno. OBITUARY. December 3rd, at Almora, House, Llan- dudno, Mary Ann, widow of the late William Jesson, of Barton-under- Needwood.