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LLANDUDNO Y.M.C.A. ANNUAL REPORT. The annual meeting of the Llandudno Branch of the Y.M.C.A. was held on Tues- day evening, Mr G. A. Humphreys pre- siding. The minutes of the last meeting having been read by the Secretary (Mr Lucking) a long discussion arose on the subject of the discontinuance of the Bible Class, it being ultimately decided to further con- sider the matter at a future meeting. It was announced that negotiations were pending in regard to the provision of a billiard table, which it is expected will be installed in October next. THE REPORT. The following report was then sub- iiiitt,e cl In submitting the second annual report of the Llandudno Young Men's Christian Association, your Committee do so with mixed feelings. On the one hand we have a number of young men taking ad- vantage of the facilities offered for their improvement and recreation, but this number is far short of the promised sup- port at the initiation of the movement for establishing a Y.M.'C.A. in Llandudno. At the present time we have 45 full mem- bers and 55 associates; total, 100. It was unanimously agreed at the be- ginning that if a Y.M.C.A. was to be a, success, good premises were essential. Your Committee after very careful con- sideration, arranged a lease of the build- ing we are now occupying, and a con- siderable sum of money has been expend- ed in the furnishing and fitting. This was not clone until we had been assured by the members themselves that a, certain amount of income could be relied upon, and it may be here stated that your Com- mittee have kept within their estimates so far as the expenditure side of the account is concerned. You will see that a definite promise of a certain income was given, and upon this your Committee based their scheme, but unfortunately that income has not been reached; in fact, it is far lower than it should be, and further, it will be quite impossible to carry on the work in the present premises, unless there is a considerable increase in the income. Your Committee, therefore, would urgel the members to seriously consider the position, as the solution is mostly in their hands. A noticeable improvement has been observed in those members who most often make use of the Y.M.C.A., prem- ises, clearly shewing that there is the nucleus for a strong Association if the young men of the town would join in the way they first promised. It would be wrong to attempt to carry on the work with an increasing deficit each year, and this can only be avoided by a largely in- creased membership. Good work of a thorough kind can only be carried on if the finances of the Association are in a, fairly healthy state. We have no wish to harp on the financial side, but neverthe- less it is an important, factor which can not be neglected. After the experience of last year it was considered advisable to make! certain changes in the organisation. Mr Haigh gave up his position, and Mr Lucking was appointed general secretary. The return of attendances' will show that the members of the Committee have a keen interest in the work. The Executive Committee meetings were exceptionally well attended. The members were invited to enter their names for various Classes and Clubs. Several were formed, including: -Biblei Class, Improvement Class, Rowing Club, Camera Club, Welsh Class, Football Club, Physical Culture Olass,and Home Circle. BIBLE OLASS. This class—the Bible Students Class— was conducted by the Rev. W. Phillips, M.A., on Thursday evenings, commencing at 9 o'clock. The attendance throughout the early part of the winter was satis- factory, but as most of the members were practising for St. David's Day Eisteddfod they were unable to come to the class, and consequently the class closed rather pre- maturely. Our best thanks are due to Mr Phillips for his trouble and interest in this department. MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT CLASS, This Class was commenced on October 15th by the initiative of Mr M. Luther Mudd, who was elected president, and of Mr Herbert Storey, who was secretary. An exceedingly good Syllabus was arranged, and good meetings enjoyed. The Syllabus comprised eight lectures, six of these being illustrated by lantern. Also inter-debates were taken with St. Paul's Literary Society, Craigydon, and two debates among our own members. The lecture on "Buddha," by the Rev. Gwynfryn Jones; "Alfred the Great," by Mr Henry Stevens; "Esperanto," by Mr Hornsby, were attended with remarkable success. Two Newspaper evenings created no little amount of healthy amusement, and displayed the qualities of the artistes. PHYSICAL GULTURiE: CLASS. On Monday and Friday evenings during the winter season Mr Arthur Jones has successfully conducted drill in various forms, dumb-bells, Indian clubs, barbells, etc., and has also given instructions in the various examples of the Sandow exercises. The attendance has been well maintained each evening, and it is hoped to extend this department next, winter by providing further equipment. The thanks of the Committee are due to Mr Preston, one of the memlbers of the Association, for the loan of the Sandow Developers and instructions thereon. WELSH CLASS. Teacher, Mr D. W. Thomas. At the commencement of the winter season a class for the study of Welsh wa,s conduct- ed by Mr D. W. Thomas (the hon. secre- tary). Owing to a falling off of the mem- bers in the Spring it was decided to close the class for this session. HOMtE CIRCLE. On Sunday evening the rooms have been open from 8 o'clock to 91 30, and it is gratifying to the Committee that such a large number of the members took advan- tage of this method of spending- a quieij Sunday evening. ROWINjG CLUB. A Club has been formed, and a four- oared boat purchased by voluntary dona- tions of 2s. 6d. amongst the members of the Y.N.C.A. New members are ad- mitted at any time on payment of the above sum. The members of the Club hold themselves responsible for the paint- ing and general upkeep of the boat by charging an annual subscription of Is. Captain, Wm. Williams; vice-captain, J. O. Griffiths; treasurer and secretary, L. A. Husband. The report was unanimously adopted. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The election of officers was the nexfi business, Lord Mostyn being appointed President; the vice-presidents being re- elected, and Colonel the Hon. Henry Lloyd Mostyn was appointed chairman of the General Committee; Mr G. A. Hum- phreys, chairman of the Executive Com- mittee; Mr A. G. Pugh, hon. auditor; Mr D. WL Thomas, hon. secretary; Mr L. Cocker, hon. treasurer in the place of Mr J. J. Marks, who resigned. The fol- lowing members were erected to fill vacancies' on the coiiii-nittee,: -Messrs Alec Taylor (re-elected), L. A. Husband, J. Thomas (The Lighthouse), R. C. Baxter, and R,. LJ. Davies. Votes of thanks to the various officials concluded the business of the meeting.