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such glowing terms in his farewell speech, was another requested iteim, and came in for a splendid reception. We shall watch with interest the reception of this item in London and elsewhere in the provinces during the coming concert season, and duly acquaint our readers. THE EXTENSION CONCERTS. SUNDAY. There was a representative. gathering of both visitors and residents at the Sunday evening's concert, the first of the exten- sion series. Three instrumental solos were given by Messrs H. Hall, cornet George Atkinson, piano, and J. H. JEVulds, 'cello. MISS LAURA EVANS (Soprano). Lewis Carey's "Nearer My God to Thee" was the first song with which Miss Llaura Evans favoured a, Llandudno audience, and -she at once gained golden opinions. In her second item, Mendelssohn's Aria, "Hear ye Israel," she was even heard to greater advantage, and on both occasions had to return and bow her acknowledgements. This is most, unusual at a Sunday even- ing's concert, .and conclusively proved that Miss Evans had very decidedly pleased her auditors. Miss Evans is a, native of Henllan, near Denbigh, and has been trained by Mr lies, of London. Up to two years ago Miss Evans was a contralto, and carried all before her at Eisteddfodau. She was retained to open the, new pavilion at Rhyl this season, gave a recital wit]; a, con- spicuous success at London in July, and was engaged for the National Eisteddfod at Llangollen. Although Miss Evans sang on M'onday last, it was not until Tuesday evening that the regular patrons of the pier concerts passed their opinion, and which was unmistakable. She has an exceedingly rich voice and natural ability, there is no straining for effect. On Wed- nesday evening Miss Evans was even more successful, no1 less than three encores being called for. We shall look forward to seeing this vocalist again at Llandudno, for there is no doubt she has made. a last- ing impression upon all who were privileged to hear her. ROYAL, WELSH LADIES' CHOIR, The Extension Concerts commenced their secular series on Monday evening with an additonal attraction, Madame Novello Davies',s Royal Welsh Choir. It was not the choir as we remember it, a few years ago,, but nevertheless seven out of the dozen items were enthusiastically encored, and deservedly so. THE; ORCHESTRA. The programmes have been admirably selected and drawn large numbers. In- strumental solos have been numerously interspersed and duly encored. MR. JOSEPH CHEETHAM, (Tenor). Mr Cheetham paid his first visit to Llandudno as a vocalist. A native of Rochdale, he has been trained for the profession of his adoption by Mr Acton, ,of Manchester. During the present sea- son he has sung with very considerable success, at amongst other places, Harro- gate, Dunoon, Bournemouth, and Black- pool. » Sullivan's "Once Again" was the first song set down for Thursday evening's con- cert" and he was vociferously encored re- plying with "Roses." In the second half he sang Blumenthal's "My Queen," and was again heartily encored. The possessor of a natural tenor voice of excellent quality, his renditions are given without any apparent effort, and in securing such -a capable tenor vocalist the Extension Concert Committee are to be warmly con- gratulated. Mr Cheetham concludes his visit to-morrow (Sunday). VOCALISTS FOR NEXT1 WEEK. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings Miss M. Constance Wilkinson, soprano, is the vocalist, and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Miss Lucy Nuttall, the faivourite contralto.

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