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LOCAL NOTES. CLERGYMEN AND BUSINESS. Clergymen and ministers of religion gener- ally have for so long been regarded as merely fingerposts directing mankind as to the right path to take on its journey to "that bourne from which no traveller returns" that it will come as a very welcome surprise to find that when they do condescend to think of mundane affairs they are capable of giving sound, sensible advice to those with whom they would fain foregather in the world beyond the' veil. We make no apology therefore for directing the attention of our readers to an article written by the Rev. O. Pendbck Banks, rector of Deal, which we publish in another column, and which was read at a recent gathering of the Llandudno Grocers' Association. THE! CREDIT' SYSTEM. That the clerical writer is alive to the dan- gers of the credit system is very evident, and his appeal for prompt settlement of accounts is a timely -one. There is one, phase of the question, however, which he, has not touched, ,and that is the manner in which the system affects the oonsumer. Under the' credit system bad debts are bound to be made, and these in the long run have to bei made good by the consumer. Tradesmen can not afford to write the account off their books, the margin between cost and selling price being generally a very narrow one. Consequently prices go up, all round, and the wise buyer would do well to steer clear of any business establish- ment giving indiscriminate credit. It is to. be feared! that tradesmen generally do not en- courage cash buyers to the extent they should, and very often it will be found that the man who runs a weekly, monthly or quarterly account (and pays promptly) buys on far better terms than he who pays in cash for every pur- chase, especially if those purchases are small ones. The periodical payer, when settling his account invariably geits a discount which the other but vary seldom receives unless the payment is a comparatively large one. We would commend this suggestion to' our local tradesmen, in the hope that they will take iDJtü consideration how the cash buyer may be placed on an equal footing to the other. SHOPPING OUT OF TOWN. It appeafrs to us that this evil may be toi a ,great extent re-moved' if tradesmen would seek to convince those people who, buy out of town that it is to their interest not to do so. Surely it should not be very difficult to prove tOo any one possessing a little common sense that every sovereign sent out of the community im- poverishes the town to a certain extent, that extent being the difference between the cost price of the-article to the trader and that which he has a reasonable right to charge the consumer as the medium between him or her and the manufacturer. How best to do this would be a very suitable subject for delibera- tion by the tradesmen at their next gathering. LLANDUDNO AND THE COUNTY COUNCIL. We learn that the request made by Llandudno Council that the parade between Vaughan Street and the Little Orme should be taken over by the County Council and, maintained by that authority will be the subject of a local inquiry in the near future. A commission has been appointed to hear evidence in the matter, and the result of the application will in the main depend on the amount of evidence Llan- dudnoi Council is able to bring forward to sup- port their request. Any assistance ratepayers ,can offer should therefore be volunteered forthwith in ordter that no loophole may be allowed through which the County Council may escape the granting of so reasonable a request.