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A LIBERAL REPLY TO SOCIALIST. To the Editor Sir,—I ask your indulgence again, as I think "Have K ot'sn diatribe should not pass unnoticed. Had he been at the Town Hall last Friday he would have heard Mr Wm. Jones, M.P. give a very fair ex- planation of his action in Parliament on the unemployed question. In addition he gave his audience a most comprehensive statement of the Liberal Government's practical proposals for alleviating the present distress amongst the working- zn c class. He told us that the Government intended as soon as ever possible to com- mence operations in afforestation, arrest- ing erosion of the coast line, the rapid ex- tension of the small holdings principle, thereby retaining the agricultural popula- zn tion in their own sphere, thus effectually checking the inflow of the. rural labourer into the town's already overstocked with labour, as well as giving to thousands of workers the opportunity and incentive to i return to the land. Then again he in- stanced as the result of the Poor Law* Commission that a great saving in ad- ministration would result so that the pro- vision of old age pensions would be great- ly facilitated. These and other channels are purer and more practical methods toward the solu- tion of present-day difficulties than any of the protagonists of socialism can offer us. Liberals admit the urgency of legisla- tion in the direction of social reform, but as Mr Jones said legislation is not the alpha and omega, of Parliament's func- tions. Administration wise and well timed is the thing most essential; we have too many laws but very few capable ad- ministrators, and I claim that the Liberal Party has almost a monopoly of these. I should advise "Have Not" to sheath his sword and throw in his lot with the real party of social reform, and not try to re- tard" the efforts of this, the most energetic and democratic government, of modern times. Liberalism moribund, forsooth It is just the sort of thing we must expect to hear from the equality mongers, who can- not for the life of them show anything like a commonsense programme. Every socialist one meets has a different panacea, no two in agreement. Let them alone, and surely enough at no distant date, they will wake up from their dreams, to find that chaos has given place to order, and that Lberalism rejuvenated, has placed in our midst an equitable code of life founded on justice and reason. Liberalism is far removed from the moribund state. It is perhaps a case of the wish being father to the thought. I for one, and others whose name is legion, would not lift a finger in favour of Liberalism were we not conscious of the sincerity, and active progress being made by it. I hope the local stalwarts will accept "Have Not,s" challenge, and see the urgency for doing all in their power to arrest the forces of disintegration now at work. Thanking you for the promin- ence you have given this subject. -j I am, your faithfully, J. F.


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